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Higher Level Wife – 044 – Dragon Boat Festival Banquet (2)

Chapter 44: Dragon Boat Festival Banquet (2)


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


She was still preoccupied with her thoughts when the gentle tinkling of waist pendants shimmered through the air like raindrops falling on icicles. In sailed Madam Jiang, followed by Jiang Wanying, Xu’shi, Huo’shi and the rest of the gorgeous women in a single file. This delicate march was momentarily halted when they spotted the two children sitting by the Old Madam. While Madam Jiang was still wondering just whose children had the audacity to sit by the Old Madam, Jiang Wanying had already stiffened with shock. She whipped her gaze around and the moment her gaze fell upon Fu Qiuning, her expression changed.

“Grandmother wanted to meet Changfeng and Changjiao, so I asked someone to invite them over. Mother hasn’t met these two grandchildren of yours yet, right?” When Jin Fengju walked up, Old Madam Jin released the two children’s hands and he took them, bringing them over to Fu Qiuning’s side. The three of them then made their greetings to Madam Jiang.

It was clear that this middle-aged woman had no good feelings towards the two children despite their obedient nature and adorable looks. Compared to Old Madam Jin, Fu Qiuning could even feel a cold aura emanating from Madam Jiang’s body. However, she maintained her peace, properly saluted according to custom and pulled the two children to the side with her.

As for Jin Zhenxuan, Jin Zhenyi, Jin Xiuzhen and the other children, they already knew their roles in this little power play and swarmed over to Old Madam’s side, grasping at her clothes and hands, their voices chirping affectionately for great-grandma and instantly monopolizing the spaces around the old lady.

[a] With the voices of the children filling the air, the room suddenly became very lively. Jin Fengju glanced over at Fu Qiuning, Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao. Fu Qiuning was standing with her head bowed, obviously thinking about something while the twins were whispering something to each other. Not a single one of them appeared to be distressed by the obvious hostility from Madam Jiang and the others.

When he looked towards Jiang Wanying, Xu’shi, Huo’shi and Madam Jiang, all four were laughing and chatting with each other, but the corners of their eyes kept flitting over the trio on the side. The sparks in their gaze were so strong that it looked as though the room might actually catch fire. He gave a little smile and turned to Madam Fang, “Is Second Uncle still at the government office? Why isn’t he here yet?”

Madam Fang pulled him down beside her and said with a laugh, “Your second uncle is just that kind of person. When he came back from the government office, he bade someone to give his greetings to the Old Madam but refused to enter the inner courtyard himself. What about your father and brother? How are they faring outside? When will they return to the city? Do you have any news? In my opinion, life outside is harsh, as the son and younger brother who often appear before the emperor, you should speak some words for them.”

Jin Fengju gave a bitter smile, “Is there anything that Second Aunt doesn’t know? It s precisely because I often appear before the emperor that such words could not be easily said. I believe Second Uncle should be outside greeting the guests now. I cannot stay here too long as Elder Brother is not around and there’s only me and Second Uncle as the male hosts. I must not let him tire himself too much.” The ‘Elder Brother’ here was Jin Luanfeng, Jin Shi’s son, who was always away looking after the various Jin family businesses and industries. Only his wife and children were at the marquisate; the man himself was about as easily found as a ghost.

“That makes sense too, go quickly now, your second uncle is a stickler for formalities. I have a feeling those noble young men are looking for you everywhere now,” said Fang’shi with a smile. Jin Fengju was about to stand up from his chair when someone called from outside to say, “Old Madam, Princess Consort Rong has sent a steward over with Dragon Boat Festival gifts.”

Old Madam Jin said, “Quickly let them in.”

At this, the children also stood up eagerly, their necks stretching out to catch sight of the gifts. Princess Consort Jin Yanqiu had always been a meticulous and proper person. Each time she send gifts, she made sure to include everyone. Not even the little children would be left out. Therefore, everyone always looked forward to her gifts.

