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Tondemo Skill – 415 – The Gungho Party & Laidback Mukouda

Chapter 415: The Gungho Party & Laidback Mukouda


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: … I deleted entire scenes!!! Three different scenes! Some multiple times!!!


“Oi, more meat just arrived.”



“Hey- stop calling them meat!”

To Fer and the rest, the Gigantic Minotaurs might as well be walking pieces of meat. As soon as a group of Gigantic Minotaurs stampeded over, they immediately took damage from three different sides.

Once the barrage of firepower was over, the only things that were left were large chunks of meat, fangs and magic stones.

Even Fer grew hyped up by the sight of meat.

“”Meat~! Oh, oh, oh, meat~! Meat~♪”” sang Dora-chan.

“”Meaty~♪ Meaty~♪””

Umu, the quality of the meat looks good. However, why do they have to Drop useless things too? Well, looks like we have no choice but to hunt more of them. For meat!”

“”For meat!””


[5] As Fer mentioned, the Drops were not all meat. In fact, the overall Drop rate was only about 20% or 30%, meaning that we only get Drops from 2 or 3 monsters out of every 10 we defeated. Moreover, not all of it was meat…

Thus, in Fer’s words, we ‘have no choice but to hunt more of them’.

I’m starting to feel sorry for the Gigantic Minotaurs.

At any rate, even with such, ah, moderate Drop rates, our collection of meat already reached the double digits. The meat collection spree only paused when everyone was hungry.

“It’s almost time for dinner, let’s eat a proper meal,” said Fer.


“Naturally, dinner should be made with meat we have just collected, right?”

[8] “… …” Fine, it’s not like I felt threatened by my own familiar at all. In fact, I’m also curious what the Gigantic Minotaur would taste like.

First, I simply grilled the meat as super thick-cut steaks with only salt and pepper. [8] I would normally only do a small steak to have a taste of whatever new types of red meat that I come across in this world, but with my familiars drooling on the side, they’d probably eat me if I only serve myself.

[8] So, thick-cut steaks for everyone.

As expected, the meat was excellent. Without having to change things up by turning it into katsu or even adding other sauces, my familiars devoured nearly half the amount of Gigantic Minotaur meat in one go…

As a result…


“Yosh, let’s hunt down more of these.”




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We spent the night in the safe area and set out to hunt for Gigantic Minotaur nice and early the next day.


“Let’s go meat hunting!”

“”Ou! Let’s gather lots more, these are good.””


Umu, let’s stay on this floor and hunt them all. If they spawn too slowly, let’s wipe them out tomorrow too.”

“”Yah! I’m in!””

“”Let’s battle the Meaty~””

I’m… feeling really bad for the Giganto Minataurs. Today is not a good day to be them…


Anyway, off we went. Things were progressing as usual when we heard some unusual sounds. It was the sound of blades slashing followed by explosions and a powerful roar.

It was coming from one of the rooms.

“Shall we take a look?” wiping out ‘weak’ monsters and gathering Drops must be getting kind of boring for all of us since no one protested.

We peeked into the room and saw [9] six Adventurers fighting against a Gigantic Minotaur.


This was what they looked like:

Sharp-Eyed Large Adventurer with a bastard sword – slashing at the Minotaur.

Slender Adventurer with a one-handed sword (otherwise known as ‘sword’) – slashing at the Minotaur’s knees.

Large Beastman Adventurer with a large axe – also going for the knees.

A Determined Looking Female Adventurer – throwing Fire Magic at the monster’s face.

A Female Elf – shooting arrow after arrow.


“A Tamer?”

A red-furred tiger, about the size of Fer, was actively launching attacks at the Minotaur under the direction of someone in the back.

This must be the elite party that everyone had been talking about. [5] Looks like their reputation was well deserved, their attacks looked very well coordinated and well timed.

[5b] [11] [5a]

““Oi, are we done yet? Can we stop looking at these boring people and go after our own prey instead?”” Dora-chan was complaining now.

Umu, let’s go. They are taking too long on one monster.”

