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Tondemo Skill – 421 – Slightly Blackened Mukouda

Chapter 421: Slightly Blackened Mukouda


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: This will be the final 3rd chapter upload per week. Starting October 2022, Tondemo Skill will see 2 chapter uploads per week instead of 3 chapters.

On the other hand, Divine Cuisine Broadcaster will have 2 chapter uploads per week.


“”That’s a loooot of insect type monsters flying around,”” Dora-chan muttered as he zipped around us.

We were travelling through the forested dungeon with me riding on Fer’s back and Sui perched on Fer’s head.

Fer was running cautiously through the thick undergrowth beneath the dense forest.


We were going a little slower than usual.

“”Is this because we’re in a forest?”” I asked.

“”Umu, it’s possible.””

“”An Insect Forest… not my favourite thing at all. I wonder where the dungeon core is…”

““Dungeon core?”” I asked, curious, because this was the first time I heard this word in this world.

“”Yeah, it’s the thing that more or less controls the dungeon and sets up the system of challenges and rewards.””

“”Oh? Wait, Fer, didn’t you say before that new dungeons are created due to the pooling of magic sources or something, Fer?”

““Umu, that’s how most dungeons are initially formed. However, as the dungeon stabilizes, a core would eventually develop and it will acquire some form of intelligence that would decide the hierarchy of monsters, Drops and the dungeon layouts.””

“”Wow… wait, so, what does the dungeon core has to do with the Insect Forest?””

Fer made a huffing sound, “”Only that the dungeon core is the one who decides that it wants to put an Insect Forest filled with weak monsters as one of its floors.””


““Monsters coming~! Hyah!””


My sweet Sui, the battle-loving cutie, was delighted by the large number of insect-type monsters on this floor and was enthusiastically shooting them down with her Acid Bullets.

“”They are rather annoying, but Sui’s doing a good job taking care of them,”” said Fer.

“”Yay~! Sui will kill them all~!””


I can’t help but feel like Sui had become more and more bloodthirsty each time we challenge a dungeon. Will she eventually transforms into a Battle (?) Slime?

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We proceeded rather swiftly through the 39th Floor, with Sui shooting down anything that moves and Dora-chan collecting the higher level Drops with the magic bag I hung around her neck.

“”Ugh, it’s really all insect-type monsters here.””

”I think slugs and snails aren’t actually insects…”

“”Poison Snails and Giant Slugs are even more disgusting.”” Dora-chan snapped.

Well, I can’t blame him for being disgusted. The Poison Snails were as large as a medium size dog and the slugs were two meters long…

“”Then, there are those that like to fall from above,”” he muttered darkly.

”Hey, I’m trying to scrub that out of my head, Dora-chan!!”

Yeah, those 20cm long Big Forest Leech might be F Rankers, but have you ever had to run through a forest where dozens of them fall from tree branches on top of you like some kind of weird bloodsucking black noodle?


I definitely do not recommend it.

Aarrghh, just thinking about it makes goosebumps pop up all over my body.

Luckily, they were blocked by Fer’s barrier. However, there were enough of them to temporarily block out the view of the sky. It was traumatic.

Thankfully, none of it actually landed on us. I would have fainted for sure. Just thinking about what could have happened made me shudder…

“Arrghh, I feel sick just thinking about it…”

“”Ugh, I’m sorry about bringing it up…”” Dora-chan also looked sick.

Fer suddenly stopped.

“Uh, Fer? Why are we stopping?”

“”Yeah, master is just feeling sick, not really sick.””

Fer snorted and jerked his snout at something, “Look over there.”

The rest of us squinted in the direction he indicated.


“Are those… ants?”

“”A whole lot of ants,”” said Dora-chan.

“They all seem to be eating something?”

Umu, it’s a Red Boar,”

“Woah! Really? There are Red Boars on this insect floor?”

“”That’s unexpected,”” muttered Dora-chan.

“Well, according to my [Appraisal], these are Forest Army Ants. Are they, um, a problem?”


[4] “Umu, Forest Army Ants are carnivorous monsters that move in groups. Even larger and more superior monsters could fall to them as food if not careful.”

[4] “”Their jaws are pretty strong. Not super strong, but it’s a problem if a whole bunch of them take a bite at you at once.””

We all watched as the Forest Army Ants reduced the Red Boar into little chunks of meat. It was especially horrible since the Red Boar was still thrashing and screaming from the pain of being literally eaten alive.

“”I guess we know why there are very few beast-type monsters here,”” said Dora-chan. “”Also, I expect they will probably come after master, next.””

Yeah, I really don’t need that mental image.

“”Sui will pew pew them~!””


“”Is Sui… bad…?””

“Eh? Why not? And don’t you raise your voice at Sui!” I snapped sternly.

[4] “Mu, apologies but if we mishandle the Forest Army Ant situation, the rest will come after those that killed their comrades. Naturally, I am strong against these weaklings, but there are so many that they are a pain to deal with.”

Dora-chan said, “”So, unless we get rid of the entire nest, it’s better to just avoid them whenever possible.””

Woah, to think even Dora-chan would advocate avoidance over confrontation.


Wait, I think I saw something at [Net Super]…

“Hold on, I think I may have something that could eliminate the ant’s nest. I’ll check it out while you guys look for the nest.”

“Oh? You do?” Fer sounded sceptical.

“Yes, it’s something from [Net Super],”

“Hmm, alright. Sui, you stay here. Dora-chan and I will track down the nest.”

While the others go ant nest hunting, I looked through the pesticide section and found something very suitable.

“Fufufufu, mwahahaha~!”

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“”Oi, we found the nest. Have you found the thing that could take care of the nest?”” Dora-chan’s voice interrupted me.

“Mwahaha~ yes~”

Mu, you sound unnecessarily evil, but I don’t hate this version of you,” observed Fer. “Anyway, get on my back. I’ll take you there.”

Fer ran swiftly and stopped by a hole under the shade of a large rock.

“That’s the entrance to the nest, now how do you plan on destroying it?”

“Fufufu, you just wait and see,” I laughed as I opened a cardboard box.

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