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Naval dirk from provisional goverment epoch in Russia. Made in 1917

Volume 1 – 39 – Ulysses’ Trauma Breaks Through the Door Without an Appointment

Volume 1: Chapter 039: Ulysses’ Trauma Breaks Through the Door Without an Appointment

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


I am Ulysses.

Fifth Prince of Ruskia.


This year’s Holy Festival will most likely happen under a clear blue sky surrounded by spring flowers. With the week-long festival starting on the morrow, residents of the Royal Capital are rushing about, busily doing their best to get everything prepared.

“Ohh, Your Highness… how elegant…”

“Haha… I am usually casually dressed. It’s been a while since I have worn formal royal outfits like this.”

I stare at my reflection. The person looking back at me is a young boy of 16, dressed in very formal white. I get the feeling that something is about to happen soon. It has been making me a little uneasy lately.

“Your Highness, the representatives from Fresir is about to arrive at the Royal Palace.”

“Understood, I’ll be going right now Isaac.”

I have a very long week ahead of me, starting today.

I wonder, what kind of changes await this country in the next few days.

I straighten my slightly misaligned collar and tighten my expression.


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The representatives from the East arrive on a small flying ship. The ship lands on the Royal Airfield with great fanfare.

Ruskia’s dignitaries are watching closely as the hatch opens and the much-anticipated VIPs step out. As expected, it is the Princess of Fresir escorted by a young general.

“My gracious thanks for your invitation. I am the First Princess of Fresir, Shatma Millea Fresir.”

The princess is a beautiful girl with long fluffy lilac hair, held back by black butterfly-shaped ornaments. [1] Even so, as expected of the military state of an Eastern Kingdom, she is dressed in military uniform and descends onto the land of Ruskia with dignified steps.

As for the person behind her, is that one of the Seven Generals of Fresir? [1]

He must be here as the princess’ escort. I can’t see much of his face, but he has the proper bearing of a soldier. Tall, straight and disciplined, with only a bit of blonde hair peeking out from under his military cap.

Hmm… He sure has a powerful aura.

This is my first impression of them. There are other escorts, naturally, and they all looked pretty professional. Not at all worried about landing in a different country. On the contrary, I think the Important People of Ruskia are the ones feeling the pressure.

After all, although there are more of us and we have the home advantage, we are still a country at peace. Therefore, it is natural that we would feel intimidated by people who had faced war and bloodshed.


Well, there is no point thinking about it, so I just shrug and gave it up.

As the two Fresir representatives made their way down the red carpet, my heart starts pounding. [1] My body just reacts and I duck my head when the two people pass by me.

Behind Princess Shatma, the sharp gaze of the general scrapes over my head even [1] as I keep my eyes on the carpet.

“… Ah,”

My thoughts rush through the door I had been keeping close against the trauma of my past death. It bursts open without my permission and I am sent back to the moments I had last died.



The key, or bullet rather, that smashes past the door of my trauma.

I know those eyes, that stifling feeling and the shocking impact of seeing my worst fear materializing in front of me. It is the same feeling I experienced back when I first saw that new teacher on Earth.


It is the Hero.

He finally appears in front of me. In the form of a general from the great Eastern Continent Kingdom of Fresir.

It had been a long time since I last sweated this hard.


After that, I felt like a man living a borrowed time, a walking corpse. I felt completely dead.

The First Princess of Fresir, Shatma Millea Fresir.

And, the great General Kanon Iskeil.

At the important dinner party between the two Representatives of Fresir and the Royal Family of Ruskia, my position is pretty negligible. However, food just refuses to go down my throat. The atmosphere during the dinner party is actually pretty peaceful, with the King and Princess Shatma carrying out most of the conversation and Lord Raymond occasionally interjecting with interesting anecdotes.

Queen Consort Adalzeza has the most uncomfortable look on her face. She is clearly looking at the two Fresir Representatives with an air of displeasure.

Wait, no, I’m nothing like her!

“Oh my, Your Highness Prince Ulysses, you look a little pale,” Honourable Uncle Raymond commented.

“Please excuse me, I am a little nervous… haha…”

“Humph, the Fifth Prince rarely attends these kinds of meetings. I guess he just isn’t used to it.” Prince Alfredo sounds rather snide as he looks down his nose at me.


Princess Shatma gives me this little smile… I wonder, do I give off the impression of a foppish prince unused to public affairs?

“Your Highness Prince Ulysses, there is no need to force yourself.”

“… my thanks to Princess Shatma for your consideration, I’m fine.”

[1] My cheeks feel very cold. I must be very pale, but even so, I try to return her smile. Ah, how hard is it to smile? People say that I smile all the time, but why is it so hard to put on a smile now?

The tension must be getting to me.

That’s because a very sharp gaze is piercing at me from Princess Shatma’s direction. [1] Specifically, from the person beside her.

“To be honest, I am very interested in meeting you, Your Highness Prince Ulysses. I heard a lot of things about you from Lord Raymond.”

“… Haha.”

Honourable Uncle had been in touch with Fresir’s Royal Family, but just what did he tell them about me?

Princess Shatma looks like she is about the same age as me, or perhaps even a little younger. She is rather small and slim, but she radiates a certain majestic aura that befits a first-born royal child of a powerful kingdom.

“If I recall correctly, I heard that you have been studying White Magic, and have quite a talent for it too.”

“Oh, it’s nothing compared to the mages of the Royal Palace. It’s just a little hobby of mine.”

Damn you, Uncle Raymond. Don’t just tell random people everything you know about me!

“It’s true, Princess. Moreover, His Highness’ mother was an excellent court mage, so I supposed he must have inherited her talents. I tried learning it, but could not pick it up at all. Magic must really require natural talent.”

Lord Raymond is laughing and speaking to her familiarly. I am really amazed by this person’s interpersonal skills.

As for the King, he is looking at me curiously. As though he did not realise this little extra trivia about me. As for myself, just talking about this topic is causing me real pain.

Because… it’s the Hero!

The Hero is here! In the form of General Kanon Iskeil!

For some reason, that guy looks like he is trying not to laugh!

[2] He must be laughing at me because I just said that White Magic is a hobby. What? It’s not like I could say anything else? By saying it’s just a hobby, I can stop the topic in its tracks and not have to say anything more on the matter.

As for this General Kanon Iskeil of Fresir, former Hero and all that, he is now smirking at me, just like he did in my other life.

Ahh, what should I do?

Maki-chan, Tooru-kun, I may just end up leaving this world without meeting you at all.

Perhaps, that is why the Hero is here…


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