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Little Cooking Saint – 0337 – Steamed Pork with Rice Flour (j)

Chapter 337 – Steamed Pork with Rice Flour (j)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Announcement: This is going to be Gumi’s last chapter for Little Cooking Saint. I believe I have said all I needed to say in the previous chapters.

Farewell, dear readers. Be wary of bad recipes and realise that while cooking allows for plenty of room for creativity, bad food exists in real life.


Warning 1: bloody gore scene.

Warning 2: Spoilers up to 349 (the official end of Steamed Pork Arc) in Gumihou’s remarks



The person leaning against the door finished eating their fruit, threw the core into the flower bed and left.

Inside, the State Master was still tenderly stroking the puppy’s snow-white fur. Her fine white hands nearly blend in together with the puppy’s soft white fur.

After a few more strokes, her hand slowly stopped. The puppy in her arms, noticing the lack of attention, wriggled, barked and nibbled on her hand for attention.

The woman’s eyes lowered to the pet in her arms. [1] Suddenly, her delicate-looking hand grasped the puppy’s throat, preventing it from making a sound.

Her hand slowly tightened around its soft neck. The puppy’s mouth gradually widened, its eyes grew bloodshot and finally, the eyeballs exploded.

With a click, the puppy’s neck bones shattered into powder as it was reduced to a pool of bloody meat.

The State Master threw the body to a large flowerpot by her side. Black tentacles shot out from the flowerpot, winding themselves around the puppy. A short while later, the vines unwound. The body of the dead puppy had disappeared, having been served as nourishment

“Those who are disobedient, need not exist.”


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Three days passed by very quickly.

In those three days, Shiyu also found eight Divine Transformation experts to assist her.

That evening, Shiyu and Qing Chen refused Jin Ming’s invitation to participate in the Palace Banquet together.

Jin Ming also did not insist. That night, he dressed himself up in gold from head to toe. It was as though he was the incarnation of a golden statue as he entered the Imperial Palace.

At the palace gate, he happened to encounter the sixteenth prince.

Unlike the Eastern Empire Emperor with his single son. The Profound Sky Emperor was especially productive and managed to produce more than 30 sons.

Though a few did die, most grew to adulthood safely.

All men harboured an ambitious heart and there were many secret schemes and infighting within Profound Sky. Some said that if not for the internal struggle, Profound Sky’s territory might even double in size.

The sixteenth prince was one of the lesser-known princes.

“Greetings to Your Highness the Sixteenth Prince,” said Jin Ming. “Are you alone tonight?”

The Sixteenth Prince said, “I’m nothing like my brothers with plenty of supporters behind them.”

“It doesn’t matter. So long as you have me, I am worth the lot of them,” Jin Ming boasted.

“Can you please be a little modest? Though you keep talking about wanting to help me ascend the throne, you don’t appear very reliable to me,” said the Sixteenth Prince.

“Tsk, tsk, you distrust me this much?” Jin Ming looked dissatisfied.

“Yes, ah.”

Jin Ming suddenly grew angry, “You will lose my support like this!”

“So leave,” the Sixteenth Prince waved his hand casually, as though inviting Jin Ming to step away.

Seeing his lack of care, Jin Ming stomped his foot, “You! I’m about to die from frustration! Just think, aside from me, who else is willing to help you? If not for future profits, I really want to kick you a few times.”

“I think you had better lower your expectations,” the Sixteenth Prince folded his arms as he cast a lazy eye over the magnificent palace before him. “I have many brothers, each more cunning and more capable than the one before, with inexplicable forces supporting them. How could I ever win? Forget it, I haven’t much hope over the matter for a long time now.”

Jin Ming was speechless. “I haven’t given up yet but you’ve already thrown in the towel? Do you know how much money I spent on you? You had better give me some return on my investment. Let me tell you now, your time will come very soon.

“My time? Don’t make jokes, unless the entire Profound Sky’s forces are reshuffled, when would I ever get a turn to feast on this piece of meat?” said the Sixteenth Prince. He was someone with a cool head. Though he wish to sit on the throne, he was not one who would ignore his own abilities and jump in over his head.

Ambitious but not reckless. It was precisely this character that allowed him to live safely for over 80 years.

Jin Ming said nothing. He was looking around the palace but still had not seen his target yet. Finally, he entered with the Sixteenth Prince.

