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Tondemo Skill – 345 – Unedited Version

Since Gumi had added… 700 words to the chapter, interested readers may have a look and see whether the addition was necessary…



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We split and began preparing the BBQ. I had Aiya, Teresa and Celia-chan cut the vegetables. Lettuce, cucumber and tomato are best eaten raw since they are fresh, so that’ll be used as salad. The eggplants are cooked with the skin to make grilled eggplants, and the same for corn. The pumpkin was big and the skin was quite hard, so I cut it up.

Before, I had issues cutting pumpkins, but it might be due to my level having gone up, it became much easier now.

I took the pumpkins seed and cut it thin, then peeled it. The color is dark and it looks sweet, so I’m looking forward to eating it. As for the rest is the essential meat.

“Can everyone cut this Blue Bull and Orc Meat like this?”

Fer and the rest are taking part, so we need a large amount. We had 3 people cutting the large amount of meat. I then decided to prepare another meat in the meantime.

“I’ll make that with Rockbird meat!”

I decided to make some Jamaica’s local cuisine cooking with the remaining Rockbird meat, jerk chicken. I heard rumors that it was delicious and then when I looked it up on the internet, everyone had good comments on it. I’ve been wanting to eat it forever, and it’ll be even more delicious if grilled over charcoal.

It’s easy to make good things now.

First of all, I purchased the ingredients from the Net Super. I purchased lemon, onion, garlic and jerk chicken seasoning, which is the decisive factor for the taste. There are two types of jerk chicken seasoning, one is in powder form and the other is as a drop from a jar, but the jar drop seems to be recommended.

I also bought the long-selling familiar grilled meat sauce for Blue Bull and Orc meat and charcoal for the BBQ stove.

“Well, time to make some jerk chicken. Still, the requirements are not that many”

First of all, after making a hole in the Rockbird meat with a fork, I sprinkled lemon juice on the meat and let it blend in. After that, grated onion, garlic, jerk chicken seasoning and a little bit of honey, then put it in a plastic bag along with the Rockbird meat and knead it a little so that the taste soaks in.

“Alright, let’s go to where everyone is”

When I put a large amount of ingredients in the item box, I headed to where everyone was.



“Alrighty everyone, the sauce is ready”

We had each person bring their own bowl and fork.

“The meat is roasted, so you can eat it with sauce. Also, you should try the pumpkins. I tried tasting it a little now, and it’s just really sweet”

I told everyone while taking the meat to Fer, Dora-chan and Sui.

“Here you go guys”

They immediately began digging in as soon as I placed the plates in front of them.

“”Umu, it’s delicious”

“”Just like I thought, the meat grilled over charcoal is delicious”

“”So goood!”

Indeed, the meat grilled over charcoal is different.

“It’s delicious!”

“The fragrant of the roasted meat is something else”

“It’s really good when you add in this sauce”

The Toni family and the Alban family were pecking at the food in harmony. As for the guards, they were eating silently. Hey, there’s more so no need to eat in such a hurry. Wait, looking closely, two people were crying.

“Damn, this meat is so good…”

“Yeah, meat sure is good…”

The two stupid twins were so impressed with the Blue Bull meat that they were filling their mouths and crying at the same time. However, they didn’t touch the Orc meat at all. I guess the trauma from the other day is still affecting them.

Well, it’ll go away eventually and they’ll go back to eating it I guess.

“Ah, don’t just eat meat, there’s also salad that I prepared with a big variety of dressings!”

“Mukouda-san, so you put this “dressing” and eat it?”

“That’s right Alban. This is sesame dressing, this is Japanese dressing and this is French dressing. My recommendation is sesame. It’s fragrant and delicious”

“I see, then I’ll try the sesame seeds”

With that said, Alban began tasting the salad with the sesame dressing. He must’ve found it so delicious that he made his wife Teresa and his children eat it as well.

After all, when there’s vegetables there’s gotta be salad. However, I want to eat meat first. I can’t help eating meat with this amazing smell.

