You are currently viewing Volume 1 – 14 – Tooru’s Commentary over the Tsukkomi Act between the Lord and the Duke
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Volume 1 – 14 – Tooru’s Commentary over the Tsukkomi Act between the Lord and the Duke

Volume 1: Chapter 014: Tooru’s Commentary over the Tsukkomi Act between the Lord and the Duke

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Pill Bug


“Hoo, that’s quite a romantic declaration, young lady Makia. Don’t tell me you’re about to reveal a youthful love story between yourself and that foreign companion of yours?” [3] the Duke giggles in [1] a slightly perverted way.

“Hey, hey, Elric, are you really fine with this? You might be a rural aristocrat but you’re still a noble you know? If your daughter is taken away by a man of unknown origins, won’t you be shamed? If you overlook the matter right now just because they are young, he could take over the house one day.

You should know that the Eastern Continent people are very barbaric. They might be intelligent and possess a great deal of magical power but in the end, they are a fierce and combative lot. For the sake of your house, you had better let go of this boy now.”

“Wh-what was that? Robert Beigrates!! All these years I thought of Tooru as my adopted son. He’s a loyal, hardworking young man with a great sense of justice! You’re the one still trapped by those discriminatory thoughts!”

Well, there are many things I would like to comment on in this argument between the Duke and the Lord.

First, as the Duke said, Eastern folk indeed tended to be somewhat warlike. However, that is mostly due to the people’s exposure to long wars. Even before the war happened on the other continents, immigrants from the West had been flooding into the country which led to food shortages. We are talking about generations of people who had been suffering from the side effects of war long before they were forced to fight for their lives. These people have been battling for survival long before they were even born.

I guess, from the point of view of the peaceful people of the South, the combative nature of the Eastern people does appear quite barbaric.

One other thing.

What’s with all that talk about me taking over this house?

Moreover, under the premise that I would do so by sticking to Makia? Are you trying to get me killed?

“Hold it, what is this weird misunderstanding? Why are you assuming that he and I are in such a relationship?”

Looks like even Makia is confused and annoyed by their assumptions.

“Don’t think me a fool. Tooru and I are in a master and subordinate relationship. Aside from the fact that we treat each other as equals, there is none of that ‘love’ thing going on. As for you! Father… from the way you talk, it sounds as though you’re raising a son-in-law, what is this nonsense?”

“E-Eh… i-it’s just that…” [3] the lord has a rather sad look on his face as he presses the tips of his index fingers together.

Ahh, so he is really serious about thinking of me as his son or potential son-in-law. Please know that I, at least, appreciate the thought, My Lord.

“As for the Duke, you appear to have a low opinion of immigrants. So why would you want Tooru in the first place? Don’t these two attitudes contradict each other too much?”

“…Young Lady Makia, you are really quite clever. When I look at you and I think of my Smirda, she seems so childish.”

“That’s how a child should be. They are influenced by the adults around them,”

Makia’s words are getting harsher and sharper.

I do believe it is going to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

Please don’t forget that you are also an 11-year-old on a rampage!

“…let me answer your question. What I expect from him is exactly what I would expect of someone from the East. Likes and dislikes are mere personal issues. Rather, I’m considering the benefits of sending a knight [1] with an Eastern Continent background into the Royal Palace.”

The Duke of Beigrates crosses his legs and continues, “The Royal Palace currently has three candidates for the next king: Raymond, the younger brother of the current King of Ruskia; Prince Alfredo, the First Prince of the current King, and Prince Ulysses, the Fifth Prince. The Royal Palace has already been divided into three factions and there is a fierce battle for the throne. Personally, I believe that Raymond-sama will be the next King.”

“I have two questions. Why only those three candidates? And why do you believe that Raymond-sama will succeed?”

“Because other candidates have all died from various unfortunate accidents. The Royal Palace itself is an ugly battlefield and candidates have close brushes with death on a daily basis. Right now, Raymond-sama has the most power as well as people backing him. Also, unlike the other candidates, he has managed to produce firm results. That’s why I expect him to be the next King.”

“I see.”

