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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0056 – Give me a Dozen of These Fans

Chapter 56: Give Me 10 Dozens of These Fans

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou                                                     


After Ye Fei asked his question, DCB System said, “The ingredients have been prepared for Host. They are inside the pear wood cabinet.”

Ye Fei made his way to the wooden cabinet and saw that there were four different compartments on the cabinet. Three of them were labelled with: [1] Pork Belly, Green & Red Pepper, and Complementary Ingredients.

After knowing the ingredients, the next step was easy.

“Pork belly, red peppers and green peppers, these are the ingredients for a peasant style stir-fry, ah,” thought Ye Fei.

System, “Peasant-Style Stir-Fry – Level 2 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Pork Belly, Hot Peppers; Supplementary ingredients: Ginger, garlic, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, starch, salt, cooking wine, olive oil…”

Ye Fei nodded, he noted down the ingredients and went through the method for the Stir-fried Pork from the System before smiling and saying, “Everyone, today, I shall be making a Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork.”

“Yi~~ Deity Ye will be making a meat dish today?”

“A Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork? That’s not bad, I like those very much. There’s a stall at Zhou Ji Market near our place that serves one of the best Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork I had ever tasted.”

“The technical skills needed for Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork is pretty low, it’s basically a home-style dish. Plenty of people could make it.”

“Then again, the easier it is to make the more difficult it is to master. A chef’s skills are truly tested when it comes to making these so-called easy dishes. Moreover, as everyone knows, Deity Ye’s ingredients are all top quality things, ah.”

“I’m starting to look forward to this Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork, ah.”

“Me too, daddy likes meat most. The thought of meat alone makes my mouth water.”

“I, too, look forward to this dish. However, right now I’m mostly curious about Deity Ye’s kitchen. It’s different from the one before. This one is much more beautiful. Moreover, take a look at the things on the shelves, don’t they give off a rather heavy and majestic impression?”

“F*ck me, you’re right. I like this new kitchen.”

“Haha, what’s the use of liking a kitchen, ah, Upstairs? I still like Deity Ye’s cooking best.”

“Hei, enough you guys, it’s about to start.”

Ye Fei had no idea what the viewers were chatting about. He had already opened the compartment for the Pork Belly and saw a piece of red and white, gorgeously layered pork belly.

When he picked up the pork, information about the meat appeared in his mind.

“Copper Mountain Pine Forest Pork, has anyone heard of it?” Ye Fei lifted the piece of gorgeous pork belly for the viewers to inspect.

“Copper Mountain Pine Forest Pork?” I Am a Foodie repeated, “I’ve never heard of this one. Deity Ye, surely this is not some simple pork belly, right? I say, fellow brothers, have any of you ever heard of this? If so, come up and explain it to us.”

Suddenly, a fan called [2] Firecracker Not Cracker jumped out with a line of shocked face emojis before following it up with, “Copper Mountain Pine Forest Pork? F*ck me, is this for real?”

“Firecracker, you know this pork?”

Firecracker Not Cracker said, “Of course I know, ah. This is very famous to us northeasterners. Copper Mountain has the most pine forests and when the pines are ripe and fell to the ground, all sorts of animals would feed on the pine cones. According to legend, an old farmer was struck by the brilliant idea after seeing these pine cones and released the few hundred pigs he was raising into the mountain to eat these pine cones. These cones were so rich in nutrients that the pigs grew fat very quickly. Also, because the cones contain a lot of natural oil, the pigs that ate these pine cones, their lard will develop a very delicate pine-like fragrance.

Also, these pigs lived free range on the mountains all year long looking for pine cones and their muscles are more developed. This means their lean meat could be very tough. However, if the timing and temperature control are done properly, their lean meat could be very tender and delicious, yet nicely chewy at the same time. Let me say this first, this is the best pork in the world. Though I have no idea whether it had been used as a tribute to emperors, I can say that this kind of pork is qualified to be served at the royal table!”

Firecracker Not Cracker did not stop here, he continued to talk about growth rate, feeding methods and other trivia related to these pigs. Everyone on the channel was stunned silly.

“F*ck me, this pork has such a great reputation?”

“As soon as Deity Ye brought out the pork belly, I knew it can’t be ordinary. Just look at the colour on it. The lean parts are red and tender, the fat white as snow. Did you see how it just trembles on Deity Ye’s hands? That just shows how tender it is, ah.”

“Deity Ye is Deity Ye, he is still as lavish as ever. This ingredient is truly out of this world.”

“I want to eat it.”

“Upstairs, it’s not cooked yet. It’s still raw.”

“I’d like to eat it raw.”

“F*ck me, it certainly looked tasty enough. I don’t mind having a lick.”

While the others were chatting with each other, 2 luxury planes nyoomed across the screen.

“Foodie Bro, you’ve started?”

“For such an incredible ingredient, how can I not pay my respects? 2 planes to show my sincerity.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven laughed, he also sent out 2 planes, “Good things come in pairs, count me in.”

Tao Tie sent up a smiling emoji before he too sent out 2 luxury planes.

This time, Firecracker Not Cracker, perhaps shaken by Ye Fei’s pork belly, also sent out 2 planes.

Now that the big players have sent out their gifts, the others did not have to be told to begin their assault.

Soon, small items such as lollipops, applause and flowers mingled with luxury planes to create a storm of gift items.

The group of Silver Rankers were shocked silly once more.

“This is truly shocking, ah. Are his fans always so free with their money?”

