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Tondemo Skill – 371.1 – Unedited Version

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Kanon and Rio were grinning with their arms entwined around my arms.

“What’s up, both of you?”

“It’s just… Right, Rio?”

“Yeah, Kanon-chan”

“We’re married now, so we’re very happy”

“That’s right. I’m really glad that Kato-kun became our husband”

Kanon and Rio sounded really cute when saying that. But, even me…

“I’m glad to have you Kanon and Rio as my wifes”

When I said that, Kanon and Rio were a bit shy but started laughing happily. Of course, the rings I gave to both of them were shining in their hands. We were in a dungeon about 10 minutes walk from the gate of the Royal Capital.

At the request of Kanon and Rio, on the day that I arrived at the Royal Capital, we went to the church of the Earth Goddess and had a wedding ceremony. The church of the Earth Goddess, which the two of them were really obsessed about, had a beautiful and majestic appearance, like a temple in ancient Rome.

The wedding ceremony wasn’t necessarily that big of a deal, they took donations, and then we’d just stand in front of the Earth Goddess that was located in the back of the church and would pray in front of it. Still, it feels different. By taking this ceremony, we were officially married.

That’s what happened the day before yesterday, and that night was our first night as newlyweds. Well, due to various reasons, we took the rest of the day and today we all went to the dungeon, since we’re kind of short on money. I used the money in various ways to prepare for the trip to the Royal Capital and the donation amount was quite insane.

There’s no leisure for the poor.

That’s why we came to the dungeon, but it’s the dungeon of the Royal Capital. There was a huge line of adventurers to get in, and we were part of that line.

“It looks like it’ll take a bit longer”

Kanon said so while looking at the procession.

“It can’t be helped, it’s the Royal Capital”


“I hope we get plenty of drop items”

“Yeah. We got married so our luck has gone up, so we should be getting plenty of drops”

Oh yeah, the priest did say something about that. It seems that our luck will increase if we have a wedding ceremony at the church. Still, it’s only by a little bit from what it seems. But even then, I guess we could expect something even if it’s just a little bit.

“I hope it’s true. But both of you, don’t overdo it. Promise me that”

“I know, and the same goes for you. If anything were to happen to you, I don’t know what I would do…”

“Indeed. I also don’t know what I would do…”

“I know. From now on, it’s the three of us, forever. Let’s make sure we keep safety as our number one focus”

“” “”Yup!”” “”




My specialty longsword torned the Orc from the shoulder to the belly.


The Orc collapses with his last dying breath. And then, he disappeared as if he had been sucked in by the dungeon.

“Phew, it’s over”

The dungeon of the Royal Capital is similar to the ones that you see in games, surrounded by stone walls and underground, and we were exploring the 8th floor of it. The Orcs that were hanging out in one room on the 8th floor had just been killed by us.

“There were a few of them, so let’s check out for the drops”

“True. I’m used to fighting Orcs, and after all it was the right call to come down to this floor”

The Orcs that we had been hunting for the main part appeared in the last 8 floors, so we decided to make money in this level for the time being. The three of us discussed and decided whether or not to proceed after exploring this zone.

“There’s a lot of Orc meat”

“Yeah. But, there’s also that…”

“Ughh. We can’t touch that, right?…”

“Yeah, that’s a bit…”

“Kato, please collect that for us”

“Alright, alright”

I collected the drop that they wouldn’t dare to touch. What Kanon and Rio were talking about were the Orcs testicles. This is one of the raw materials for energetic agents, and you can sell it at a fairly good price.

“I think we got a few items already, what should we do?”

“We still have plenty of room, so let’s keep on going. When it comes to making money, I want to try and make the most of it. Rio, what do you think?”

“I agree with you. It’s not like we can’t fight off the Orcs, plus there’s no need to worry about traps on this floor”

When we investigated the dungeon further down, we found out that traps were set up from the 10th floor onwards.

“If the two of you are okay with it, let’s keep exploring. Alright, let’s go”


When me and Rio tried to leave the room, Kanon didn’t move for some reason.

“Kanon, what’s wrong?”

“Yeah… Kato, Rio, can you come here?”

Kanon said so, so we rushed over to her.

“Look over there. Isn’t that strange, that left side of the wall in the back?”

With that said, Kanon pointed to the left side of the wall in the back. We looked closely to where she was pointing.

“Nothing seems strange about it…”

“I also don’t see anything strange…”

Seems like Rio is on the same page as me. Still, Kanon didn’t seem convinced.

“I’ll take a look at it”

With that said, she headed to the wall. Me and Rio followed Kanon, wondering about what was going on.

“It’s around here…”

She touched the wall where she felt like it was strange.

