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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0057 – Thrilling & Enticing

Chapter 57: Thrilling & Enticing

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou

Gumihou: Lol, this chapter is so full of wrong facts that I get the feeling that… well…


The bottle of oil that Ye Fei took out looked like [1] the most top-quality oil with its bright golden yellow colour. However, a closer look showed a hint of green in the golden depths. Even without any introduction, everyone immediately knew they must be looking at an extremely precious oil.

When I Am a Foodie excitedly threw out the name of the oil. He was so excited that there were numerous exclamation marks before AND after the name.

When Tasting Everything Under Heaven saw how excited I Am a Foodie was, he said, “Foodie Bro, you know this oil.”

Tao Tie also asked, “Foodie Bro, is this oil really good?”

I Am a Foodie threw out a frantic emoji and answered, “F*ck me, you two don’t know about this? What a great travesty, ah.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven coughed twice before saying, “That is… the ingredients used by Deity Ye are too advanced, ah. Sometimes, I dare not even hazard a guess…”

I Am a Foodie, “If my guess is right, the oil used by Deity Ye today is All Natural Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a special aristocrat level cooking oil with an elegant and distinctive aroma as well as rich and charming flavours. The All Natural Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is almost like drinking real olive fruit juice. One could call it an alternative cooking oil, but also the best kind of cooking oil.”

Firecracker Not Cracker popped up with a smiley emoji and said, “Foodie Bro, aren’t you exaggerating a little? Olive oil is practically a household product now and I’m sure plenty of ordinary people have access to it. Although it’s not bad, surely it can’t be as amazing as you implied.”

I Am a Foodie said, “Firecracker, how could those ordinary olive oils be compared to the bottle in Deity Ye’s hand? Most of the olive oil used by ordinary households is made from blended oils. Although the packaging claimed that it is pure olive oil, do you think it could be trusted? Do you really think that you can buy a 500ml bottle of pure olive oil for just a few dozen yuans? Dream on, ah. Moreover, the olive oil in Deity Ye’s hand is not only pure, but it is the All Natural Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Don’t believe me? Look closely. The special characteristic of this oil is its golden colour with a faint hint of green. Although you could buy olive oil with a similar hue, I can tell you right now that the colour is an artificially added pigment. That’s because if it’s the real thing, you’ll be lucky if you can buy it for 300 yuan. In fact, if I find the real thing at 300 yuan, I will buy as many bottles as I can!”

When everyone heard this, they all stared at the bottle of olive oil. Sure enough, through the [1] clear glass, they could see that although the colour of the oil was a rich gold, it was permeated with a hint of green.

While everyone was staring at the bottle of oil with interest, Ye Fei smiled at them and raised the bottle in his hand to introduce the oil. His explanation more or less corresponded with I Am a Foodie’s statement, with a few extra details.

It turned out, that this bottle of olive oil was made from olive fruits collected from the [2] tallest olive trees in the world. 2,700 of the tallest olive trees in the world from a country called Nice. Not only that, but in order to achieve the highest level of purity, only the earliest fruits from these 2,700 trees are collected each year. Moreover, only the first few drops of oil are collected for this precious bottle [3].

What is luxury?

What is the pinnacle?

What is the definition of ‘essence’?

One could say that all the above are reflected in this single bottle of olive oil.

The people in the channel clamoured among themselves. Unexpectedly, even though Ye Fei did not use Rose Oil, the other oil he switched to turned out to be something just as amazing. To use such an oil to make a stir-fry is… just thinking about it made their stomach rumble like a great earthquake, ah!

Following the earthquake, a tsunami of gifts crashed across the screen.


The Silver Rankers.

“F*ck me, it’s another wave of rewards ah. Luxury planes, sports cars… just how much money had crossed this m*therf*cking screen, ah?”

“His fans are too reckless.”

“This Ye Fei’s ability to bullshit is too strong. It’s just some ordinary stir-fry but the way he hyped it up, it’s as though he was using ingredients taken from the heaven.”

“That brat is just a huge fake.”

“A big fat liar.”

“Curse it, how could such a sneaky person appear in the broadcasting world, ah? He’s a shame to the broadcasting community, ah.”

“However, you have to admit. His fans certainly seem to like this approach. Haven’t you noticed yet? All he had to do is introduce an ingredient and they immediately sent a wave of rewards at him.”

“Even you got to admit that his approach is pretty impactful, right?”

“… …”


After introducing the main ingredients and processing the onion, garlic and ginger, Ye Fei estimated that the pork belly was done marinating.

Next, without wasting words, he started the fire.

When the oil began to heat up and smoke rose from the wok, Ye Fei finally realised how unbelievably efficient the new cooker hood was. Not a single bit of smoke escaped the hood, it was all sucked away.

