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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0059 – Even Greater Innovation

Chapter 59: Even Greater Innovation

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)



Translated by Gumihou


Once Ye Fei poured the Stir-Fried Pork onto the plate, the cooking part of today’s broadcasting was over. It was time to eat.

He made his way to the laptop with his plate. When he saw the reward number on the screen, even though he had mentally prepared himself to see something beyond a million, he still shivered.

He quickly placed the plate on the table and smiled, “Wow, you guys really gave it your all today, ah. Hehe. You sure think highly of this Ye Fei. Then, I, Ye Fei, shall not let you down. I shall now eat this plate of Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork.”

The people exploded.

“Deity Ye, we are not giving it our all. Don’t eat, ah.”

“That’s right, ah. Let us look at the dish properly. Even though our mouths cannot touch it, at least let us feast our eyes on it, ah.”

“That plate of stir-fried pork is just too beautiful. Look how the meat sparkle and shines, it must be so tender and delicious, ah.”

“The peppers are gorgeous too, the emerald green of the chillies are like brilliant leaves and the red peppers are like gorgeous flowers. I feel like I’m in the middle of nature, viewing the sight of a hundred blooming flowers.”

“Puu~~ Upstairs, aren’t you going a bit too far? A few peppers are enough to get your poet’s soul going? Did you see a pig running through white blooming flowers? Otherwise, your poem doesn’t quite match the dish, ah.”

“Haha, you guys are too funny. Can’t you be a little more serious? Deity Ye is about to eat.”

Ye Fei was also amused by his viewers’ comments. However, he said nothing and picked up a pair of chopsticks. Even before he picked up any of the food, he felt a little pained. These were a pair of elephant tusk chopsticks, ah. Precious, priceless treasures that would probably fetch hundreds of thousands if not millions at an auction. Now, he was going to use these treasures to eat Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork. Too extravagant.

However, the System was very clear. These things could not be taken out of the house. The moment it left the parameters of this kitchen, they would turn into ordinary cutleries. Looks like he could only enjoy these luxuries on his lonesome.

Ye Fei picked up a piece of pork and placed it carefully into his mouth. He chewed slowly and a unique aroma exploded across his taste buds.

This flavour… is too unique.

Too incredible.

Too amazing.

Too addicting.

The meat was fatty but not greasy, and amazingly fragrant.

Under the savoury aroma of meat, there was a hint of pine that added a layer of class to the dish.

Between, these two scents, there were also elements of spice from the green long peppers combined with the sweetness from the red peppers.

[1] The combination of several different flavours blended together and nearly melted off Ye Fei’s tongue.

“This is really the most delicious thing in the human world, ah. Meat like this should only be found in the heavens, how did such a wonderful thing could exist in the human world?” even as he ate, Ye Fei closed his eyes as though intoxicated.

The viewers in the channel could not take it anymore.

“Deity Ye, go away.”

“Put that plate of pork down, let me at it.”

“Deity Ye, if you do this again, you will have no friends.”

“You look like a cheapskate, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah! Leave me some!”

“I want to lick the screen…”

“Licked the screen.”

“I’m licking the screen again…”

While Ye Fei was in the middle of enjoying his wonderful dish, this group of viewers nearly went crazy…


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While Ye Fei’s channel was reaching peak activity, the QQ Platform’s staff forum was also buzzing with activity.

“Golden Voice is too amazing today. He really deserves to be a Silver Star Rank 2 Broadcaster. With just one song, he had already broken past 500,000 mark. My heavens, it’s still rising, ah!”

“Golden Voice is clearly born to sing. Just now, that song ‘Don’t Take My Love Away’ was too incredible.”

“Yes, yes, I was intoxicated by that one too.”

“When he started singing that song, he collected close to HX¥100,000 right away. You should have seen it, 7 or 8 planes just flew across the screen.”

“Song & Dance Section clearly deserves to be called the wellspring of talents, ah. Just look at the quality of people there.”

“When it comes to singing, Golden Voice’s talent is more or less at the level of those singing stars. I think the company should back him up and encourage him to sing on a real stage.”

“600,000 and still rising.”

The Song & Dance Section people were all hopping around with excitement. Even their Silver Star Rank 2 ace, Golden Voice rarely saw this kind of result before.

Today, it was as though his fans have received a shot of chicken blood. Motorcycles, sports cars and planes zoomed endlessly across the screen.


Golden Voice’s channel.

As a celebrity, Golden Voice was very conscious of his appearance. Right now, he was seated in front of his computer, looking very neat and put together. There was a trace of pride and arrogance on his tender face.

“Well, do you like the song ‘Don’t Take My Love Away’? I’m sure you must all be tired of it,” said Golden Voice with a charming smile.

