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Higher Level Wife – 070 – Mid-Autumn

Chapter 70: Mid-Autumn

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou



Jin Fengju blew gently on his tea to cool it down. He took his time to think before saying, “I am not worried about your studies. Your mother has supervised your education very well all this time. I only wish to know one thing. Has anyone bullied you at the clan school today?”

When Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao shook their heads, he smiled, “Good, I was afraid that those little bastards who didn’t know better would bully my Feng’er and Jiao’er. I’m relieved to hear that this did not happen.”

After nibbling on some more soybeans and peanuts, he stood up and said, “I shall not stay here tonight. I will be visiting the Old Ancestor next. Do you have any more of these good things? If you do, let me bring some to her.”

“What good things? Do you plan to fool Old Madam with these things? I blush in shame on her behalf for having such a grandson,” Fu Qiuning said half-jokingly.

Jin Fengju laughed, “The Old Ancestor lived a rich and noble life. What good thing has not passed her eyes? On the contrary, it is these little things that will please her most. That’s right, are the clothes for the Mid-Autumn Banquet ready? You are not allowed to wear half new used clothes there or I shall lose face and be accused of being a wolf-hearted dog-lunged [1] person who tossed my first wife and children aside to fend for themselves.”

Fu Qiuning thought: Didn’t you, though? If Feng’er and Jiao’er had not unexpectedly exceeded your expectations, I would have been divorced by now, right? As for the children, who knew to which village they would have been tossed to by your good self.

Whenever she thought about it, Jin Fengju’s previous behaviour has left her with cold teeth and a cold heart [2]. Therefore, no matter how much this person appeared gentle, considerate, and affectionate, or how cheerful and happy he was in her courtyard, Fu Qiuning could never let go of her wariness against him, let alone cultivate any real feelings for this temperamental man.

“It is all done,” despite her misgivings, she remained humble and respectful on the surface.

Just then, Aunt Yu came in with a box of boiled young soybeans and peanuts. Jin Fengju checked its contents and, seeing that it was sufficiently full, nodded. He smiled at Fu Qiuning, “Looks like Aunt Yu is more generous. If it was you, I’d be lucky to take half a box with me.”

“You eat our food, yet still wish to negotiate with me?” Fu Qiuning said through a forced smile as she sent Jin Fengju to the gate.

She watched until his back disappeared in the afterglow of the sunset before turning to Aunt Yu, “It is nearly time to make dinner. Go and make the arrangements. There’s still a bit of hemming to do, I shall be done with them soon.”

“Yes, this maid shall prepare dinner. As for the hem, this maid can finish it after dinner. There is not much left to sew,” said Aunt Yu before leaving for the kitchen.

As for Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao, with their bellies filled with beans and peanuts, they obediently returned to the study to review their homework. For a while, Night Breeze Pavilion was very peaceful.


In the blink of an eye, it was already time for the Mid-Autumn Banquet.

Early that morning, Old Madam Jin had someone invite the people from Night Breeze Pavilion over. When Luo Cui saw how busy Fu Qiuning, Aunt Yu and Yu Jie were, she laughed and said, “So busy? Old Madam intended to have Madam and the twins come over now. Since you are still so busy, this maid shall inform Old Madam that you will arrive in the afternoon. However,  please do not delay beyond that. This maid is afraid that Old Madam will personally come and invite Madam.”

Fu Qiuning quickly thanked Luo Cui and said she wouldn’t dare to delay. Luo Cui then smiled and left, taking a packet of Yu Jie’s freshly made osmanthus flower cake with her.

Since they had to attend the family banquet that evening, Yu Jie prepared a simple meal of rice and Stir-fried Autumn Cucumber with Eggs. Since they were expecting a large meal that evening, it was fine not to eat until they were full. Fu Qiuning hastily informed the twins not to mention this in front of the Old Madam. After all, they could not afford to make that person lose face. After the simple lunch, the family changed their clothes and set off cheerfully.