The steward entered. He first greeted Old Madam Jin, followed by Madam Jiang and Jin Fengju before unfolding the long list of gifts and reading out loud, “Princess Consort Rong presents Old Madam with two pairs of jade ruyi [1], one pair of jadeite cabbages [2], five pairs of fine jade bracelets…” 

It went on and on like that for a little over an hour straight. The list was indeed very meticulous leaving no one out aside from Fu’shi, Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao, who were not on the list at all.

Jin Fengju listened dispassionately, feeling a little regretful, thinking: I might have been wrong to make the children and Fu’shi come to this banquet. The children are still young; hearing that everyone, including the other children, all received a gift except for them… what would they think? If they suffer from this, is it not my fault?

He quickly glanced over at the twins and saw them still chattering together in their mysterious twin language, smiling and lost in their own world, not in the least bothered by what was happening outside. When Jin Fengju saw this, he was in awe. He thought: Can they really be indifferent to insults and slights even at that age? Impossible, when I was seven or eight, I was still fighting with my elder brother over toys.

At that thought, he could not help but look towards Fu Qiuning and saw her smiling gently down at the twins. There was quiet pride in that smile. Looking at that smile, his heart warmed and he breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to leave when Jiang Wanying suddenly laughed and said, “Now that Princess Consort’s gifts have arrived, everyone should announce their gifts, right? Although it is the Dragon Boat Festival and not Old Madam’s birthday, I have prepared this gift most carefully. Naturally, I am not worthy to compete with the Princess Consort but I dare hope that Old Madam would view this as your granddaughter-in-law sincere regard.”

At that, she gave an order to her maids and the servants brought in an embroidered screen into the room. Jiang Wanying smiled, “It took two months to embroider this lotus flower screen. Since the Dragon Boat Festival also marks the beginning of the lotus flower season, this is the best time to display the screen in Old Madam’s room.”

Old Madam Jin smiled and said, “I’ve really troubled you. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. I am already happy to have received these potted plants and flowers from you just the other day. Surely there’s no need for you to prepare this too?”

[a] Then, she turned her head pointedly towards Fu Qiuning.

[a] Jiang Wanying’s face flushed as she was suddenly reminded of how she had practically forced the destitute Fu Qiuning into giving up the potted plants in her room. She coughed awkwardly and laughed, “What are a few potted aromatic plants? They are sold everywhere. If Old Madam likes potted plants so much, I can purchase better ones for you in the future. How about placing some flowering azaleas, moutan peonies and Chinese peonies in this room instead? What is more beautiful than the splash of red in a sea of mundane green?”

Old Madam laughed too, she said, “Really? That sounds good. However, I prefer these green fragrant plants myself. Although they are not as beautiful as moutan peonies or Chinese peonies, they are easy to care for, good for supporting one’s health and soothe the heart.”

The hearts of Madam Jiang and Jiang Wanying suddenly went ‘thud’. They thought: Why does it sound like the Old Madam was implying something? Is she trying to hint at something?

The two quietly turned to look at Jin Fengju who only stood up to smile and say, “Since it is time for gifts, how could this grandson fall behind? I happen to have one of Wu Changchun’s paintings of Guanyin. This grandson knows that Grandmother likes Wu Changchun’s art and naturally should demonstrate my filial piety.” Then, he turned to Madam Jiang and said, “However, I do wonder what Mother and Second Aunt have gifted Grandmother?”

Madam Jiang laughed and scolded, “Our gifts were sent a long time ago. Today is a day for you juniors to do your part, I’d like to see what you have for me later.” 

After saying that, Xu’shi, Huo’shi, Jin Luan Feng’s wife and concubines also came forward to present their gifts one after another.


[Gumihou: This banquet is so nerve-wracking]


[a] Additional stuff, because you know Gumi can’t leave things well enough alone.


Pill Bug TL Notes:


[1] This thing:


[2] Yes, jade cabbages are a thing too:


[Jin Family tree]


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