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Mosquito trying to bite through cloth

Tondemo Skill – 419 – Monsters That like Human Blood

Chapter 419: Monsters That like Human Blood


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


When we stepped off the stairs for the 39th floor, we found ourselves in a forest filled with lush green trees.

“I-it’s a forest,” I said redundantly.

Umu, looks like a field-type dungeon.”

“”Like the one in Doran, right? That’s the city where that pervert lives.””

“Ahahaha,” I can’t refute that… [5]

““Master, something’s flying there~””

“Hm?” I squinted in the direction Sui’s tentacle was pointing. It looked like a little insect. It was also buzzing like a mosquito.

“Although… it’s a little large for a mosquito…”

It was also flying towards us.

“Tsk, just what the heck is that thing? Oi, Fer,”

Umu, there are a lot of them. If you see one, you will see more of them soon.”

“”They can be super annoying,””

“So, um, what are those things?”

““They are some kind of bloodsucking insect thing!”” Dora-chan sounded disgusted.

Umu, individually, they are quite weak, but they tend to gather in swarms.”

“”And they like human blood best.””

Both Fer and Dora-chan were now looking at me.

“Wait, for real? I’m their prey?”

“”Yup, look, one of them is coming for you now!””

[8] Indeed, one of the mosquito/monster things had swarmed over to thrust its long pointed straw mouth at me and was stopped by the barrier. It was making an odd clicking noise as it struck the barrier with its straw mouth thing at me.

It was also about a meter tall.

“Ugh, that’s hideous and scary!” I jumped back reflexively, even with the barrier, it’s still unnerving to have a giant, meter-long mosquito trying to stick a giant needle like thing to suck my blood out.

I nervously cast [Appraisal].


[Vampire Mosquito]

D Rank, blood-sucking monster with a special preference for human blood. If a swarm of them attack and suck your blood, you will die.


So, a Vampire Mosquito, is basically a giant mosquito on a pound of steroids. I’m, so, so glad that Fer’s barrier works on them.

It was still clicking and trying to stab through the barrier at me.


“Shoo,” I said. “Go away.”

“”That won’t happen,”” snickered Dora-chan. “”You’re its favourite food, why would it leave?””


“Also, be aware that these things swarm. Look, more are coming over now.”

“Woah, that’s a lot of them…”


Indeed, a large group of Vampire Mosquitoes were buzzing over like, well, a bunch of oversized mosquitoes out to drink my blood.

Clack clack clack clack clack

They were all just barely outside the barrier, trying to pierce it with their long, iron rod straw mouths.

It was so noisy that we could barely hear ourselves think so I sent Fer a telepathic message instead, ““Hey, are we just going to leave them like that?””

““They are too boring. They are also too weak so the barrier alone is fine.””

“”Plus, it’s not like they’re after us,”” Dora-chan snickered.

Ah, yes, indeed. Though we were roughly surrounded by the Vampire Mosquitoes, there were more on my side.

“”Mu, if you are bothered by them, just kill them.””

“”Yeah, you haven’t done much fighting ever since we got here. So, do your best!””

“… …” well, they were not wrong…

Only, the Vampire Mosquitoes looked really creepy…

“”Is Aruji okay~? Should Sui destroy them for you~?””

““Thank you, Sui. I’m going to try and take them out myself. I’ll ask for help if it gets too difficult, alright?””



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I pierced a Vampire Mosquito with my special Sui made Mithril Spear. It dropped like a stone against the barrier and rolled off. I’m really grateful that Fer’s barrier prevented the carcass of the still twitching monsters from falling in.

I am even more grateful that monsters that died here are quickly reabsorbed by the dungeon. Otherwise, from the number of Drop items around me, I would be more than knee-deep in monster bodies by now.

The problem was, “Ugh, no matter how many I destroyed, there are still so many of them…”

What were my familiars doing, you ask?

They were now napping in a corner, while I was piercing and stabbing at Vampire Mosquitoes out for my blood

“Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Ugh, there’s no end to them. Is there a way to destroy them all at once…”

I set down my spear and thought. Well, magic is one way. However, my only options are fire and earth magic. Fire can’t be safely used in a wooded area and earth magic aren’t useable in a dungeon…

“Blast these damned mosquitoes… hm? That’s right, these are mosquitoes!” I quickly opened up [Net Super] and looked through the insecticide section. They had worked very well against those Shiny Black Things at Avering’s dungeons, so they should have something I can use against these mosquitoes.

I picked out a can of generic insecticide spray and used it against them.


“How’s that?”

The Vampire Mosquitoes were still trying to poke their way in, making a terrible noise until I sprayed them with the insecticide. The Mosquitoes stiffened and fell to the ground.

“Woah, it totally worked!”

Suddenly motivated, I bought a whole crate and armed myself with a bottle of spray in each hand and began spraying at every single insect trying to crack its way in.


Ssssttt! Ssssttt! Ssssttt! Ssssttt!

“Take this!!”

Ssssttt! Ssssttt! Ssssttt! Ssssttt!

When I finally stopped, there were a lot of empty spray cans at my feet.

Fumu, looks like you’ve defeated a lot of them.” Fer blinked his eyes open and yawned.

“Well, I’m managing it somehow. There are still a lot of them around.”

“They’ll just keep coming. Anyway, let’s eat something first.”

“Good idea, I’m getting tired of fighting these mosquitoes.”

It had been a good while since we entered this floor. There was a brief lunch earlier so it was probably a good idea to make something more substantial for dinner.

“”Hm? Food?”” Dora-chan woke up at the mention of food.

“”Food?”” Sui also woke up.

“Yes, you can help me pick up the Drop items while I cook, alright?”

“”Woah, you’ve taken down a lot of them,”” said Dora-chan admiringly as he studied the Drop items around us.

“Well, I can do it when I put my mind to it.”

““Master is amazing~””

“Fufufu, thank you, Sui.”

“Oi, what about dinner?”

“Yes, yes, it’s coming. Oh, but before that,” [5a] I quickly bought something from [Net Super] first. This time, instead of food, I bought something else.

When I broke the seal on the box-

“Eurgh, what’s that? It smells terrible!”

Dora-chan and Sui also came over to investigate.

“It’s called a mosquito coil. Back in my world, we use this to get rid of mosquitoes. I plan to use it against these Vampire Mosquitoes.”

“”Ooh? How do you use it? Does it have an area effect feature?””

“Yes, by burning this, the Vampire Mosquitoes should either die or at least be driven away.”

“Humph, whatever. So long as you burn it outside the barrier. It’ll be troublesome, but I will make the barrier impenetrable to smells.”

“Woah, you can do that?”

“Of course,”

[9] So, after finding the edges of the barrier, I placed four mosquito coils outside.

Then, we waited.

“Fumu, it is working.”

“”Woah, it really is!””

“”The buzzy monsters just fall down~””

“Hehehe, it’s working. Now, let’s eat. They won’t come and bother us when we go to sleep tonight.”


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  1. Mr SpinelesS

    Brings to mind the whole dilemma that is exploited in Exterminator.
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    1. Gumihou

      Oh, that probably won’t happen? The corpse would be absorbed by the dungeon.

  2. Philip

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      Ancient China ladies generally use ‘Yo~’ to provoke their rivals or greet their frenemies.

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    [substantial for dinner.”] -> {substantial for dinner.}

    Well, there’s that meme about Spanish and the word “mosquito,” since in that language the suffix -ito is generally used (I think) to point out a smaller size, thus there should also be a bigger version.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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      Thanks for picking the errors up!
      I’m keeping Mukuda’s ‘oi’ since he’s super nervous about a giant mosquito making a bee-line for him, lol.

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