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Tondemo Skill – 379 – Sage’s Autobiography (3)

Chapter 379: Sage’s Autobiography (3)

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou



Gumi is really freaking annoyed by the 3rd person POV. It’s all Kazuki did this, Kazuki said that, in a bloody autobiography of all freaking things. However, there is a certain genius to it. The word count ended up being that much higher. 


I stayed in the demon village for another half a year after learning about the shipwreck story from my friends. [6] I have seen maps of this world and knew that the entire place was a whole single landmass. A continent in other words.

Could it be possible that there is another continent across the sea?

An unknown continent…

Just what is that continent? What kind of people live there? What are the cultures like?

Questions like this followed me everywhere. While I can’t do anything about it now, I wanted to try visiting that mysterious place one day.

To that end, I must know more about demons.

Therefore, I started asking for information about one of the bigger demon cities. Interestingly enough, the villagers tried to discourage me from going. [5] [5]

That was when I learned that over a hundred years ago, a war between humans and demons had occurred and demons suffered a lot of casualties. [5] Of the many demons with lifespans of 200 to 300 years, most of them still retain memories of the war.

If I, a human, were to suddenly appear in a demon city filled with all kinds of demons, the chances of conflict are high.

It would be pointless to die a stupid death after coming this far. [6] Nevertheless, I still wanted to know more about the world. Maybe I could find out about the demons from some of the other large human cities. Who knows?

Anyway, I bid my demon friends goodbye at the village and returned to my life as an Adventurer to explore the rest of the continent. Yet, I never forget about the possible demon continent on the other side of the sea.

[6] That was why, even though I worked as an Adventurer most days, I spent as much time as I could in libraries and browsing through bookshops for possible solutions to my question. I was not actively looking for an answer, just… possible solutions.

Three years after having left the demon village, I came across something interesting at a second-hand bookstore while on a quest in a little town.

The title of the book proclaimed it to be the Diary of Oryo Mayanen.

A research diary, to be precise.

A research diary for, of all things, Teleporting Magic Circles.


Possible solutions indeed.

This Oryo guy turned out to be the third son of a baron of some random country. [6] Just the type of rich guy with no obligations, free to pursue his hobbies to the max. Anyway, he was such a fanatic with his research that even the research institute of magic research he worked for could not increase his knowledge of Teleporting Magic Circles.

Hey, I could respect a guy like that.

He spent the rest of his life studying on his own and furthering his research and, more importantly for me, writing everything down. There were seven volumes of his diaries, which, [9] coincidentally, were all right here in this second-hand shop. [5]

15 gold for a man’s lifetime of research? That’s cheap if you ask me. [5] [5]

It did not take me long to study and understand the whole thing through Unfathomable Magic. Unfortunately, the conclusion was that Magic Circles could only be placed at fixed locations and travelled at a fixed distance.

Moreover, the distance between Magic Circles is limited to the size of the circles and the number of characters used. The further the distance, the more information is needed to make it work. This was why most existing Magic Circles were created for short-distance travelling.

By the way, it seems that most people take up to ten years just to learn all the characters needed to write the circles. [5] Not that this deterred me with my Unfathomable Magic.

Sadly, this meant that there was no way I could use Magic Circles to get to the demon continent. Since I have never been there, there was no way to pop over without a Magic Circle to connect me to an unknown place.

I could, theoretically, draw one here, but someone or something still has to draw the corresponding Magic Circle on the other side. Which brought me back to the original question.

How do I get there?

It was across the sea, so technically I could take a ship over.

However, I would have to face sea monsters, S Class Krakens and Sea Serpents, and perhaps get shipwrecked and disappear into the sea. If I could even find anyone crazy enough to take me there.

The other option was flying. [5]

However, there was no way to know just how far the demon continent was. Hmm, let’s think about that a bit more. [9]

I could, theoretically, fly as far as I could and… fall into the sea? Fall onto a raft and rest before moving on?


Is it possible to get to safety before falling into the sea?

Get to safety…


Traditionally, Magic Circles are drawn on large flat surfaces for greater accuracy and clarity.


What if, I could have a portable Magic Circle with me?

Technically, if I were to draw a large enough Magic Circle on land and… what? Use something to draw me back to the circle?

These are all ideas now. Theoretically, I would have to be able to fly so far out to sea and Demon Lands in the first place. Yeah, before that could happen, I have to build up my MP reserves and level up as much as I can first.

Well, I could do that and research how to make a Portable Teleportation Tool on the side.

A year of trial and error later, the Portable Teleportation Tool was finally completed.

I managed to drastically downsize the Magic Circle and the stone board on which the circle was drawn. The board itself was specially made for this portable Magic Circle. After the letters were drawn on, the board was later soaked in a magical solution for 10 days. The magical solution was brewed from all kinds of precious materials for 10 hours.

To make a long story short. I was successful.

I tested the PTT several times by going to various long-distance areas over land and sea, each time I activated the PTT, it brought me to the same location. A corresponding Magic Circle which I had drawn inside a house I had specially purchased for the purpose.

Finally, I am ready to make my way to Demon Lands. [5]

The starting point was the peninsular where the crew members were said to have been spotted from the sea. From there on, I flew in a straight line towards the seemingly never-ending sea.

Sadly, I never saw the end of the sea on that first voyage. I basically exhausted myself to near collapse. In the end, I had to admit defeat and use whatever little MP I had to return home.

[6] There was just nothing. No land, no island. Well, there were plenty of tentacles and fish jumping out to eat me but those weren’t actually important.