While listening in on the conversation, I thought: Hoo… this is quite interesting.

“Raymond-sama attaches great importance to information taken from the Eastern Continent. Though we in the South might be half isolated from war, he’s interested to know about the battles taking place and the current situation there. Moreover, it is said that people from that Continent are very capable.”

“I see. Therefore, you believe that with Tooru on your side, your house would be favoured by the next king. As expected of the Duke, you’ve certainly put a lot of thought into it.”

“…rather than just sending any knight, I’d prefer to properly consider who to send. Well, a lot depends on the knight’s effort and luck as well. Still, these are all just some arbitrary small talk. Young lady, you have no intention of letting me have him, do you?”

“Of course, not. However, I understand your situation better now. I thought it was kind of odd for someone like you to come all this way just at Smirda-chan’s request. Hahaha.”


Makia and the Duke stop their fake laughter at the same time. They pick up their teacups and sip their tea in a strangely synchronized way. [3] Still, the heavy atmosphere had become a little lighter. Looks like the Duke no longer wants to take me away.

“Ah, well, it’s not like I don’t already know. Elric would never let go of his favourite child for the sake of money. I have often heard about the relationship between Young Lady Makia and Tooru Sagaram… I came here just to see it with my own eyes. When the time comes to choose a knight for my daughter, I shall know what qualities to look for.”

He is now leaning back languidly against the sofa. Before this, he was seated upright, back perfectly straight as though braced for battle. His expression had also changed, the previously unpleasant and sarcastic attitude dropping away to reveal a friendly smile.

“Now then, Tooru-kun. You really should say something. Surely it’s too boring to stay silent all this while?”


The Duke had stopped treating me like a fool but, [1] despite his more relaxed posture, his eyes looked more serious somehow. He must be testing me. [3] Makia said nothing to stop me so I bow my head a little and say.

“I can only say that I would not be a good fit for Smirda-sama. As Duke mentioned, I am a rude and barbaric man from the Eastern Continent. Smirda-sama aside, I lack the ability to serve at the Royal Palace,”

“… Hoo”

The Duke smiled with an ‘I see how it is’ kind of look on his face, and then raises his voice.

“Hahaha, I see, I see. So, I assume that you feel that you’re a good fit for your current master? You’re not making a fool out of her?”

“Makia-sama is generous enough to forgive my faults. Also, she appeared to enjoy my barbaric side.”

Makia suddenly snickers. However, she did not refute my words.

We just look at each other [1], understanding flashing quickly between us.

At this, the Duke stood up, “I suppose I should give up.”

“To be honest, I did have thoughts of taking you away should the opportunity presents itself however…looks like it would not be easy. I wonder, why is a natural airhead like Elric surrounded by such sharp children? [2] I shudder to imagine what Delia Fields will be like in the future.”

“Hahaha, you say that, but in fact, I have a good eye for people. I may lack talent myself but I attract those who have it.”

Well, it looks like the Lord and the Duke have somehow settled things amiably despite everything. [3] I had not expected them to be so close in the first place.

Even so, the Duke of Beigrates is quite the fox. It is hard to believe that he’s the father of that Smirda who lives for her own desires.

He came all the way here just to sound me and Makia out, knowing that he most likely would not be able to pull me over.

This type of person might be a little villainous but I don’t hate them at all.

Well, the Duke has brought us some information about the Royal Palace. Even so, that place still felt quite far away from us. We have no idea just how big an impact that place would have on us one day.


[Gumihou: Woah, just how did Beigrates raise a weird daughter like Smirda?]

[1] Filling in the ‘Unspoken’. Often, when it comes to Japanese novels, the translation might be a bit lacking since the author deliberately chooses to use fewer words and let the reader fill in the blanks through a preset cultural understanding.

If the missing info looks too sparse, Gumi will fill in some of the blanks. This is not to imply that the writer’s craft is lacking, but we do have a cultural gap. Gumi will try to fill in these gaps unobtrusively.

[2] Adjust paragraphs, for aesthetic purpose

[3] Connect short paragraphs to make one reasonable paragraph

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