Ye Fei stared at the cooker hood with some emotion: Good things are really worth their weight in gold, ah.

Once the wok has heated up, he added the olive oil [4]. Once the oil has heated through, Ye Fei added ginger strips, garlic and Sichuan pepper into the wok. He stirred the aromatics until fragrant.

A pale yellow light emerged from the wok and flew away. A trace of a smile showed in the corner of Ye Fei’s mouth. The Ten Thousand Mile Fragrance skill has been activated.

“F*ck me, I can smell something fragrant.”

“Th- this is too amazing, ah. Just how is this happening?”

“Who cares? All daddy knows is that this fragrance is like super fragrant, ah.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Your sis. Hey, Upstairs, stop talking about that, ah! I’m getting hungry too.”

The channel was a riot of activity, but the atmosphere was unprecedentedly high.

Once the garlic and ginger were fragrant, Ye Fei threw the marinated pork belly into the pot.

This time, the fragrance that permeated the room was incredible. The aroma seemed to burst out from the wok and enveloped the room.

Gu lu~~

Ye Fei gave a bitter smile as he tossed the wok, even his own stomach could no longer stand it.

The viewers in the channel went crazy.

One after another, messages popped up. As for the wave of rewards, that had never really stopped. In fact, when the meat hit the wok, the number of rewards increased.

Right now dozens of luxury planes nyoomed across the screen. Sports cars appeared one after another as though they were in some sort of race. Motorcycles also joined in the fun. It was like the great exodus home for the Spring Festival. Lollipops, applause and flowers rained down endlessly. It was truly overwhelming.

Tasting Everything Under Heaven howled, “F*ck, I can’t see the screen again!!”

The eyes of the Silver Rankers nearly fell out of their heads. Firstly, they were amazed by how mad Ye Fei’s fans were. Secondly, they too could smell the aroma of what’s being cooked online.

“This… your mom, a ghost!” the first Silver Star broadcaster cried out, followed by a line of frightened face emojis.

“You smelled it too?”

“You too?”

“How can this be?”

“This is too fragrant, I’m actually hungry…”


Right this moment, at the QQ Platform, Fine Food Section’s office.

The bunch of statisticians here had long been shocked stupid.

As they sat in front of their computers, each of them stared and stared, wondering if there was something wrong with their eyes.

“The record… the record is about to be broken again,” Liu Ping, the person in charge of monitoring Ye Fei’s rewards was in shock. He could not believe the numbers in front of him. His mouth had dropped open so wide that he could easily fit 2 duck eggs in.

“Crazy, this is really crazy. Ye Fei’s fans are crazy, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”

“Luxury planes! More luxury planes!!”

“Luxury cruise ship! How many has there been?”

Feng Tianlai remained in his seat. He was truly shaken. Shaken as though he was in the middle of a magnitude 8 earthquake.

He thought: Did I just smell Deity Ye’s stir-fried pork? Was it a dream? Just what is happening? Is this some supernatural event? But… so what if it’s a supernatural event? This fragrance is too amazing, ah! I can almost taste the Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork. Even if a ghost were to stand in my way, I will march forth bravely just to taste it, ah!

Suddenly, Feng Tianlai’s hand seized the mouse…

Liu Ping, who was monitoring the reward statistics, suddenly exclaimed, “Supervisor! Y-y-y-you…”


[Gumihou: The information on the olive oil is so wildly inaccurate that… well, Gumi gets the feeling that the author is trolling us…]


[1] Expensive olive oil DO NOT come in clear bottles. It will come in an opaque bottle because light will degrade its quality

[2] …olive trees only grow up to 30 feet tall, after that, to get more fruit you should prune them regularly. Also, the tree trunks become kind of gnarly…

[3] Dude, no, that’s not… no. All those random words you just spouted just a marketing strategy to trick the uneducated to buy expensive oils.

[4] You know what the cardinal rule for super expensive, luxurious, peak-quality olive oil is?


Gumi screamed when Ye Fei throw the supposedly expensive olive oil into the wok. It was painful. If Ye Fei is in front of me, I would have pressed his face into a searing hot hot wok.

More Gumi Rant:

…trust me, you do NOT want to drink olive juice. The thing they call ‘olive juice’ is actually the brine the olives come in.

Also, olives do not make delicious juice. You don’t drink sesame seed juice or peanut juice, do you? These are the two other things pressed to make oil.

13 most expensive olive oils in the world. No. 1 has a history that’s older than China’s dynasty.

How to use expensive olive oil. Here’s a hint. DO NOT COOK WITH IT. It’s like making beef stew with Chateau Margaux. You will be murdered.

Gumi will murder you.,good%20fats%20into%20bad%20fats.%E2%80%9D

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