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Tondemo Skill – 351 – Offal Drops

Chapter 351: Offal Drops 

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Level 2 of the dungeon also consisted of a vast grassland.

This was the level where Wild Chickens and Horned Rabbits were the main prey. A lot of youngsters who aimed to be Adventurers would hunt on this level.

For us, however, our targets were the Dungeon Pigs and Cows on the lower floors therefore we ignored level 2 and moved on to the teleporting circles.

By the way, there were 4 magic circles here too. As before, the closest one was crowded so we headed for the furthest one.

When we reached that magic circle, there was already a line of people waiting to use it.

I had Fer with me so we reached this circle pretty quickly. However, it would probably have taken me hours to walk here.

Most Adventurers came to this dungeon for the meat drops and treat the dungeon challenge as a day trip. The majority of the time was spent getting down to the more interesting hunting grounds, which was level 6 to 8, skipping levels 3, 4 and 5 which had nothing really interesting to recommend it.

Level 6 was where the Dungeon Pigs live and in keeping with the demand for Dungeon Pork, we encounter plenty of Adventurers on this floor.

“So, those are Dungeon Pigs? They are quite big aren’t they?”

The so-called Dungeon Pigs looked like wild boars with their plump bodies covered in light brown hair and sharp tusks jutting out from their lower jaws.

“Well? Do you want to hunt some?” I asked.

““Our targets are the higher species type from the lower floors. We can take them out if they get in our way.””

““Yeah, let’s prioritize higher species type, their meat has to be much better.””

““Sui is fine either way~ But is the meat from these Mister Piggies delicious~?”” [5]

“Right,” I said. “Let’s go straight ahead. We’ll take them if convenient.”



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On our way to the magic circle, we happened to encounter a drive of Dungeon Pigs. There was a bunch of them just nosing the ground right in front of us.


Slash, slash, slash —

““ ““ ““ ““Buhiii”” ”” ”” ””

Screams of dying Dungeon Pigs echoed through the meadow.

“Oh my…”

A powerful, [6] and presumably very sharp, whirlwind had materialised in front of Fer’s paw and sliced the pigs in half.

“Is that… Fer’s wind magic?”

““Umu, they were in the way,”” [5] [8] “… …” please accept my apologies. There was really nothing I could do but quietly apologise and say, “Shall we pick up the meat?”


The drive of 20 pigs had transformed into 20 packages of meat neatly wrapped in leaves. One unique feature about this dungeon was that all kills resulted in Drop items. [6] For Rosendal’s meat dungeon, this meant nearly every kill would net you meat or something else.

Such as…

[8] “Hey, this one looks a little bit different. The package looks a little flatter.” In fact, the leaf package nearly unravel itself as I picked up the package and something more colourful and different than the usual solid lump of meat was revealed. “Hey look, it’s offal! Wow, we can make hotpot or stew with this. This is also delicious when grilled over a fire!” Fer & Co came over to investigate what made me so excited.

““Mu, what’s that?””

“It’s offal! This is delicious, you know~?”

““Delicious~? Then Sui will eat it~””

““Aren’t those internal organs? Hmm, could it really be cooked deliciously?””

[8] ““Internal organs are not bad, but it’s not good either. I used to eat them but now that I’m used to your cooking, I don’t want to eat these things.””

[8] “Fufufu, internal organs could be really delicious, you know? Fresh offal has no weird smells and is quite tasty.”

[5] Fer and Dora-chan were giving me sceptical looks. [5]

“Well, anyway, you’ll understand the deliciousness of offal once I cook it. More importantly, [5] this means we could also get offal from higher species too. We’ll really lose out if we don’t collect them!”

[5] While I was daydreaming about various offal dishes and picking up the Drops, I suddenly became aware of the noise around me.


When I finally looked around, I saw several Adventurers nearby. They were all looking at us.

“Oi, he’s a Tamer!”

“Woah, those are quite rare.”

“Hey, I know him. He’s that S Rank Tamer!”

“S Rank?!”

“I heard he cleared both Doran and Avering’s dungeons.”

“Woah, that’s really amazing.”

“Yeah, but if he keeps hunting like that, there will be no more prey for us.”

“You’re right…”

“I mean, the monsters would respawn, but only the next day.”

Urrghh… the gazes from those Adventurers were kind of painful…

But, they are right.


[6] Our party were just too OP, there’s no reason to deprive others when we could hunt better prey elsewhere.

[6] After gathering the last of our Drops, I hopped onto Fer’s back and we made our way to the magic circle and transferred to the 7th level.

Naturally, there were also many Adventurers on this floor filled with Dungeon Cows. [2] This time, we ignored everyone, and skirted around the Adventurers and prey, heading straight for the magic circle to the 8th level.

Level 8 was also a vast grassland. [2] By now, the number of Adventurers had decreased a little. Still, there were quite a lot of them, which was understandable since this was the level where both Dungeon Pigs and Dungeon Cows roamed.

Again, we ignored everyone and headed straight for the 9th floor, which contained, of all things, Cockatrices.


“Hm? Aren’t Cockatrices rather ordinary-” I began but then saw a wild-looking creature with a rooster’s head, dragon legs and a serpent’s tail. Wait, I heard somewhere that Cockatrices were basically two-legged dragons with a rooster’s head…

I had only ever seen dead Cockatrices and treated them like high-end chicken meat but seeing them alive and chasing after Adventurers…

“It just occurred to me, Cockatrices are C Rank monsters, right?”

““Umu, they are weaklings,””

That’s not what I was… anyway, I took a look around and saw there were not many Adventurers around. I guess Cockatrices were rather fierce? Also, didn’t Giannino-san say they only have one regular C Rank party here?

If that’s the case, “Shall we catch a few?”


““Umu, their meat is not bad.””

““Ufufu, they are good when fried~!””

““Fried food~ fried food~””

“Right, let’s get a few.”

My familiars scattered in all directions [1] and in less than 10 minutes the vast grassland, [6] which had been populated by dragon creatures with rooster’s heads, were replaced by neat packages of meat…

“Stop, stop! That’s enough! That’s enough!”

““Mu, already?”” [5]

“Yes, yes, stop it. At this rate, it will take us longer to pick up the Drops than to destroy the Cockatrices.”

Anyway, it looked like there were about 30 meat Drops on the floor.

Ahh, the eyes of those Adventurers around me stings…

“Alright, let’s quickly pick up everything and go!

Luckily, everyone cooperated and we soon collected the Cockatrice meat and were heading towards the next magic circle.

Down we went to the 10th floor where the first of the higher dungeon species could be found.

From here on, there were no other Adventurers around. This might as well be our private hunting grounds.

Alright, let’s get our hands on these infamous pigs first.


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