Volume 1 – 36 – Lord Medite: Wine & a Long Night

Volume 1: Chapter 036: Lord Medite – Wine & a Long Night

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧

Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n3862be/

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


I am Urbanus Medite.

The head of the Medite Family, one of the Twelve Great Noble Families, a religious representative for the Royal Capital of Miradreed and a professor of the Royal Magical Research Institute.

I am often mistaken for someone far older, but in fact, I am only 23 years old.

“Oi, Urban-boy, yer angry ain’t cha? W’sit ‘cause that girl called you uncle? Ey?”

I was at the Karted church earlier to consult on the matter regarding next spring’s Holy Festival. That was when I met that strange little girl, Makia Odille.

“Olgam, you noticed that magical power, didn’t you?”


Within the carriage that was rushing along in the night, I spoke to the spirit of a white snake undulating by my feet.


It is one of the Hundred Spirits, Olgam or Olgan. A Sacred White Serpent that is said to have lived within the sanctuary since ancient times. 

As the Guardian Spirit of the Medite Family, it had maintained a contract with the Head of the Medite Family for many generations.

“I guess~~? I think your Magic Monocle might be broken. It’s rather old after all, as old as me~”

“Heh, is this something that breaks easily? Hm? This wicked little toy is created from the right eyes of witches who had carved their names into the Medite family history.”

[1] Just thinking about that ridiculous number made me sweat. It had been a long time since I had sweated this badly. [1] “Well~ I guess the numbers are unusually high~~”

“You say all that, and yet, Urban is smiling~ [2]”

“Fufufu… Well, of course, that kind of record… is comparable to the ones held by Demon Kings from 2000 years ago. I don’t know what is going on, but her MP is at Demon King levels.”

[2] “Hm, that’s right, didn’t you say the Fifth Prince also has unbelievable levels of MP? I wonder why youngsters with stupid amounts of MP are popping up all over the place suddenly.”

“… Have you become foolish with age, Olgam? According to religious records, individuals whose MP hit over a million points would appear once every 1,000 years. Thus far, There were the Golden King and Silver King from 3,000 years ago, followed by the three Demon Kings and the Green Shrine Maiden from 2,000 years ago. A thousand years before were the Blue Shogun, Wisteria Princess and Archbishop of Holy Ash…”

“Hold it, what about the Legendary Hero?”

“The religious texts are unfortunately lacking about this, however, seeing as he had eliminated all three Demon Kings, his MP had to be over a million too.”

“Hoh hou, goodness me, what an eventful era that must have been.”

“[1] Indeed, as for their exact roles, only the upper echelons would know.”

My poor grandmother used to say this all the time: When individuals with such unusual numbers appear, that is when the Truth of Maydea will be revealed.

One can never outrun their fate.


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We arrive at a Medite villa in a town next to Karted. A woman is standing by the gate, awaiting my return.

She is a slender woman with dark brunette hair. Despite the late night, she is dressed in a light and loose dress.

“Oh my, Giselle. Still awake?”

“What are you saying? Didn’t you tell me to wait for you?”

“Did I now?”

My answer is rather vague as I step off the carriage. This is Giselle Medite, my wife. A lovely beautiful young wife about three years younger than I. What an enviable wife, no?

“Aah, I’m exhausted, let’s go and rest.”

“You should stop using the heavily scented tobacco. You still smell of smoke when you go to bed.”

“Oi, oi, don’t take away your husband’s one pleasure in life the moment I got home from work.”

I take off my heavy hat and multiple layers of clothes as I entered the room. Finally, the tight feeling I had been experiencing all day is gone.

Although magic users must prevent exposing skin, wearing such heavy clothes all day really makes my shoulders stiff.

I take out my pipe and inhale deeply, enjoying the long slow exhale. Somehow, a Medite always ended up becoming a heavy smoker.

My lovely wife Gisele doesn’t smoke. However, she’s a great drinker. She is now pouring herself a glass of wine, not even bothering to serve me one.

[3] She must have noticed my staring, because she begrudgingly asks, “Do you want some?”

“Ah, I’ll have a bit… Oh, that’s right, do you want any, Olgam?”

The white serpent spirit appeared, slithering into existence at my feet at the mention of his name.

He, too, loves alcohol and would sometimes join us during our evening aperitif. Well, he enjoys drinking, but unfortunately, he just falls asleep as soon as he has a little.

I swirl the liquid in my glass, gazing at the thin reddish colour. It looks almost black in places. I tilt my glass at Giselle. With a reluctant look, Giselle taps the lip of her glass to mine, a high-pitched chime, like the shattering of glass, rang through the air.