“Wait, ah, Fer! You shouldn’t say that about hardworking people!” I hissed.


“Sui! No attacking that monster, okay? There are other people battling that monster!” I hurriedly called out. These guys looked too gungho and serious to let us off easy if they think we’re out to ‘steal their kills. [11]

We were just leaving when an arrow landed in front of us.

“Yikes, friendly fire?” I whipped my head to look at where the people were still battling the monsters.

It was a friendly fire… right?



Extra scene:

[Side Character Adventurer Party ~]


The battle ended shortly after Mukouda’s party left.

Naturally, it was a win for the elite and gungho party. Even though they were a bunch of rotten people, they were still a talented lot.

“Haahhh… I’m tired~” Determined Looking Female Adventurer sighed as she slump to the floor. She looked up at the Sharped-Eyed Large Adventurer with the bastard sword and said, “By the way Leader, what’s going on!? Aren’t we supposed to be pioneers in this dungeon?”

“I wish to hear about this too,” said the Large Beastman Adventurer with the axe. [Gumihou: You know, to distinguish him from the other Large Beastman Adventurers loitering around.]

“I don’t know. However, I could hazard a guess,” said the Sharped Eyed Large Adventurer, who is also the party leader. [Gumihou: As opposed to other Sharped Eyed Large Adventurers]

The man had an unpleasant look on his face, as though he had swallowed a bug.


“There’s been talk about an S Ranker Tamer with a Fenrir,” the Tamer said as he stroked his tiger’s red fur.

“Tsk, how annoying. To think that our honour will be snatched by an inexperienced tamer of all things! Everyone’s been talking about that Fenrir, but has anyone seen it fight? It’s all baseless rumours,” spat the Slender Adventurer with a sword.

[Gumihou: … I can’t. One repeat is fun, but three repeats just make things tedious]


“I’m angry too. We all worked hard to get here and yet… that is why I ordered the attack. Who cares if it’s unethical? I’m the party leader, we are in the middle of a battle, accidents happen.” He frowned at the Female Elf, “What happened? Why did you miss? Did you chicken out?”

“No, I did shoot at him. Not at a vital area but it should cause severe injury at least. To the point that even if he has Advance Potions on him, he would still have to return to the surface if he’s smart. However, the arrow was blocked somehow. I suspect he must have a defensive magic tool on his person.”

Determined Looking Female Adventurer snickered, “What’s that? You’re saying that your much prided enchanted elf bow can’t penetrate a little magical defence?”

“Why don’t you try and attack him with your much prided Fire Magic instead?”

“Humph, only if you want him dead.”

“Enough. There’s no point quarrelling over this. Regardless, we shall be the ones to clear this dungeon first. We will not give up no matter what. Understand?”

Since the leader had spoken, the others nodded.


[Gumihou: I can’t help the notes in the chapter. It’s just… it was getting too ridiculous… Also, Eguchi-san, your villain characters are so… very so…]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now

[a] Deleted ‘Ooo raaahhh! Meat!’ scene. It was kind of repetitive.

[b] Deleted scene where Mukouda’s grip on Fer’s fur loosened, since… it basically went nowhere.

[c] Deleted scene where Mukouda ‘Super Paranoid’ Tsuyoshi suddenly lost his sense of danger, grew an ahoge on his head and go ‘eh?’ at real danger.

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Add a little extra details to explain the dynamic between Mukouda and Fer. Instead of leaving it to plot convenient chances.

[9] Six Adventurers? I thought you had 2 S Rankers and 4 A Rankers, with one sent away due to their lost limb, shouldn’t it be 5? Anyway, adjusted the earlier chapters to accommodate this.

[10] The descriptions for the villains are weird and repetitive, let’s just use the bullet point system.

[11] Replaced [5b] with ‘valid worries’ and reference the subtitle

[12] The ‘villains’ are very badly designed. Anyway, gave them some plausible reason and more realistic dialogues rather than ‘we evil, rawr!’. Also, turned their descriptions into proper nouns, otherwise, it’s the ‘girl in the goose-yellow dress’ all over again. has a new Membership System!!

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