This time, they found Jin Ming waiting for them alone outside of Yong Cui Garden. He smiled when the group came out and came over to greet them. Jin Changfeng said, “Jin Ming, we have already gone there once and know the way now, so why did father send you over again?”

Jin Ming glanced at Fu Qiuning. Seeing her calm yet slightly interested expression, he could not help the tiny laughter that escaped him and said, “According to Master, this directionally challenged person must traverse the same route several times before they would know how to get to a place on their own. This is only Madam, Young Master and Young Miss’s second time visiting Health & Longevity Court. Therefore, you might not know the way yet. Master is still at the imperial court, therefore, he had specially ordered this servant to return earlier and escort Madam, Young Master and Young Miss.”

Fu Qiuning nearly tripped and fell on her face. She thought: How wonderful. This time, I’ve lost face before the steward too.

She was in the middle of stewing over the humiliation when Jin Changfeng asked, “The imperial court? Is Father standing before the emperor? When will he return?”

“Who knows?” Jin Ming grinned, “It all depends on the emperor, ah. However, today is Mid-Autumn and the emperor is wise. Therefore, he would not keep the Young Marquis too long.”

Fu Qiuning’s heart jumped as she lightly asked, “If Lord Husband sent you back, does he have any trusted people beside him? To hold him back at such a time, does the emperor have some urgent task for him? Surely it is not yet another errand that would have him rush about outside?” She never used to pay attention to such things. However, ever since Jin Fengju insinuated that Prince Hong might be losing his power soon, she could not help but be a little concerned. She guessed that this feeling must have been due to some residual feelings left by the original owner of this body towards Zhenjiang Palace.

“How would there be none? Master has quite a few capable people around him. It’s just that these days, Master tends to bring this one with him more often when he visits Night Breeze Pavilion, which is why Madam has not seen the others.” Jin Ming cheerfully revealed this to Fu Qiuning. “His Majesty has been feeling very happy these days and even praised Prince Rong’s diligence a few days ago. The prince had grown more mature and stable over the years and is now worthy to take on greater responsibilities now. The emperor had Young Marquis and His Highness stay at the palace for lunch. They likely have not left the palace yet.

In a word, His Majesty is in a cheerful mood today. This servant only feared that Prince Rong would also pull the Young Marquis to his palace after lunch and will only let him go at twilight at the earliest.”

Fu Qiuning nodded. She thought: Has the Emperor fully made up his mind to make Prince Rong the crown prince? Otherwise, he would not have used the words ‘’worthy to take on greater responsibilities”. Although this phrase may be used to praise talented people, when used to describe a royal prince, there was no way it would not make people think twice. However, hasn’t Prince Lie been in the limelight lately? The Emperor appeared to favour him over Prince Rong and Prince Hong, but then again, the Emperor was not on his death bed yet, and positions could still be reshuffled again.

As she continued to ponder, she could not help but think back to those TV shows back in her modern days. She remembered how Emperor Kangxi delayed the appointment of the next crown prince after abolishing the second crown prince. It was only after his sons had exposed their true natures before him that he finally selected Yongzheng to be the next emperor. This Yongzheng kept his sharpness hidden and did his work properly. Fu Qiuning shivered: Surely this emperor would not be like Emperor Kangxi and bait his sons with his words, only to watch them compete with cold eyes, right?”

She could not help but felt that the politics of this era was just too dark and scary, ah! Then again… women in her position, the trapped hothouse flowers of noble houses, had nothing to do with the politics of this world. Moreover, Jin Fengju was not the sort who would not understand these palace intrigues. Therefore, she relaxed a little and privately tried to breathe calmly when a burst of laughter interrupted her thoughts. She looked up and found that they were right outside Health & Longevity Court.

They hastily stepped in and found that the entire female side of the marquisate family was already gathered inside. As soon as the ladies saw Fu Qiuning, Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao, several people came forward and greeted them with false warmth.

The Old Madam called Fu Qiuning forward to say, “When the curtains lifted just now, I saw someone that looked like Jin Ming. Has Fengju returned? Why have you not let him come see me?”