When they reached the banquet hall, he noticed a beautiful woman coming in. Even with a face that looked like it had been chipped from ice, she was still so beautiful that she could easily sway the hearts of the people around her.

The Sixteenth Prince looked in the same direction and felt his heart tremble at the sight of this woman. He feared this woman. She was already around before he was born. After so many years he had had to use various kinds of elixirs to force his appearance to remain at middle age but this woman was still as exquisitely beautiful as ever.

When he thought of the number of people who had died under her hands over all these years, he could not help but shudder again.

“We should witness a good show tonight,” said Jin Ming. “You just sit back and enjoy it.”

He had no idea when those two would come but he could not wait to see the sparks flying when the two sides encounter each other.

According to Shiyu’s character, she would definitely not give the State Master any face. If those two got into a fight in the palace… tsk, tsk, what a rare sight that would be.

As Jin Ming entertained various speculations in his mind, he continued to chat with the people around him. Now and then casting a glance towards the door, alert for the slightest hint of excitement.

However, the time came and went. His Majesty the Emperor had already appeared, but the two people he was most eager to see still could not be seen.

Don’t tell him those two were not willing to participate in the palace banquet? Surely not? If you make a good impression on the Emperor of Profound Sky, they will receive many benefits.

He was just thinking about this when the emperor asked the servants if everyone had arrived for the banquet. After some time, he received an answer that caused him to frown. [2] Then, he asked how many were absent, the servant gave a fairly large number. 11 people in total.

If there were only one or two absentees, that was understandable. However, 10 was just too abnormal.

Were they trying to test his sincerity?

The emperor thought for a moment, [2] and thought he should send someone to invite these people to the banquet again.

[3] “Find them and invite them, we shall wait,” said the emperor.

However, the servant soon returned after two quarters of an hour.

“Emperor, it’s not good. All those distinguished guests have all gone to the State Master’s House [4].”

The servant’s voice was not loud but the people in the banquet hall were no ordinary people. They heard every word clearly.

Gone to the State Master’s House?

Who went to the State Master’s House?

Jin Ming was just puzzling over this when he suddenly spat out the wine in his mouth.

“That’s just too bold!” Jin Ming was speechless.

He had thought that Shiyu and the State Master would come face to face at the banquet. Who would have thought that those two did not take this banquet seriously at all and had instead taken all their people to search the State Master’s residence while the owner was away.

The Sixteenth Prince was confused, “Who’s bold?”

Jin Ming did not answer. The State Master had already left the hall, presumably for her residence.

“Let’s go! We should hurry up and go watch the fun, too!”

Aren’t those two too unreasonable?



(3) days of baseless OMG!! Shiyu so brilliant!!


Gumihou: Okay, Gumi read ahead and thought this was a good place to Drop the Little Cooking Saint. For those who want to know what happens up to chapter 349. Here’s a rough sketch of it:














OMG Shiyu so amazeballs > ooh noes ebilness!! > oh noes, evil overwhelming good nooo > Go Shiyu! > Wow Shiyu! > Qing Chen spreading cold handsomeness > Shiyu so amaze kyaa> Stereotype: Timely help, yay! > Stereotype: Mystery, wut the, who the > Jin Ming goes nyahaha! > Put Unpredictable Merchant in his place, Shiyu! > Stereotype: Shiyu the chosen one! > Flag is dumb and dump > Heartfelt Stereotype (Still stereotype): Oh noes, tragedy > Family, sob > Steamed pork is sho good, waahhh…]


Naturally, a lot of details were missing.

While I’m sure everyone misses reading Shiyu’s awesome, wow, incredible, outstanding amazeballs presence…


Too bad.

Gumi had had enough.


The end of Steamed Pork with Rice Flour Arc







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[1] Wow, the subtle (not) comparison between this State Master and Shiyu. So not obvious at all.

Also, the puppy, the puppy, the puppy.

It’s supposed to be gory but Gumi was more like, yeah, yeah, your point is made, next?

[2] My fingers hurt from having to type out all the emperor’s ponderous thoughts. I can’t believe he hasn’t been assassinated yet.

[3] Gumi added this line because otherwise the connection between the paragraphs above and below is just too vague.

[4] By the way, the servant knows this because, get this, Shiyu did not bother to hide her presence.

Because, of course, she’s too good to hide her presence. =_=;;


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