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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0060 – Another Skip?

Chapter 60: Another Skip?

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


After posting Ye Fei’s achievements for the day on the company forum, Liu Ping immediately attracted the hatred of an entire group of people.

In the face of such obvious hatred, Liu Ping was perfectly calm. As calm as a cloud floating in a mild breeze. After all, this was not his first time dropping such a bomb.

Just look, everyone, Classmate Liu Ping is getting more and more uppity.

However, just because Liu Ping did not add to his cryptic statement, it did not mean that others will not bring it up.

Just then, Vice President Li appeared and sent out a message that said:

[Congratulations to our new Bronze Star Broadcaster Deity Ye Fei for yet another incredible achievement. This time with a reward total of HY¥1,883,798! At the same time, we hope that other departments could also discover new talents and push our platform to a whole new horizon!]

Everyone, “… …”

“F*ck me, for real?”

“M*therf*cker, over 1.88 million yuan, ah. Just how much chicken blood did Ye Fei inject himself with, ah?”

“No amount of chicken blood could achieve this kind of result. I suspect he must have injected dragon’s blood.”

“Fine Food Section has really discovered a super powerful deity, ah. If this continues, I predict that Ye Fei would be the top performer in the platform, ah.”

“You’re overthinking it. Do you think it’s that easy to be the top broadcaster? To be at the top, you need more than just rewards. The number of fans is also important. So what if he has a few rich fans? As a Bronze Star Rank 2 Broadcaster, he only has 20,000 fans at most. That’s still a long way off.”

As soon as the above message appeared, another message from Vice President Li appeared:

[Congratulations to Bronze Star Rank 2 Broadcaster Ye Fei of Fine Food Section. You have been promoted to Bronze Star Rank 4. Your number of fans has reached 45,736 people.]

Everyone, “… …”

They were stunned.

F*ck me, didn’t that guy just say that this fellow is only a Rank 2? In a literal blink of an eye, he had climbed up to Rank 4?


Wait, wait a moment.

Bronze Star Rank 4?

After a moment of processing, the entire forum exploded into activity again.

“Is there some sort of mistake? Did this guy skip ranks again? Is he addicted to skipping grades?”

“L-looks like it. He went from a Rank 2 to a Rank 4. He skipped Rank 3 completely…”

“F*ck, this guy is a monster. At this speed, is he riding on a rocket of promotion or something?”

“This should also be some sort of record, right?”

“What do you mean ‘should’? It definitely is, ah. It’s a powerful record that breaks the spirit of the later generations, ah. Who on earth could break this kind of record?”

“Ye Fei… Heheh, why didn’t you come to our Song & Dance Section, ah? If you’re with us, we would definitely give our all to support you.”

“You say it as though our Fine Food Section would not give our all to support him. Let me tell you, Ye Fei is now our Fine Food Section’s new deity. You all had better not hit on him or we will curse you to death.”

“Calm down, Ye Fei is a cooking broadcaster. He doesn’t sing or dance. He would not be able to fully display his strength. Otherwise, do you expect him to sing while he cooks?”

“It’s good that you know.”

Within the Fine Food Manager’s Office, Zhao Sen looked at Feng Tianlai and smiled, “Old Feng, you have carried out your job most beautifully. This Ye Fei is truly a great find, ah.”

Feng Tianlai was very excited, “Manager, as you can see, Ye Fei’s rise is practically unstoppable. We must make preparations for the future. Should we call him up and discuss something with him? For now, he has only signed the standard digital contract with us. Should we meet up with him and get him to sign something more permanent?”

Zhao Sen replied, “En, you should find the time to meet Ye Fei face to face. Also, to prevent him from rejecting the contract, promise that so long as he signs with us, the platform will treat him like other great deities. No, we will give him more benefits compared to other great deities.”

“Yes, I shall make sure to call him once I have everything ready. However, I can tell that successful people like them could be quite arrogant. I’m not sure if he will be willing to accept our contract.”

“Write up the terms and conditions first and see what he has to say. Don’t worry, so long as he is willing to communicate with us, no matter what, we can still negotiate good conditions for him. In short, we must sign Deity Ye in no matter what.”