Fu Qiuning laughed, “If the Young Marquis has returned, what could stop him from greeting Old Ancestor first? Unfortunately, he has not yet returned. Jin Ming was sent by the Young Marquis to assist Second Old Master. I heard that the emperor held a banquet for his subjects and the Young Marquis is required to attend along with Prince Rong. It is unclear when he will return.”

She did not mention anything about being so directionally challenged that Jin Fengju had specially sent someone to guide her party. Aside from being too shameful, who knew how much hate and jealousy she would attract.

“Oh, so His Majesty held another banquet, ah.” The Old Madam nodded, her gaze moving to stare out the window. In a soft voice, she said, “Ever since his grandfather was appointed as Marquis, our family had been favoured by the imperial family. However, although imperial favour is good, there are times when it is best to withdraw and retreat from the light, ah. Being too outstanding is like pouring oil onto a roaring fire. One could accidentally burn themselves. Won’t that kind of pain be too shattering?”

Suddenly, she shook herself, seemingly remembering that saying such things on such a day would be too inauspicious. She hastily buried her emotions with a laugh and continued, “I am getting old, what am I saying on such a day? How awkward, ah.”

Fu Qiuning smiled back and said, “It is not awkward, Old Ancestor has foresight, and being far-sighted in times of peace is good. The Young Marquis’s lofty achievements today must be due to him being educated by yourself and the Elder Madam.” After a quick look around, she lightly changed the subject. “What happened to that large partition screen? Here I thought I felt like something was missing in this room, and it turned out that partition screen is not here.”

Old Madam Jin smiled, “There are more people for today’s banquet than during the Dragon Boat Festival. The room would inevitably be crowded, therefore I had them put it away. Doesn’t the room look much brighter?”

Fu Qiuning naturally echoed the praise. When she saw Jiang Wanying coming, she went elsewhere, and after talking to some other women of the clan, she sat down in some unobtrusive corner. As for Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao, they were outside playing with some of the clan children.

Suddenly, they heard someone calling from outside, “The Young Master is entering.”

Fu Qiuning raised her eyes to the door and saw Jin Fengju enter, wearing an autumn-coloured [3] shirt, draped in lake green satin cloak and coming into the room on elegant steps. As the people in the room surged forward, his cloak was untied and greetings were made. It really did look like a bunch of stars circling around the moon. However, she noticed Jin Fengju’s eyes casting around the crowd for something.

She stepped back in a slight panic, turning away to speak to a daughter-in-law from a branch side of the clan. She knew that she could not avoid being seen by that person. However, so long as he does not do something as stupid as shouting ‘Qiuning’ in public, it would be fine. She was well and truly fed up with everyone’s attention.

Jin Fengju also had no idea what came over him. He seemingly did not realise his inappropriate actions. It’s just… the moment he stepped into the room, his eyes began to subconsciously search for Fu Qiuning. He had already caught sight of the twins in the courtyard outside and was certain that she was here.

Sure enough, after sweeping his gaze across the room twice, he found her chatting to someone in the most inconspicuous corner. He could not help but secretly snicker. However, he also understood why Fu Qiuning had done this and withdrew his glance.

Right then, he heard Old Madam Jin call him over and he quickly walked up to her to say, “Old Ancestor looks really good today. As someone who enjoys a lively atmosphere, you must be happy to have so many people here today.”

He took a seat as he spoke and took a sip from the cup of tea he received from Cai Yun.


[Gumihou: Right, just stay in your corner, sir]


Pill Bug TL Notes:


[1]        A Chinese idiom, means “as vicious as a wolf or wild dog”


[2]        Another Chinese idiom, means “sighing so much even your teeth become cold. It describes lamenting about something sad or emotionally painful.”


[3]        Yellow-green  (not brown-red like autumn maple leaves!):


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    At this point, guy has no right to act the part of a besotted husband in public until he has a better grip of his harem’s antics. And more importantly, make up for all the years of neglect he committed to her and the twins. Asides from her personal sensibilities as a modern day woman, she’s also understandably resentful from the hardship they had to endure until they caught his attention.

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