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Tondemo Skill – 424 – Bear Meat!

Chapter 424: Bear Meat!

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: Turned some awkward phrasing into hilarity


The next day, we set out to explore more of the forested area after breakfast.

Sui continued to destroy monsters as they appeared from her position on Fer’s head. Eventually, the monsters we encountered grew in rank and the loot got better. However, we were still stuck in the gigantic forest.

““Hey, we’re still in the dungeon, right? Is there no limit to this forest?”” I asked Fer through telepathy.

“”I’m moving as fast as I can, we are barely halfway through this place.””

“”Tch, why do we have to go through a forest even though we’re inside a dungeon,”” I complained.

Hey, I’m a city guy, you know? The only jungle I know before this is the concrete jungle of Japan!

“”Umu, I agree. It’s especially boring without even strong monsters to fight.””

“”That’s right, boring! Only Sui gets to have fun.””

These two…

To be completely fair to the dungeon, there were a few A Rank, even a couple of S Rank monsters that attacked us. All were insta-killed by Sui.

I think I collected some Drop items from some huge S Rank monster called a Gigantic Heraclius Beetle. The Drops were a long horn as tall as me as well as a good-sized magic stone.

The thought of all those precious and possible priceless things I have collected thanks to this incredible trio who were now complaining about the lack of powerful foes made me smile bitterly to myself.

“”Mu, I can run faster to get out of this place.””

“”Rejected, I’ll fall off and die.””

It was frustrating, but I’m really not planning to die trying to get out of this place faster.


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Yesterday and today were spent travelling as we continued to move through the thick forest.

Somehow, there was a feeling that we were finally reaching the end of the forest.

We finally broke past the tree line and came to a large stone mountain with a big cave.

In front of the large cave was a huge bear with four arms. When I say huge, I meant, it was close to 10 meters tall.

It certainly acted like a Boss as it strode about like it owned the place.

I activated [Appraisal].


[Four Arms Bear]

S-Rank monster with peerless strength. Omnivorous and very ferocious.


“Peerless strength… Very ferocious…”

These two very concerning words flashed like a warning in my mind’s eye.

“”Do not worry, I have defeated many of his kind,”” Fer answered through telepathy.

He must have noticed my uneasy expression.


“”Umu, it may have peerless strength and is very ferocious, but it lacks agility due to its size. If the enemy cannot catch you, its attack is useless. More importantly, although its meat is a little peculiar, tasted good enough.”

“”Peculiar but good? This I have to try.””

“”Meat? Yummy~?””

Rather than a potential fight, this discussion sounded more like a bunch of foodies discussing what to eat.

I ignored the discussion and stared into the distance. Already feeling sorry for the bear.

“”Let’s go!””



“Hey, just because it’s made of meat doesn’t mean it will Drop meat…” I called out a little lamely.

Naturally, my excited trio were not listening. They were already anticipating the ‘peculiar but good’ meat.


Stab! Stab! Stab!

Pew! Pew! Pew! [5a]

The unfortunate Four Arms Bear was electrocuted to a crisp, has four pillars of ice sticking out of it and a large hole in the middle of its belly.

As I watched, the poor thing let out a faint sound before falling to the side with a ground shaking thud.


There was a cheer.

Dora-chan was doing loops and Sui was bouncing all over the place.

I cleared my throat, “Um, like I said, there’s no guarantee we’ll get meat from the bear.”

Nu, you’re right,” Fer grumbled.



Just then, the bear disappeared.

“Well, let’s have a look, shall we?”

We approached the area where the bear had been and found-

“Fur, liver and magic stones,” I said as I collected the items.


“”This is just so— so-“” Dora-chan was so angry that he could not even articulate the words.

“”No meat~?””


“Ah, well. Drops depend on luck, you know? Anyway, let’s see if we can find the stairs to the next floor.” [5b] I said, trying to coax my familiars.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

A loud Guooooohhhh!!!! vibrated through the air.

We all turned and… there was another bear. With four arms.



Pew! Pew! Pew!

“”Take that!””

Stab! Stab! Stab!

Umu, you had better Drop your meat,”




The bear collapsed and…

“”Meat~! Yayy~~!!””

“”Awesome sauce!!””

Umu, it’s a little small, but I supposed it’s better than nothing.”

I looked at the ‘small’ piece of meat and estimated it to be about 10kg in weight. There were also some magic stones and claws, but I guess the meat is the most exciting thing for my familiars.


[9] Then, I looked at the mouth of the cave again. It was very huge. Would more bears come out?

Fer suddenly smacked me with his tail.


Umu, [5b] let’s go. Just get on my back, we’ll be here forever at your pace.”

I rolled my eyes, but, since I wanted to get out of this place quickly too, I got on his back.

[9] The actual cave itself was not very wide, at the very back just within what passed for sunlight here, were stairs leading down to the 40th floor.


[Gumihou: By now, I have a feeling that Mukouda’s emotions should be mostly numbed by now]


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  1. Philip

    Hmm, a 10 meters tall bear, the drop is 10 kg. That’s very little meat, it should be in the hundreds, maybe even a ton of meat. Stingy dungeon, giving so little meat to the meat hungry trio.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. Gumihou

      Yeah, I did think that 10kg is a lot, but considering that we could get 50kg of meat from a pig…

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