With the manager’s order, Feng Tianlai understood what he needed to do. After that matter was decided, the two of them chatted about other things.


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After Ye Fei was done with the day’s broadcast, it was not long before Feng Tianlai arranged for the money to be transferred to his account. After deducting the 30% fee for the platform, the total receipt for the day was HX¥1,318,658.60. Also, just as before, as soon as the money arrived in his account, the DCB System immediately sucked 90% of the takings away as part of its service fee. In the end, what was left to him was HX¥131,865.86.

Ye Fei was, in fact, quite satisfied with this amount.

“Money owed must be repaid,” thought Ye Fei. “I should repay that several tens of thousands of yuan debt first.”

In fact, he had planned to clear this debt yesterday, but the rental for this house cost him 60,000 and Ye Fei dare not touch the remaining money. Just in case.

However, he now has over 100,000 in his account. Now that he had the money, he no longer wished to rely on other people’s money. He refused to be one of those people who would lose integrity over something as mundane as money.

As soon as the thought occurred, Ye Fei picked up his phone and made a few calls. After confirming the amount owed and getting their account number, he directly transferred the money to his debtors through Tianxin.

“There’s still Fan Xiaohu’s 8,500. En, let’s call up that guy and treat him to a meal. I can directly send him the money on the spot.”

While Ye Fei was tidying up his money matters, there was a knock on the door. He looked up in surprise.

He thought: I have just moved in, why would someone come and knock? It can’t be Ma Cuihua, since, although she has changed her way of knocking from banging to actual proper knocking, this is still her house. She should have another set of keys and could open the door herself.

So, who was it?

Ye Fei stood up and called out, “Who is it?”

No one answered.

Puzzled, Ye Fei finally went to the door and looked through the peephole. He blinked in surprise.

That’s because there was a very beautiful girl in her twenties just standing outside. She was dressed in blue with her black hair brushing down her back. She looked quite anxious.

Ye Fei opened the door, glanced over at the girl curiously and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

When the girl saw him, she hastily said, “Good day, I am Tian Xinlan. I live next door at 904, have you seen my [1] Sharpie?”


Ye Fei was nonplussed. Why would she want a sharpie for? Was it some sort of name?

“Apologies, your sharpie is a…”

“Sharpie is sharpie, ah. Have you seen it?”

Black lines appeared on Ye Fei’s head. Wei, I know what a sharpie is, but how would I know what your ‘Sharpie’ is, ah? I don’t know anything, ah.

Tian Xinlan seemed to have caught on to his confusion as she hurriedly explained, “He’s our Shar-Pei dog. I called him Sharpie.”

Ye Fei saw the light. He thought: Ah, so it’s a dog. However, young miss, ah. Your naming sense needs to be improved ah. Surely calling a dog ‘Sharky’ would be better than ‘Sharpie’?

“I haven’t seen a dog around, why don’t you ask the other tenants?”

Tian Xinlan’s face fell. She said apologetically, “Sorry to bother you, I’ll go and ask.”

She smiled apologetically at Ye Fei before leaving.

Ye Fei did not think much of the encounter, he closed the door and called up Fang Xiaohu and asked him out to dinner.

“You, ah. Have you received your salary already? Ah, but you should keep that money for yourself first. After all, I’m not in a hurry to use the money,” Fang Xiaohu grandly declared over the phone.

Ye Fei felt very emotional at this. Surely this kind of iron brothers are the best, ah? Unlike Ma Cuihua who would knock on his door insistently over a mere 1,000 yuan, as though she could not wait to find an excuse to prevent him from going out.

“I have enough spending money, no need to fuss. Come on, let’s meet at Fatty’s Stall. See you at 6,” was Ye Fei’s final remark.

Fang Xiaohu, who was not at all unreasonable, agreed.

About 5pm, Ye Fei cleaned himself up a little and set out for Fatty’s Stall.


[Gumihou: Woah, looks like he’s a pretty good guy. A bit shameless but overall good.]


[1] A Punny Joke

The dog’s name was really ‘Little Skin’ or 小皮

But, since it was meant to be funny in a punny way… decided on Sharpie instead. Sharpie the Shar-Pei dog instead of ‘Xiao Pi’ the ‘Sha pi’ dog has a new Membership System!!

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