“See, it’s nothing. It’s just your imagina…”

I couldn’t even finish my sentence, because when she touched the wall, a part of it came off, and what appeared was a magic circle with a diameter of about 10 cm.

“T-This is…”

“See, I told you there was something in here”

Kanon said so with a self-satisfied look.

“It’s a magic circle. Do we use magical power on this?”

“Probably. I’ll try it”

“Ah wait, Kanon!”

I wasn’t in time to stop her, and she touched the magic circle.

(Some weird noises)

A part of the wall slid, and a room appeared behind it.

“Is this a hidden room?”

The three of us took a look inside.

“Ah! Look at the back, Kato-kun, Kanon-chan. Isn’t that wooden box a treasure box?”

When Rio told me to look at the back, there was an old wooden box sitting there.

“It’s true! There’s a treasure chest, let’s open it up”

With that said, Kanon stopped me from trying to open up the chest.

“Wait! There might be traps, so be careful”

“That’s right, Kanon-chan”

“But we’re on the 8th floor, there aren’t supposed to be any traps until the 10th floor onwards, right?”

“Yeah, but this is a hidden room, so it might have some traps”

“Well, let’s try and appraise it… Hmm, it seems like there are no traps”

Then, when I appraised it…


[Treasure Chest]

A treasure chest. It has no traps set up.


“Yeah, it looks okay”


Rio nodded when she appraised it as well.

“Okay then, let’s open it”

“I want to open it”

As the first discoverer of the hidden room, we handed the right of opening the treasure box to Kanon.

When Kanon slowly opened the treasure chest…

“Uhm, it’s just a jute bag along with a potion?”

There was a slightly dirty jute bag and a small bottle inside.

“First, let’s take a look at this jute bag”

We took the jute bag out and checked the inside.


“Gold coins!”

“There are about 100 gold coins in there! Yay!”

Taking a look at the inside of the jute bag, me, Kanon and Rio were excited. With this, we shouldn’t be running into any money issues for a while.

“Next up is this. As Kanon says, it’s a potion, but let’s appraise it first”


[Elixir (Weak)]

A weak elixir. Since it’s weak, it won’t grant any extra life span. Effective against all injuries and illnesses, including limb defects.


“This is…”

“An elixir…”


“Rio, we did it!”

“Rio, this can heal your arm!”

“M-My arm…”

“That’s right! This can get you your arm back!”

“R-Rio, I’m so happy for you. Really, I’m so happy!”

“Kanon-chan, sniff”

The three of us hugged each other and cried in delight. When we calmed down, I told Rio to take the elixir.

“Rio, give it a try. If you’re injured, it’s best to drink half of it and then apply another half of it to the affected area”

“A-Are you sure? Thinking about it, we could sell this and live our lives without any problems…”

“Why are you holding back on it! Of course you can have it!”

“That’s right Rio! We already got money from the treasure box. It’s not enough to just give up on working and living our lives in peace, but we won’t be in trouble for a good while”

“Alright then… Ah!”

Rio stopped right before drinking the elixir.

“What’s wrong, Rio?”

“Well, if I drank it here wouldn’t my arm heal immediately? If so, wouldn’t it be suspicious when I left the dungeon?”

“Oh, that’s right! It’s exactly how Rio says it. There are a lot of adventurers in the dungeon here, so I don’t know if anyone remembers us, but if anyone does, they will know that we found a treasure, right?”

“Yeah. Well, it would be bad news if we had strange people after us”

“Both of you make a good point. We experienced in the past that people are even more cunning than monsters”

Kanon and Rio nodded deeply to my words.

“And if you think about it, it might be a bad idea to drink the elixir while we’re in the Royal Capital. The inn employees know our name. Other guests also know us. It would be a big commotion if they saw Rio’s arm grow back again”


“Yeah, just like how Kato-kun said it”

“In that case…”

We decided to only cash in on the Orc drops and keep the treasure a secret. Then, we decided that we would be leaving the Royal Capital tomorrow.


A whole day had passed ever since we left the Royal Capital. Although we were proceeding along the highway, there were no signs of people nearby so far.

“Okay, I guess it’s okay for you to drink it here”

“Yeah. It’s been a long day from the Royal Capital but I think we’re in the clear. Rio, drink it”


Rio took out the elixir from the item box and took half of it in one go. Then, she sprinkled the other half around the elbow of her left arm, which she had lost. Then, her body glowed faintly and the area around her left arm glowed strongly.

“Rio, are you okay?”


The light that wrapped her subsided in about 10 seconds.

“Kato-kun, Kanon-chan, this…”

“Rio, your left arm”

“Your arm is back to normal!”

Rio’s left arm was restored.

“My arm is back to normal! Thank you so much, both of you!”

Then, Kanon and Rio and I hugged each other and cried out of happiness.


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