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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0043 – Cuihua, I Wish to Move Out

Chapter 43: Cuihua, I Wish to Move Out

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)

Translated by Gumihou



Ye Fei was very curious about Ma Cuihua’s sudden decision to change her bold and violent knocking style to something much gentler.

However, he was even more curious about what Ma Cuihua was doing in front of his door. Was it to reprimand him? Unlikely, most people in this building would have gone off to work during the day, so there would be no one to hear him if he made a scene. The rent? But he had already paid up and his next payment won’t be due in another month, ah. So what is this woman doing here?

With his belly filled with curiosity, Ye Fei opened the door.

Beyond the door, Ma Cuihua stood with her hands on her hips. She was the very image of ‘I am angry’.

“Cough, cough, Sister Ma, is there something you need?” Ye Fei asked with an ingratiating smile.

Ma Cuihua shoved past Ye Fei and stepped into his room.

Off balanced by Ma Cuihua’s sudden attack, Ye Fei struggled to stay upright. Looks like this woman was still as bold and violent as before, ah. Can’t you be gentler? Why don’t you take a look at your figure and act accordingly? Even if you’re not as strong as an ox, your push alone is close to a hundred jin strong, ah. I could be pushed to pieces, you know?

After stepping into his room, Ma Cuihua pulled up Ye Fei’s shabby little stool and sat down. She crossed one leg over the other and stared at him, “Let me tell you again, I don’t know when you started suffering from intermittent madness, however, so long as you stayed at this aunt’s place, you need to suffer in silence. Understand?”

Ye Fei, “… …”

Who’s suffering from madness, ah? You’re mad. Your whole family is mad!

This woman, her mouth gets more poisonous the more he gets to know her, ah. Can’t she say something nice once in a while?

“Sister Ma, you must have misunderstood something. I don’t have intermittent madness…”

“When why do you suddenly start talking to yourself when you’re alone?”

“I… cough, cough, sometimes, I felt a bit depressed from the pressures of society and, knowing there is no one around to be disturbed, I occasionally shout to vent my feelings…”

“That’s not normal, ah. Normal people won’t suffer from something like depression.”

“… isn’t it normal to feel depressed now and then? Sister Ma, [3] you can’t simply dismiss people’s emotions like this. If you keep pestering me, I’m afraid it would be very difficult for us to get along in the future.”

Ma Cuihua pouted before standing up to say, “Little brat, this place is considered a shared accommodation, even though everyone has their own room and kitchen. You still have to consider other people’s feelings. Do you know? Two beautiful ladies are living just across from you and they work the night shift. That means they rest during the day and work nights. These lovely ladies were disturbed by your racket just now and complained to me. They told me some lunatic was screaming about striking it rich and I guessed it was you because I caught you raving about money the last time.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

He was… completely speechless. However, when he thought about how he would be moving out of this place soon and never see Ma Cuihua again, who cared what she was going to say? In fact, he should get himself a nice big place with good soundproofing so that he could scream himself hoarse without anyone complaining.

“I see, I understand. That’s right, Cuihua…”

“Hm? Cuihua?”

Ye Fei noticed that Ma Cuihua was about to lose her temper again and quickly changed his way of addressing, “No, no, that is, Sister Ma, I was thinking about moving out in the next few days. Anyway, I thought I should let you know in advance.”

When Ma Cuihua heard this, her whole body shook. Desolation flashed across her eyes and she put her hands on her hips, “What? Are you uncomfortable staying at this auntie’s place? Little brat, you really don’t know how to differentiate good from bad, huh? If you stay here, the rent money could be delayed for more than a month, when you have no money, this auntie even feeds you. You tell me now, where on earth are you going to find such a good place? Want to move? You’re lucky I didn’t just kick you to the curb.”

“I know, I know that Sister Ma is a kind-hearted and benevolent person, but I have my reasons. I have been engaged to undertake a job and staying here would adversely influence the job. Also, this place is a little small, a bit inconvenient.”

Ma Cuihua looked at Ye Fei, tsking now and then. Finally, she said, “Humph, ‘engaged to undertake a job’, what fancy sounding words. Just say work-related reasons. What does your living space have to do with your job anyway? Just work during the day and come home to sleep at night. What’s the problem?”

Ye Fei also did not want to explain too much to Ma Cuihua. After all, he was about to move out of his room and his reasons were his own, there was no need to tell her.

“I will be moving out in 2 days. Don’t worry about the rent, I won’t cheat you out of half a month’s rent. I’ll pay it properly.”

Seeing that Ye Fei was quite insistent on moving out, Ma Cuihua no longer try to stop him. Instead, she said, “What kind of place are you looking for?”

Ye Fei scratched his head. He really hasn’t given it much thought. Anyway, so long as the living space is not too shabby, it’s all fine with him. The most important thing was a spacious kitchen. Everything else is secondary.