The fans immediately rushed to answer.

“No, no, not tired at all. Golden Voice, sing again, ah.”

“One more song,”

“Please sing ‘Love Me, Leave Me’.”

Seeing his fans so frantic, Golden Voice felt very gratified.

See this? This is true star power. This is the result of my charisma. The charisma of a Silver Star Rank 2 Broadcaster. A great deity who casually breaks past the 600,000 mark with just one song.

However, Manager Hong had instructed him to completely crush someone from the Fine Food Section. Well, since Manager Hong had personally asked for it, he would do his best and completely trample Fine Food Section to death.

That’s right, time to collect rewards!

At that thought, Golden Voice said, “Since everyone wants it, I shall sing another song. I heard someone request If You Love Me Let Me Go? Hmm, this Little Voice is a little bit tired, how about a little wave as encouragement?”

Without a word, lollipops, applause and sports cars suddenly overwhelmed the screen.

Golden Voice was very satisfied by the sight. He opened his mouth and began to sing,

Since you have her

Why do you come back?

If you love me let me go… ”


His voice was powerful, magnetic and penetrating.

His fans filled the chat channel with onomatopoeia of screams and the reward continued to tumble in…


Meanwhile, Ye Fei was done with his broadcast for the day. He glanced at the reward data and felt like he was dreaming.

“These people are quite terrifying. The reward actually went past 1.8 million. Oh my heavens, ah. Don’t stop, ah. Let’s keep this up tomorrow~~”

While this guy’s heart was bubbling with ecstasy, he got up from the table and went off to clean up the kitchen.


The QQ Staffroom, Fine Food Section.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”

“Success!! Success!!”

“Deity Ye is truly worthy of being called Deity Ye, ah. His reward today is HX¥1,883,798. Too amazing, ah!”

“He broke past the 1.5 million mark, breaking our platform record again.”

“Breaking his own record, you mean?”

“Hahaha, can you imagine our bonus?”

“F*ck, someone in the company forum is stepping on us again?”

“What? Slap them!”

“Slap them now!”


QQ Company Forum.

“What was that? Only Ye Fei of Fine Food Section could compete with Golden Voice? You’re overthinking it, ah. So what if Ye Fei managed to collect over a million reward? He must have used up all of his luck to reach that high. Do you think he could get that kind of reward all the time? So amazing? No matter how much his fans love him, their money had to be limited.”

“I think so too. I’ll admit that Ye Fei is pretty talented and has added a unique element to the Fine Food Broadcasting style. However, no matter who he is, he had to have highs and lows. No one can stay at the top forever. I bet that Ye Fei’s performance has peaked yesterday. He should suffer a decline after that.”

“I agree. I think decline would be something like falling off a steep cliff, I bet his reward should slip by about half today.”

“Are you saying that Ye Fei’s reward won’t even touch 500,000?”

“Hehe, you think 500,000 is very little? If he could make it to 500,000, he will still stand out as the best among Bronze Star broadcasters, you know?”

“Still, with Ye Fei around, Fine Food Section could finally shed its title as the Prince of Bottom.”

“Tch, it has only been a few days. If you don’t believe me, just observe a little longer. I bet that Fine Food Section would snatch the title of Prince of Bottom back very soon.”

“Pffft~~ ‘snatch’? Hey, aren’t your words a little too much? Can’t you consider the feelings of our fellow colleagues in the Fine Food Section?”

“What feelings? That herd of people dare not even speak, haven’t you noticed?”

While they were in the middle of stomping on Ye Fei and the Fine Food Section, Liu Ping sent out this news:

[Congratulations to Bronze Star Deity Ye Fei for another great achievement. Congratulations for amassing a total of HX¥ 1,883,798 reward!]

Everyone, “… …”

“Wei, Little Ping Ping, are you trying to create trouble?”

“That’s right, ah. Little Ping Ping, just what are you trying to pull?”

“You are always popping up out of the blue just to drop some random information. Moreover, you claim that your broadcaster has achieved 1.8 million in reward? Are you kidding us? I think it’s probably closer to 180k.”

Everyone else was also annoyed. So annoyed that their teeth ached from being clenched. 1.88 million Hua Xia Yuan? From a Bronze Star Broadcaster? What kind of international-level joke is this?

Even though this guy just achieved over a million yuan yesterday, nobody believed it. That’s because this kind of data was just too frightening to believe…


[Gumihou: Well, it is kind of unbelievable…]


[1] Err, dude, I know that a lot of food writers harped on about ‘combination of flavours’ and the amazing ‘amalgamation of flavours on the tongue’ but really, what makes food interesting is ‘unevenness’.

There’s an entire arc in Shokugeki no Souma about this, when Kurokiba Ryo made the Coulibiac

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