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Tondemo Skill – 390 – Sui’s Special Intermediate Level Potion

Chapter 390: Sui’s Special Intermediate Level Potion

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

So, we have 2 new speaking characters here. Leather Armour and Robed Man aka Lumier and Jeremiah.

I’ll just… adjust their dialogues according to their possible characteristics, which vaguely showed up in the latter part of the chapter. [9]


[8] I recalled back to the first time we visited Carenina. There was an Adventurer who was on the verge of dying from a Wyvern attack, wasn’t there? I can’t remember the details aside from him being badly injured and the people around him making a fuss about it, though I can’t remember if he had been poisoned.

[8] Sui’s special potion fixed him up though.

““Hey Fer, are Wyvern’s attacks poisonous?”” [5] [3] I asked through telepathy.

“”Umu, yes,””

[5a] “”I guess Sui’s potion could easily cure something like a paralytic poison,”” I mused.

[8] I have used Sui’s potion on human diseases before and… I think the potion I used at Carenina was an Advanced Potion? I really can’t remember anymore. Still, that Adventurer guy was really badly injured while this one was only hit by a paralytic poison, so…

“Anyway, I don’t have any anti-paralytic potion with me, but I do carry some all-purpose antidotes. Would you like to try it?”

“Wait, for real? There’s such thing as an all-purpose antidote? [6] But, isn’t that kind of rare and…”

[9] “It doesn’t matter,” cut in the man wearing robes. He was clearly the leader and looked like some kind of magic user. “Our party is still new and we have finally ranked up. We can’t afford to lose our reputation, especially since we only have 3 people.”

[9] The robed man looked at me and said, “I would be very grateful if you could spare us the potion.”

[4] “Sure,” I said, handing Sui’s Intermediate Potion over.


The two of them hurried over to their friend. While the swordsman supported the injured guy, the magic user poured a portion of Sui’s potion on the arm. I leaned over to take a look and immediately regretted it.

The injured Adventurer’s arm had turned black and red from the Forest Scorpion’s attack. It looked kind of infected too… eww…

Luckily, however, Sui’s potion soon fixed that up. A small trickle of the potion was enough to close the wound and in a blink of an eye, the skin colour had turned from horribly discoloured to a more normal tone.


“Ughhh….” [3] the injured man opened his eyes.

“Oh, you’re up!” [3] the swordsman cried out.

“Here,” [3] said the robed man, “drink this.”

[6] I watched avidly.

[6] So that’s how you’d use a potion…

[8] Soon, the injured man was sitting up and looked like he could take on the world again.


“This potion is kind of incredible,” said the swordsman.

“It is…” the robed man said. [5b] [2] He turned to me, “Excuse me, thank you for your help. We would pay for this potion, of course.” He looked a little worried but determined.

“Ah, that,” they wanted to pay me? What should I do now? “Er, it’s 1 gold per potion.”

The robed man paused, “1 gold? That’s… very reasonable.”

“That’s bloody cheap!” the swordsman cried. “Not only did it clear the poison out but also heal wounds! Most potion only does one thing or other.”

“What my friend said is correct,” said the robed man. “1 gold is too little for such a potion, please take at least 2 gold for it.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” I said.

“No, no, we insist,” said the robed man.

“Yes! Please take our money!” cried the swordsman. “In fact, if you could spare us more, we’ll buy those too!”


[9] [8] In the end, I ended up taking 2 gold per Intermediate Level Potion. The two of them took out as much money as they could spare to buy as many, ahem, All-Purpose Antidote from me. I mean, I can’t say that these potions are really ‘Sui’s Special Intermediate Level Potion’, right?

Still, since Sui could make as much potion as I wanted, I felt a little bad aboout taking their money for it.

On the other hand…

[4] “Thank you very much for coming to our aid,” said the robed man. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeremiah. The swordsman is Lumier and Ryuk is our scout. We’re the [Trickster] party.”

[4] “We’re on our way to the Royal Capital on an escort mission,” [7] said Lumier cheerfully.

[9] “Hello, I’m Mukouda. I’m an Adventurer too, S Rank. Haha,” I said a little awkwardly.