“I haven’t thought about it in detail yet, but I’d like to have a bigger space. A bigger kitchen would be the best. It would be nice to have a nicely furnished house.”

Ma Cuihua could not help but be surprised. Here, she thought Ye Fei was planning to move into another studio room. Unexpectedly, this guy actually wanted a properly furnished residence with a larger space and a big kitchen. Only homes in special communities have these kinds of facilities and it was almost impossible to rent one.

“Have you really struck it rich?” Ma Cuihua looked at Ye Fei suspiciously.

Ye Fei smiled and said, “Well, not ‘strike it rich’ exactly, but should have enough rent this kind of place. I will be looking into some properties soon. If I find something suitable, I’ll rent it. By the way, Sister Ma, after staying here for so long, I’ve also given you quite a bit of trouble. I’m really ashamed, ah.”

“Looks like you still have a bit of conscience on you, at least enough to know that you’ve caused trouble for me. Well, if you’re really that keen on moving out, I can take you to zvisit a place that fits your requirements.”

Ye Fei’s eyes lit up. He happily cried, “You know where I can find such a house?”

Ma Cuihua rolled her eyes, “Why don’t you recall what this auntie’s occupation is?”

“Good, good, when can we go?”

“If you are free, any time, ah. I don’t care one way or other,”

“Now is good, I have time now,”

“Fine, I shall go change first. You wait for me downstairs.”

With that, Ma Cuihua squeezed past Ye Fei and walked away.

As for Ye Fei, he was feeling quite excited by the prospect of moving somewhere decent soon. En, somewhere decent, roomy and nicely furnished.

This fellow did not think much of his appearance. After smoothing down his hair with a bit of water, he locked his door and ran downstairs.

Not long after he arrived, Ma Cuihua also came down. When Ye Fei saw Ma Cuihua, his eyes lit up. That’s because Ma Cuihua was dressed up very nicely, ah.

Ma Cuihua belonged to that category of women with very fair skin. When dressed in a long red dress, with her black hair tied back in a long ponytail and her slim legs in a pair of white stilettos, added to her already fine features, she looked very sharp and professional [4]. People who don’t know her background would think that she is a white-collar worker.

“Gorgeous! Sister Ma, I knew you’re a great beauty, but you don’t usually like to dress up. Look, just by casually dressing up a little, you give a wonderfully refreshing feeling.”

Ma Cuihua burst out laughing. However, she quickly grew severe again, “I didn’t know that your bratty little mouth is so sweet, ah. Wonderfully refreshing, eh? Enough, get into the car.”

As she spoke, Ma Cuihua held out a car remote and clicked it. Not far off, a bright red car beeped cheerfully in response.

Ye Fei automatically turned to look and was immediately stunned.

“A Silmarillion?! Moreover, it’s a Silmarillion 320! How amazing, ah. My sister, you’re really rich!” Ye Fei was incredibly jealous.

The Silmarillion is one of the top luxury car brands in the world. At the least expensive end, a single vehicle could cost around HX¥400,000. Moreover, Ma Cuihua’s Silmarillion 320 was a high-end medium-sized luxury sedan. Those without hundreds of thousand spare yuans could not even think about getting one.

Ma Cuihua was perfectly indifferent, “It’s just a worn-out little car, I don’t normally drive it much. However, since we’ll be travelling a little further, we might as well use it. Well, get on. Since the rush hour is over, we should get there quite soon.”

A worn-out little car?

Ye Fei was truly speechless. He had seen plenty of pretentious pricks in his life, but never one as powerful as Ma Cuihua.

That’s a Silmarillion 320, ah. A super luxurious car worth hundreds of thousands of yuans, ah. By calling it a worn-out little car, why don’t you just smack people’s faces with cash?

Ye Fei thought: I want to get myself one of these in the future. Let’s set it as a goal, ba.

However, let’s not get a red one. Red cars are for girls, too delicate. I should get a yellow one. Yes, let’s get a yellow car. I like yellow.


[Gumihou: … considering how ‘yellow’ is also a euphemism for porno, Gumi is not sure whether ‘I like yellow’ has the same meaning as ‘I like porno’]


[1] Rearranged some sentences for more impact

[2] 间歇性疯癫症 – Intermittent epilepsy? Madness? 

Gumi: *consults Pill Bug*

Pill Bug: “Intermittent madness” is technically possible in real life, usually because of brain tumour, or some other trigger, like someone poisoning the food with mind-altering stimulant drugs like sprinkling cocaine, methamphetamine or LSD.

Eating the wrong mushrooms can cause it too, lol.

[3] Talking about feelings and depression – unsure if the author is being flippant or not.

[4] Red dress + white stiletto shoes + black ponytail = white-collar worker?

Dude, you get this reference from which CEO manhwa?


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