“This is really eye-opening. Although we are Silver Rankers, we still have to politely ask the fans for rewards, ah. Some days, I feel like I’m begging money from my grandpas and grandmas, but this guy? All he did was took out a piece of pork and the rewards started pouring in.”

“Luxury planes, ah. I counted them just now. I think there were about 12 or 13 of them, ah.”

“Are these people insane? A single plane is worth HX¥5,000, they just spent it without blinking.”

“I’d like 10 dozens of this kind of arrogant fans, ah. So envious…”

The entire mob were very envious and jealous.

Since Ye Fei did not see Firecracker Not Cracker introduce the pork belly, he also gave an introduction. It was largely similar to Firecracker Not Cracker’s introduction, but just a little more detailed.

After that, he placed the pork belly on the cutting board, picked up a bright, stainless steel knife from the knife holder and quickly cut the pork belly into thin slices. Next, he took out a small china bowl from the cabinet. He placed the sliced pork belly into the bowl, dusted the meat with starch and roughly mixed it until the starch was incorporated into the meat. Next, he added soy sauce, salt, and half a spoon of cooking wine, mixed and placed to the side to be marinated. Ye Fei went to the cabinet once again and took out five peppers.

There were 2 types of peppers, red and green. The green peppers were long and thin. These were called Long Green Peppers [3], also known as Thread Peppers, with medium-level spiciness.

The red peppers were comparatively larger and rounder, with much thicker flesh. Not only were these not spicy, but they tasted somewhat sweet too. These meaty peppers are called Bell Peppers.

Ye Fei began his introduction, “These Thread Peppers are a speciality product of Zhongguan Plains (lol, see Note 3a). They are richer in nutrients and tastier than other types of peppers. They are not as spicy as Xichuan Peppers, but are more fragrant than ordinary peppers. They are the first choice of peppers when it comes to Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork.”

“The Red Bell Peppers are a speciality product from the Southern Guandong Province with thick flesh. Its slightly sweet taste complements the spicier Thread Peppers in the Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork best.”

Even as he introduced the ingredients, Ye Fei was already slicing the green chillies and red bell peppers into long pieces.

I Am a Foodie gave a bitter smile, “Moreover, these are wild grown ingredients, ah. Deity Ye is truly a man with great connections, ah. Top quality ingredients like these were things we have heard, but have never seen with our own eyes, let alone taste. To think you can get your hands on these things so easily.”

Tao Tie said, “When it comes to Deity Ye’s broadcast, everything else aside, the ingredients alone were enough for me to open my eyes. Plane! I must send up some planes!”

This fellow was prepared to spend 100,000 today. Therefore, he confidently tossed out two luxury planes.

I Am a Foodie and Tasting Everything Under Heaven followed suit, and the other fans flooded the screen with wave after wave of gift items.

When the mob of Silver Rankers saw this, they were completely speechless. This way of gifting rewards is too fast, too costly and too impressive, ah. It just makes other people jealous.

“Although I do not understand what is so great about the ingredients used by Ye Fei, but the way these people went crazy over them, they must be something incredible.”

“It’s just some peppers growing in the wild and pigs that ate pine cones. My heavens, ah, just how did he get these kinds of fans, ah?”


“Curious +1”


… …


Next, Ye Fei opened the cabinet drawer for the Supplementary Ingredients section. This time, he found a bottle of olive oil in it. [1]

When the viewers saw the bottle of oil, everyone became interested.

“Yi~? Deity Ye won’t be using Rose Oil today?”

“Well, since he has changed the oil, I guess it’s fine? Wow~ the oil is such a rich golden colour.”

“No, wait, why do I get the impression that the oil has a green tinge to it?”

“This oil, I can see its viscosity through the bottle, the way it flows…”

“F*ck me. Upstairs, you can even see that? What kind of eyes do you have?”

“That bottle of oil doesn’t look simple, ah. It looks like some kind of top-quality clarified oil.”

Just then, I Am Foodie suddenly sent out this message:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Natural Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Gumihou: I can’t wait to read the bullshittery behind this All Natural Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also, I’d have respected Ye Fei a bit more if he had used a carbon steel knife instead of stainless steel.]


Recipe for Peasant-Style Stir-Fried Pork:


[1] Some small adjustments

[2] 山炮不是炮 – is literally, Artillery Not Dry Frying, however, it’s not quite as punny as Firecracker Not Cracker. It follows the ‘Food’ + ‘Not Food’ pun.

[3] Name of peppers 线椒 – ‘String Peppers’ or 线线椒 – ‘Stringy Peppers’

Interestingly enough, 线线椒 actually exists.

The description of this real ingredient is almost as magical as a fantasy ingredient, lol.

线线辣椒盛产于 关中地区的渭河平原,在渭河水的滋养下,营养丰富,少了四川朝天椒的辛辣,比普通的辣椒多了些浑厚的香味。由于形状细长,因此被当地人称之为“线线辣椒”

Stringy Peppers are grown in abundance in the Guanzhong plain in Shannxi, near the valley of River Wei. Nourished by the waters of River Wei, it lacked the spiciness of Sichuan’s Chilli Peppers but has a more honest and robust fragrance compared to ordinary types. Thanks to its long and thin appearance, it is often described by the locals as “Stringy Peppers”

[a] In this fantasy world the Thread Peppers are from ‘Zhongguan’ plains, a direct flip of ‘Guanzhong plains’

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