All three looked very surprised.

“Wow! No wonder you have such great potions. As expected of an S Ranker. We’re so lucky to meet you,” [3] was Lumier’s enthusiastic remark.

[4] [8] “Indeed, I am very grateful,” said Ryuk. “I don’t wish to drag down my party.” [6] He looked at the pile of dead Giant Forest Scorpion and muttered, “It’s strange to encounter Giant Forest Scorpions here…”

[5] [6] “We’ll have to report this matter to the Guild when we reach the Royal Capital,” said Jeremiah.

[6] “Yeah, some other people could get hurt and might not be as lucky as us,” Lumier sounded oddly serious. [5c] [10]

A sound from the carriage alerted us. The people there were waving, Lumier waved back.

“Well, that’s our cue to go,” Ryuk leapt to his feet. “Woah, that potion’s really great. I feel as good as new!”

“Thank you again for letting us purchase the potions,” said Jeremiah solemnly.

“Ah, no, no, I’m glad you find it useful,” there was no way I could tell them that I could get these potions for free from Sui…

““Oi! Isn’t it time to go?””

Fer was so cross that his mental voice was very loud in my head.

“”Dungeon! We have the dungeon to gooo!”” Dora-chan zoomed around our heads.

“Well, looks like your familiars are rather impatient,” commented Jeremiah.

“Ahaha, well, we’re on our way to the dungeon…”

“Is that so? Well, we won’t keep you any longer. Anyway, we’re usually at the Royal Capital. If you happen to drop by, we can take you around,” said Lumier.

“Oh, thank you very much!” It’s always nice to have a local guide when you’re in a strange place.

“No, no, we should be the one thanking you,”

“No, no,”


Fer punctuated this with a growl.

“Ahh, looks like we should be on our way, lots to do, carriages to escort! Bye!” Ryuk the scout, probably the most sensitive to the atmosphere of them all, pulled his two companions away.

“… …”

Anyway, once the [Trickster] party and the carriage were gone, there was only us and a pile of dead Giant Forest Scorpions left.

A quick [Appraisal] told me that the poison sacs and carapaces of these monsters could be sold for money, so I put them into my [Item Box] careful not to touch anything that might look poisonous.


Hmm, the scout, Ryuk said that he had never seen these Giant Forest Scorpions in this area before. [2] I wonder what they’re doing here? Had they been chased by out something?

Surely, it can’t be that? [5c]

“Oi, what are doing spacing out there? Grab on.” [5]

“Woah, wha-”

I found myself tossed onto Fer’s back and instinctively grabbed onto his fur.

[9] “Oi! Don’t suddenly throw me onto your back like that!”

“”Hahahah! Don’t fall off~~!””

Dora-chan crowed as he zipped overhead.

Ugh, these damned flyers…

“”Aruji~ I’m hungry~”” [5]

“Ah, Sui-tan-” [5]

Umu, I’m hungry too. However, we should move quickly and get to the dungeon as soon as possible.” [5] [5]

“Wait, are you actually postponing a meal to go to the dungeon!!?”

I was scandalised.


[Gumihou: It’s only ‘possible characteristics’ because Eguchi Ren’s dialogues, what little of them, were kind of generic…]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

According to what they said, it seems that the forest scorpion is a monster that you don’t usually see around here. In the first place, there wasn’t even any talk about there being poisonous monsters out here, so it’s understandable that they didn’t have any anti-poison medicines with them.

The appearance of the Giant Forest Scorpion here may mean that it could happen again in the future. So basically, they were really glad they had found me and that I had these potions made by Sui.

Gumihou is speechless by the incredibly dull text.

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now

[a] Delete question about which poison is more poisonous, because Adventurer is only hit by a paralytic. Don’t be a numpty.

[b] Deleted scene where M kept talking to himself about how he must absolutely not reveal the fact that the potions were made by Sui

[c] Replaced info vomit with foreshadow hints.

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Give better details re Carenina and potion use

[9] Adjust dialogue so the characters don’t sound like they had been written by AI

[10] Adjusted the parting scene to make it look more natural. Also, what happened next.


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