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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0049 – Delicate & Stubborn Woman

Chapter 49: Delicate & Stubborn Woman

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou 


You’re a person with a background. Sorry, sorry, I forgot.

From He Peng’s point of view, of all the nonsense that sprouted from Ye Fei’s mouth, nothing hit as hard as that final remark. That’s because Ma Cuihua had just introduced him barely a few minutes ago, but already this guy had forgotten?

Are you saying that you don’t take me seriously at all?

“Heheh, it’s fine if you forgot. So long as you remember it later. That’s right, today, I have been invited by Uncle Ma and Auntie Ma mostly to see Ma Cuihua. To be honest, though we cannot be considered childhood friends, we have still grown up together.”

At this, He Peng cast a tender look at Ma Cuihua, “Cuihua, after all these years, can you still not understand my heart? However, it doesn’t matter. Today, before Uncle and Auntie, I wish to solemnly express my regard for you. Won’t you be my girlfriend? Once we are together, our business would naturally combine and in the future, our families would be the most powerful in the whole of Yin Zhou and we shall hold our heads up high from the rest.”

He Peng’s words were as sincere and gentle as water.

Right now, everyone turned to look at Ma Cuihua.

Ye Fei was also studying her closely. Although he had no idea what Ma Cuihua was thinking, he was very interested to know how she would answer this rich second generation.

[1] When He Peng made his little speech, Ye Fei noticed that there was no particular change in Ma Cuihua’s expression. However, when He Peng reached the part about combining their business together, anger showed on her face.

As expected, once He Peng was done with his heartfelt little speech, Ma Cuihua said coldly, “He Peng, apologies but I do not wish to tie my happiness with this so-called business success. Although I, Ma Cuihua, am no fairy, I am still a woman with my own thoughts and feelings. What I want is a man who could love me and not treat me as a tool to do business with my father.

Your words just now disappointed me greatly, therefore, I shall never agree to any arrangements with you. Moreover, let me tell you clearly, from now onwards any talks of getting together is impossible. Therefore, I trouble you and Father to never bring this matter up again. If you and Father wish to do business, go ahead. You may show your sincerity in other ways. Don’t you think it’s shameless to hold two people’s happiness hostage for the sake of making more money?”


Ye Fei could not resist privately giving Ma Cuihua 32 ‘likes’.

He had not expected this Ma Cuihua, this loud and seemingly carefree woman, to be so stubborn yet delicate. Her words just now were just too beautifully arranged. Did you see how green He Peng’s face is now?

As expected, once M Cuihua grew angry, He Peng quickly tried to appease her by saying, “Cuihua, that is not what I meant. My meaning is, with our families working together, when I inherit DD Technology in the future, you will also inherit Uncle’s business. The two of us are simply the perfect match, ah. No one will take a loss in this match.”

“He Peng, do shut up. If you keep talking like that don’t blame me for becoming hostile. In the future, I, Ma Cuihua, will never speak to you again. Also, one other thing. I may be Ma Qingyun’s daughter, however, that does not mean I will inherit his business for sure. He is he and I am me. Please make sure to think before you speak,” Ma Cuihua was so angry that her entire body trembled slightly as she said this.

Seeing her daughter getting angry, Zhao Lizhi quickly tried to soothe her, “Cuihua, what He Peng said is not wrong. The business that your father nearly worked himself to death to build up, wasn’t it so that you can easily inherit it in the future?”

Ma Cuihua flashed a glance at her mother. She shook her head and said, “Mother, why are you like this? You should also know that I have absolutely no interest in my father’s business.”


“There is no ‘but’ about it. I believe that my father would not force me into something I don’t like, right? Father?” This time, Ma Cuihua turned her fiery eyes at Ma Qingyun.

Ma Qingyun smiled bitterly. He sighed and said, “Enough about that. My daughter has her own thoughts and ideas, therefore I shall not force the matter. Xiao Peng, ah, you have seen it yourself. While we the parents are very invested in this relationship, in the end, it all depends on my daughter. If she doesn’t agree, I cannot force her. Therefore, I have to trouble you to inform your father not to bring up the matter anymore.”

When Ma Qingyun said this, He Peng’s expression changed a few times but this guy’s control over his emotion was not bad. In the end, he smiled brightly and said, “I understand, Uncle Ma. I will inform my father. Since Cuihua has no feelings for me, I can’t force the matter either. However, since the matter is like this, looks like we can no longer cooperate. As people in the same industry, we can only greet each other as competitors.”

Ma Qingyun frowned. Hearing the faint threat in He Peng’s words, he harrumphed and said, “If we are competitors, we are competitors. I, Ma Qingyun, can no longer remember just how many competitors I have collected in my life. What is one more or less? Let’s not speak of the matter anymore. Come now, Lizhi, inform the waiter to serve up the dishes. Let’s eat. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a meal with my daughter.”

Seeing that Ma Qingyun had dropped the matter about her daughter and He Peng, Zhao Lizhi looked like she wanted to say something but was afraid of provoking her daughter. The last time their daughter had run away from home was precisely because of this matter. After so long, she finally managed to arrange a meeting. If she caused her daughter to lose faith one more time, who knows when they would meet next?

Therefore, she also smiled and said,” Yes, yes, we should eat. Cuihua, ah. Your father ordered all your favourite dishes today, you should eat a little more. Look how thin you are.”

Ye Fei, who had accidentally overheard the last bit nearly laughed out loud.

Oh, please! Ma Cuihua, thin? From head to toe, every bit of her is bigger than me, you know?

Now that Ma Qingyun had cut off the day’s main topic entirely, no other topic was brought up. However, this also meant that this meal had completely lost its purpose.

When the food came, He Peng merely ate a little before he stood up and said his goodbyes.

Once he left, there was only Ma Qingyun’s family of three and Ye Fei in the room.

As someone who had worked at Milky Way Pavilion before, Ye Fei was very familiar with the dishes served. Seeing that Ma Qingyun had ordered all of Milky Way Pavilion signature dishes, this fellow did not stand on courtesy and happily helped himself to the food. His chopsticks never stopped moving.

He had no idea how the others felt about this meal, but he was very satisfied with today’s food.

A little over an hour of eating later, the four people finally left Milky Way Pavilion.

Ma Qingyun and wife wanted Ma Cuihua to come home, but Ma Cuihua still chose to return to her own residence.

Ma Qingyun and Zhao Lizhi had no choice but to concede. Finally, Ma Qingyun looked at Ye Fei, “Are you really my daughter’s boyfriend?”

Ye Fey rubbed his nose, a little embarrassed, “Just a friend who happens to be a boy.”

“Oh, I see. Even so, it’s rare for men and women to have a pure relationship. You have some potential in you, but still haven’t achieved my personal requirements. If you wish to go after my daughter, I’m afraid you’re not quite there yet. However, I am somewhat optimistic about you. I hope you won’t let me down.”

Ye Fei, “… no, Uncle, I think you’ve mistaken me. I have no such thoughts towards Sister Ma. We are merely ordinary friends. Therefore, I promise that our relationship is perfectly pure.”

Ma Qingyun merely smiled and moved to his car.

Zhao Lizhi spoke to Ma Cuihua a little longer before following her husband.

Once the two left, Ye Fei finally turned to look at Ma Cuihua. He said, “In the future, if you want me to help you, please explain things properly, alright? Do you know that I nearly hit your mother’s head with stones?”

Ma Cuihua glared at Ye Fei, “If you dare hit her, this auntie would have killed you.”

Ye Fei, “… …”


[Gumihou: This fellow’s appetite is great, lol]


[1] Some small adjustments


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