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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0041 – Chicken Blood Youth

Chapter 41: Chicken Blood Youth

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯) 

Translated by Gumihou


Some Notes from Gumi:

Gumi has Covid, along with the rest of her family. Thought we could soldier on but… after a few weird accidents (small accidents, but a mug was broken) in the kitchen and falling asleep in the middle of an upload. This was part of the reason why Chapter 41 is uploaded so late…

Kitchennovel will take one week break for now.

Uploads will continue on the 27th June (Monday) 2022

While the people in Fine Food Section were having a mini exultation over Ye Fei’s results, staff members from other sections, especially the Storytelling Section, were being particularly active today.


That’s because Drama King was giving them a lot of face.

“Hahah, Drama King is about to ascend, ah. His reward total has reached HX¥363,000. Although the speed of increase has slowed down, he should surpass Silver Tongue’s record soon.”

“That’s right, ah. Drama King’s performance is too awesome today. From the number of luxury planes collected, we could see that his fans have really gone crazy for him.”

“Now that’s a true great deity, ah. Not making a move is one thing, but once he does move, the earth trembles and heroes are made.”

“The reason why Drama King could stand out today was because our great Song & Dance Section did not send out our big guns today. You just wait and see. Tomorrow, our Golden Voice would easily surpass Drama King’s results.”

“Dear colleagues from Song & Dance, you can just keep on dreaming,”

“Drama King’s results today are truly something to be proud of,”

“Other sections also did well today, especially Outdoor Sports and Fitness Sections. Who would have thought that the great deities from these sections could collect up to HX¥300,000? We must remember that they are the coldest sections with a rather weak fan base, so getting such results is not easy.”

“You’re wrong, these two sections are not the coldest. The coldest section is, of course… heheh, the Fine Food Section, ah. However, I have a feeling that Fine Food Section’s situation is too hopeless. Have you heard even a peep from them?”

“Fine Food Section? Aiya, that Ye Fei is a mere flash in a pan.”

“I already said that his rewards are faked, but none of you believes me. You believe me now?”

“Hey, aren’t you being too much? In fact, I’m always envious of my Fine Food Section colleagues, ah. They get to relax all day and even get off work earlier than the rest of us,”

“Pfft~~ Your mouth is too terrible. Envious? You, ah, your words are too cruel. You can really offend people, you know?”

While they were busy stepping on Fine Food Section, a company-wide message suddenly appeared.

The font was set out in large bold letters and the content read:

[Congratulations to Bronze Star Rank 2 Rookie Deity Ye Fei for setting a new record on the total amount of reward achieved]

There were not many words, but it was as though a nuclear bomb had been set off in the group. At first, there was complete silence. Only the buzz of lights and CPUs in the room as the whole world turned upside down.

“F*ck, what happened?”

“Liu Ping, you brat, what’s with this message?”

“A new record? That guy’s record yesterday was HX¥230,000. Technically, getting HX¥240,000 is also a new record, right? Haha, Liu Ping, are you going to blow your trumpet with just this score?”

“It’s hard for them to find good deities, just let them brag a little,”

Back at the office, Liu Ping was hugging himself as he glared at the messages on the forum. He sneered and said, “Just a bunch of stupid turtles. What HX¥240,000? Could you vulgar people understand the greatness of Deity Ye’s ability? If we only reached HX¥240,000, would daddy even bother to make a group announcement?”

Look, everyone. After experiencing Ye Fei’s power, Liu Ping’s confidence level also skyrocketed. Numbers over HX¥200,000 were not something worth mentioning anymore.

While despising the people from other sections, Liu Ping tapped on his keyboard for a little while and was about to press the enter key when a new, even more eye-catching message in red font popped up.

[Congratulations to Fine Food Section Rookie Deity Ye Fei for achieving the reward of HX¥1,389,145 and breaking the section’s record once again. He has also broken the record for QQ Platform’s Bronze Star Great Deity record and successfully became the 10th Million Yuan Broadcaster by breaking said record by over HX¥950,000. This is an unprecedented and outstanding record. A record that countless numbers of people could not even dream of achieving. Fellow colleagues, let us all cheer together and welcome another Million Yuan Broadcaster to our platform!]


I cheer your sister, ah!

As soon as this news broke out, the entire company was completely dumbfounded.

The company forum, which had been very lively just now, was quiet for nearly 2 or 3 minutes. Finally, someone sent up a message.

“Vice President Li, have you put up the wrong amount?”

Vice President Li of the Platform sent up a smiley face, “No, Ye Fei’s live broadcast had been monitored not only by the Fine Food people but also the company executives. The data had been collected and verified. Ye Fei’s total reward went beyond our expectations. It was quite an unexpected surprise.”

“F*ck, it was really over a million? Are you sure there’s no mistake? How can this be?”

“Your mom, a million from just one broadcast? Are you kidding me?”

“God in heaven, ah. One million, ah. Only a Bronze Star Rank 2 Rookie… how many buckets of chicken blood did he m*therf*cking drink? He must have transformed into a chicken blood youth.”

“Ma Tao, do you still think that his results are fake?”

Song & Dance Section’s statistician Ma Tao hated that he could not reach into the monitor and grab the question and tear it apart. F*ck your sis, ah, how could you put up this question now? Fake? What kind of idiot would fake over a million reward? That kind of idiot could only be some kind of stupidly super-rich local tyrant, ah.

“Over a million, ah. Just how did Ye Fei do it?”

“That’s right, ah. This kind of result… even if Drama King really did achieve 400,000, he would also have to stand aside, ah.”

“Drama King? Heheh, that fellow’s actually not bad. In fact, he has great strength and a strong fan base. It’s a pity that he encountered a super pervert, ah. He’d probably be really depressed after this.”

“Not only Drama King, but all the other Silver Star great deities today will be depressed too. I expect they probably don’t even have a place to cry. This Ye Fei is too cruel, this kind of record… don’t talk about giving people hope. This is just directly crushing people’s hope, ah. How do you expect others to match this result?”

“Looks like Ye Fei’s rise is unstoppable.”

“Fine Food Section is about to experience a great change, ah.”

“Ah, ah, ah, my Outdoor Sports Section is going to be last again today, so depressing.”

“Ye Fei, just where did you come from, ah? Can you not be so cruel?”

Everyone’s spirit had collapsed. Just a short while ago, they were all cheerfully stepping all over Fine Food Section, but now? Ye Fei had given them such a slap in the face that their ears are still ringing, ah. All of them can’t wait to find a crack in the ground to hide in.

While everyone was contemplating life in general, a message suddenly popped up.

“Everyone, we shall not compete with you for second place. However, we shall occupy the first place for now, ah. Heheh.”

Everyone, “… …”

“Liu Ping, you scram!”

“You brat, are you showing off?!”

“There’s no need for Fine Food Section to show off, after all, Ye Fei had only made 3 broadcasts, but had already achieved such results. Do you think the platform can keep such a genius without spending a lot of money?”

“That’s right, competition within the broadcasting industry is fierce. Setting aside the great deities, even mid-level deities with fairly good popularity would be approached by major platforms.”

“I say, everyone, is it really alright to talk about such things where the vice president could see it?”

In fact, there was no need for them to worry about such matters. That’s because, in the largest conference room of the QQ Platform, an important meeting was being held. The topic? How to ensure Ye Fei stays with them.


[Gumihou: Ah, ah, ah, the cast is about to increase again. Gumi is barely keeping up on the who’s who.]


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