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Tondemo Skill – 382 – Wait, Has That Always Been There?

Chapter 382: Wait, Has That Always Been There?

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


After our little party, I took a leisurely bath with Dora-chan and Sui to soak away my exhaustion.

It should be straight to bed afterwards with my familiars, [1] but, I still have something else to do.

Demiurgos-sama’s offering.

While I had decided to give the offerings once a week, due to the trip, last week’s offerings had been delayed.

However, I don’t think Demiurgos-sama is the type to get angry at me for a little understandable delay, unlike some other, more impatient and greedy gods or goddesses. Still, as an apology, I ordered a little more saké and premium canned goods for him.

After ordering the saké, I noticed that Tanaka’s Liquor Shop has a special on Plum Wines. So, I decided to buy some as well.

While Plum Wines was traditionally a rather feminine drink, the number of men who enjoyed the Umeshu had been increasing lately.

Naturally, I chose the wines from the ranking list.

The three best Umeshu or Plum Wines, were as follows:


Rank 3:

Sparkling plum Wine [9] was said to be ‘similar to champagne’. It even came in a high-class looking champagne bottle like… well, bottle. It has the light notes of roses and is a very popular gift product thanks to its exquisite bottle.


Rank 2:

Brandy Plum Wine [2] was a highly popular plum wine that blended with brandy. It came in a bottle that was reminiscent of classy cologne bottles. This plum wine has been carefully brewed over a long period of time and should be slowly enjoyed.


Rank 1:

Taking first place was a plum wine made from the precious ripe plums from the Wakayama prefecture. The Wakayama prefecture also happened to be the number one Umeshu producing area in Japan.


Speaking of plum wines, I only had the ones made by the more popular manufacturers and was therefore surprised to see just how many brands there were out there. When it came to Umeshu, I thought that it was mostly made by steeping plums in white liquor such as saké or sochu.

This was my first time seeing plums steeped in brandy or whiskey, which tickled my curiosity. After reading through the reviews, I decided to try them for myself as well. I ended up buying a second set of the Top 3 Umeshu as ranked by the management.

I really looked forward to trying them.

Before that though, I should take care of the offerings first…

After placing the Umeshu and saké on the table, I frowned for a bit before taking out a spare claypot of the Layered Chinese Cabbage & Dungeon Pork Hotpot, a Spicy Miso Layered Hotpot, as well as a serving of the ponzu and sesame sauce.

I placed everything on the table and put my hands together.

“O, Demiurgos-sama, although it is a bit late, please accept these humble offerings. I have also included a Layered Hotpot made with Chinese Cabbage and Dungeon Pork for your enjoyment.”

“Ooohh, no need to worry~ I am glad how you always take the time to offer me these things. Ah, so this is also a hotpot? Very well, I shall gladly accept it!”

The offerings disappeared in a flash of light.

“The ponzu or sesame sauce should be eaten with the hotpot with the clear broth. I have packed them in small bottles for your convenience. Please eat the spicy hotpot, that’s the slightly reddish one, on its own.”

“Well, they certainly smell appetizing! I look forward to trying them.”

“Thank you for your compliment. In addition to the usual saké, I have also included a different liquor called Plum Wine. It is made by pickling plums in liquor, so please give it a try.”

“Oho? So this is a fruit liquor? Well, I don’t dislike such things. I look forward to trying them, fuoh, fuoh, fuoh,”

Well, Demiurgos-sama certainly sounded like he was in a good mood. Ah, I should thank him for the mission too.

“As per your oracle, I visited the mountain…”

I gave him a brief account of what we found there. The Bandit King’s treasure as well as the Magic Teleportation Tool made by Sage Kazu, the guy from the same world and country as me.

“Has Demiurgos-sama sent me to the mountain to find this?”

I really wanted to pretend this device never existed. However, since Demiurgos-sama was the one who sent me to the mountain, there was a possibility that he wanted me to find the Teleportation Tool for… whatever reason. Perhaps even to visit the Demon World? Continent? Whatever.


“U-umu, that is, ah, correct,”

“As expected… then, do you mean for us to visit the Demon World?”

“Demon Worl- ahem, well, it is up to you, of course. As gods, we are not to interfere with mortal activities. As I understand it, the artefact was made by someone from the same world as yourself, I thought you might wish to have it.”

“For me to have it? Then, is it fine for me to decide what to do or… what not to do with it?”

“Naturally, the item belongs to you, and it is up to you whether to use it or not.”

“I see,”

“Do not worry overly much about it, think of the device, as well as all the other items, as yours and you are free to use or not to use as you see fit. You are welcome to live as you wish. I shall be watching you! See you again!”

Communication with Demiurgis-sama was abruptly cut off after that.


[6] Well, I guess he wants to enjoy his hotpot and saké quickly?

“More importantly, Demiurgos-sama himself told me that I am free to use or not use anything as I see fit. So, I guess that means it’s fine if I don’t use the teleportation tool?”

Since none of my familiars knows about this troublesome object, I can just keep it a secret with the [6] permission of the Creation God himself.

Looks like I shall sleep soundly tonight~

Yes… as soon as my head laid down on the pillow, my consciousness floated away…


[Gumihou: Lololol, I wonder what’s all the fuss about the diary was then? Will he actually visit those places one day?]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

Deleted Demiurgos-sama’s (thoughts), see Note 8

(Demon continent? I didn’t even remember there being such a thing in there, also I would never send you guys there. However, if there was such a thing in there, he would be suspicious of me. I don’t know how to reply… Umu, I’ll just answer randomly here and try to get away with it)

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Reworded the dialogue so that Demiurgos-sama’s true thoughts were reflected in the dialogues without added ()

[9] Sparkling Plum Wine – Choya Sparkling Plum Wine

[2] Brandy Plum Wine – Unclear, maybe the SHIN Brandy Umeshu?


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  1. Philip

    Hm, I wonder… going by Deumiurgos’s first reaction to that little adventure, maybe he was trying to get Mukoda to visit those lands, since the ladies there might view him favorable (due to his rather high level, and the super OP pet party). I remember that the previous guy, the mage maniac guy, landed at least one waifu due to, well, being strong (at least as a mage).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. Felipe

      The problem is the MC doesn’t want to be remembered as strong, he just want a peaceful life, he would have better chances with a elf wife if only it wasn’t so difficult to discover if one isn’t old enough to have grandchildren

      1. Gumihou

        Yes, a nice slice of life life with a busty girl, lol

  2. Hamster

    He could always re-invent the Vesper drink and see if the deities like it.
    This would be a different approach and also give the deities a new activity to try. Currently, they directly drink whatever he gives them. But if he passes the various mixers along with instructions to create Vesper, absinthe, and more, this would create additional activities for the deities to try out and relieve their boredom. Maybe the author is saving this idea for the future to use when all other ideas to pad out paragraphs run out.

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