[2] After taking a sip of her wine, she asks, “Well, what is so important that you want me to stay up for? You even sent a magic letter.”

“… Is it wrong of me to wish to spend an evening with my lovely wife?”

“Ugh, stop that. It’s revolting.”

She always appears uncomfortable whenever I say something like this. I take it as her being shy and moving on to the main subject.

“If you insist, listen here, I encountered an incredible person today. A little girl of about 12 or 13 with an MP of over a million points.”

“… impossible…”

“I found out using the Magic Monocle. Haaahh… I guess I have the noble witches of the past to thank for that.”

After that, I take a sip of wine. It is a very good wine. Olgam had drunk his share in one go and is already drowsy.

“Can the child use magic? Just because someone has the potential, they do not necessarily have the skills, right? What sort of child is she?”

“She appears to be the daughter of Count Odille, of Delia Fields. Her name is Makia Odille.”

“If that is her true name, it does not look like she is hiding her ability. Or, it is possible that she is not aware…”

“No, how should I put it… the look in her eyes, I can tell those aren’t the eyes of a pure girl.”

I can still feel the tense atmosphere of the moment when we exchanged names.

“Did she think it was fine to reveal her name to me just because I am a man?”

“That Magic Monocle of yours really gives you an unfair advantage.”

“What are you saying? It’s the crystalized essence of many Name Fate Witches’ life force. It is important for us to know the MP levels of people around us sooner than anyone else. We, the Medite, have always searched out magical essence to observe and study and to quietly deal with people. We are nothing like the Esta mages who enjoys intervening with imperial politics and meddling with succession battles.”

Gisele snickers and says, “That is true. [4] Hm, speaking of the throne, you mentioned that the Fifth Prince also has an absurd amount of MP. He might not be actively fighting for the throne, but surely given his position, he should be more important?”

“… I supposed… however, I could not get much information on the Fifth Prince. He definitely has Demon King Class MP, but I cannot get any details beyond that. He must have a spell on him that prevents information reading. I’m guessing that he has at least one highly skilled wizard around him.“

“… who could it be? Surely it can’t be Isaac?”

“Haha, I don’t believe so. His Highness’ skills alone far outstrip Isaac’s.”

“How is that possible? Has he been taking lessons since he was born? Even so…”

“It is the things that I do not know that trouble me, Giselle.”

I place the wine glass on the table and lace my fingers together. Giselle leans back in the opposite chair, staring at me.

“You do realize that you’re still smiling as you say that?”


Well, well.

What shall I do?

My poor grandmother’s words flickered in my mind again. I never thought that the next thousand years cycle would happen in my lifetime.

“If possible, I would like to monitor them together at the Royal Capital. With the Fifth Prince and Makia Odille in possession of such an absurd amount of MP, they would definitely influence the history of this era.”

“Then, I guess the coming Holy Festival would prove to be a good opportunity.”


“That’s because there will be many ‘happenings’, right?”

Certain predictions could be made based on past history. Even with limited information, I could already tell that the coming Festival will be different from the rest.

First, royal visitors from the Eastern Kingdom of Fresir.

Second, the next king will be decided after the festival.

Third, rumour has it that the Anti-East Faction is planning some major movements during the festival.

These three elements alone are enough to influence the tide of history.

When the time comes, there is no way individuals with high MP would not be caught up in it. Even if I keep out of matters, would the girl still come to the Royal Capital…

“… looks like you’re having fun, Urban. I suppose that is the most important thing.”

“Do you dislike it? Shall we do something more fun together?”

“… hand me that bottle, I want to crack your head open with it. Poisons don’t work on you, so I shall have to resort to physical violence.”

“Wait wait wait, you cannot use physical violence. It’s a disgrace to the mages of Medite.”

“But, I’m not a mage.”

Giselle looks very cheerful as she lifts the liquor bottle.

This action is perfectly natural since she wishes to kill me. This is why she married me in the first place. Well, let’s leave that story for another day.

I must protect myself first.


[Gumihou: The author must have rushed through this chapter quickly. There are quite a bit of inconsistency and unnecessary flourishes that detracts from the main story.]


[1] I think there’s a sentence or dialogue missing here. Okay, so it’s not missing, just a couple of paragraphs down. Rearranged some of the paragraphs.

[2] Dialogue characteristics missing, very different from the opening dialogue. Fixed.

[3] Added Details, because something’s missing here and not in a cultural sense.

[4] Deleted a paragraph and placed the information into the dialogue. Shorten the dialogue since we really don’t need another ‘bla bla you met the Fifth Prince’ etc



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