[6] When I first came into this world, my MP was already pretty high, and with each successive level-ups, my MP increased exponentially. However, it still wasn’t enough.

That was when I decided to go for S Rank.

It was the most logical move.

It took me another year to become an S Rank Adventurer.

After that, I tried again.

As before, I set out in a straight line from the peninsular. I flew three days and three nights, forgoing sleep until… land ho!

With a final burst of energy, I pretty much fell onto the land.

[5] [5]

When I next open my eyes, a beautiful girl with white skin, purple eyes and long silky hair that was truly out of this world, leaning over me. I caught a glimpse of her ample chest and slim waist, and…nd… wow …

Stunned, I said, “I like you, please marry me…”

The truly out-of-this-world cute girl with her cute bat wings sprouting from her back had really pretty eyes. Her chest was very soft against my arm and, this wonderful, gorgeous incredibly creature named Jenna later agreed to be my wife…


“… …” I, single dog Mukouda, skipped most of this part. Suffice it to say, this Kazuki playboy managed to convince this Jenna’s parents to let him marry her. There was even a part of the diary that detailed their hot wedding night, which made me so angry that I nearly threw the book away. [5] [5] [5]

However, there may still be important information hidden amidst the irrelevant boasting. Forcing myself to calm down, I took a fortifying sip of my black coffee and continued. Skipping all the nonessential parts. There were a lot of them.

I only started reading seriously when they arrive in a town where regular ships to the Island of Giants set out from.


…we arrived at a port city where there was a bustle of boats aiming to go somewhere called the Isle of Giants. Apparently, there was some sort of Adventurers Reunion or something happening there.

Jenna and I decided to head over to take a look, who knows, we might even get something interesting out of it. While on the island, I hit it off with a young giant called Sandell.

It just so happened that the island quest required at least 3 people to a party so, [6] we got together and solved our mission spectacularly.

Later, however, Sandell took me aside and told me there was something important he wanted to speak to me about.

Well, it turned out he wanted me to, ahem, get together with his younger sister.

According to him, his younger sister was on the smaller size for a giantess (normal size is 2 meters) [5] and therefore was still unmarried at the age of 20.

Naturally, I wanted to decline since I already have Jenna.

However, Sandell was pretty insistent. He told me that it was perfectly normal for powerful men to have several wives. Unconvinced, I told Jenna about it, ready to fly out of this island if anyone dares to force me into anything.

Let me tell you, I had the shock of my life when Jenna said it was okay to meet with Sandell’s sister.

Like, seriously?

To make a long story short, we met with the younger sister. This ‘petite’ giantess was a 180cm tall glamorous Latina beauty with olive skin and black wavy hair…


“… …” needless to say, I skimmed this part. If you must know, this Kazuki dog also married giantess Vaura and had a hot threesome which scalded my eyes when I skimmed past it. [5] [5]

Tch, two wives, just like that punk kid. I hope he gets kicked in the nuts.

Thinking about this Kazuki-playboy getting kicked in the nuts made me feel better, at least, enough to continue reading.


…one day, Jenna and Vaura asked to see the continent where I came from. Naturally, since I can’t deny my darlings. The PTT I made might be a miniature version, but so long as we all touch the tool together, all three of us could teleport together without any problem.


“… wow, that’s pretty cool,” playboy or not, this Kazuki guy’s a genius with magic tools. The rest of the story was pretty much him having fun with his wives and going on adventures. Most of which I half skimmed, hoping for something more useful when-


…third wife Ludmila…


“… wait, what?!” I refocused my eyes and reread the passage again.


…met elf girl Ludmila who was quite insistent on declaring her love for me. We ended up getting married and…


My eyes were burned by the foursome scene before I could avert them away. I had to thump the page with my fist a few times to get my frustration out.

Curse you, curse you, curse you!!!

Burning tears streamed down my face as I skimmed to the end of this guy’s happy life.


…I had a child with each of my girls. I came into this world unexpectedly, and just as unexpectedly, I ended up with three beautiful wives and three adorable children. I can honestly say that this is true happiness. The very definition of happiness.

Oh, speaking of which, I nearly forgot to include the most important thing here.

This book should come with my latest Magic Portable Teleportation Tool.


“… finally…”


The destination for this is naturally, the land where I met my wonderful wives. All three places are hard to find and difficult to traverse. If you are worthy enough to get your hands on this PTT, I guess you deserve it.

Here’s how to use it.

To get to Jenna’s home town, Demon’s Land, you must hold the device and chant, “Jenna, I love you!”


“… what.”


To get to the Isle of Giants, you must chant, “Vaura, I love you!”


“…this is a joke, isn’t it?”


No joke, I swear. To get to Elf country or Ludmila’s part of the Elf country anyway, chant, “Ludmila, I love you!”

Oh, by the way, you should chant everything in Japanese, of course.


“… …”


Why do I have to say your wives’ names out loud or say I love them!!??

Curse you! Curse you! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Ugh, ugh, I need to calm down. I was practically trapped in my sheets from rolling about.

This damned Kazuki fellow. If he happened to stand in front of me, I’d punch him!

I shouldn’t have wasted my sleep reading this stupid thing.

Also, this punk found some elixir in a dungeon at the Demon Land later, tripling his lifespan, much to his wives’ happiness and ecstasy.

Yeah, I don’t need to read how they celebrate that event.




[Gumihou: Got to admit, I enjoyed Mukouda’s suffering here.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Switch to 3rd person (actually, just apply it to the whole chapter)

[9] Refine thought process on movable Magic Circle


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