“Yup, delicious! This sauce is the best after all”

“”Hey, give me meat”

“”Give me some too”

“”Sui wants some too!”

“Alright, alright, give me a moment”

I gave Fer and the other two another big portion of meat. Oh, is the eggplant done? It was cooked in a good condition. When making grilled eggplant, having it burn the skin is perfect.

“Aiya, please take care of this. Everyone is eating meat like crazy so we need some more”

I left Aiya in charge of grilling the meat, then took out the bowl from the item box and called out to Fer.

“Fer, can you put some ice in this bowl? Some small one please”

“”Why do I have to do that while I’m eating, that’s a pain in the ass”

“Sorry, but I need it to peel the skin of the grilled eggplant”

“”Guess I have no choice. Here you go”

The ice overflows in the bowl.

“Woahh, that’s too much!”

Since it would be a waste, I moved the excess ice to another bowl and put it in the item box. Then, I put water in a bowl to make ice water, soaked the grilled eggplant in it for about 30 seconds and then took it out. There’s a notch around the calyx of the eggplant, so I peeled it off from the calyx in advance so that it comes out smooth and beautiful.

I cut it into a suitable size, arranged it on a plate and sprinkled with bonito and mentsuyu…

“The grilled eggplant is ready”

When I gave it to everyone, the children and the guards reacted with a “Hmm” , while Toni, Aiya, Alban And Teresa seemed to be all excited about it, saying “Delicious!”.

Of course, I also enjoyed it. The grilled eggplant really is delicious.

Meanwhile, the corn was baked as well. This is very popular with children because it’s sweet and delicious. Costi-kun, Celia-chan, Oliver-kun, Erik-kun, Lotte-chan, every one of them was obsessed with it. Peter also seems to like sweets unexpectedly, so he was clinging to it as well.

I also like corn, so I added it to the net.

Even so…

“I feel like drinking some beverage with this BBQ…”

“What, beverage you say?!”

The dwarf, Bartel responded to the word beverage.

“Oh, there’s beverages?”

“Do you want some?”

“Of course! Living here has been several times better than living as an adventurer, but there’s only one thing I’m unhappy about. I can’t drink enough!”

“Huh, didn’t you go to buy beverages the other day?”

I heard that he went to the town to buy beverages on his day off.

“That’s right, but sometimes I just want to drink until I can’t anymore”

Of course, he’s a dwarf after all.

“Alright, today’s a no-holds-barred party. Let’s all drink some beverages!”

When I said that, the adults (especially the guards) screamed. I immediately bought canned beer and children’s juice at the Net Super.

“The children can drink juice from this plastic bottle. Twist it like this to open the lid. As for the adults, we’ll be having canned beer. Just open this part up and press it to open”

I showed everyone how to open it.

“Alright then everyone, cheers!”

“” “” “” “”Cheers!”” “” “” “”

Gulp, gulp. Beer is delicious!

“Kahhh, it’s delicious! I didn’t expect a cold beverage to be this good. This calls for more meat!”

“It’s really delicious! I love this sensation of the drink passing through my throat”

“Delicious beverages and meat, this is the best!”

Fufufu, that’s right, that’s right! However, there’s other meat that goes better with beer. It’s about time that the taste soaked in and it’s in good condition for sure.

“Okay, I’m going to grill more meat that goes well with beer from now on”

I opened the plastic bag that was placed on the table made with my earth magic, then put the Rockbird meat in the grill. Immediately, the spicy scent fills the area.

“W-What is this delicious scent…”

“It’s an appetizing scent”

Everyone had their eyes glued to the jerk chicken. I grilled the front and the back of it. Alright, this should be good enough.

“Here you go everyone”

While serving Fer, Dora-chan and Sui’s portion, I called out to everyone as well. In front of Fer, Dora-chan and Sui, I put a plate with a pile of jerk chicken.

“”Oh, it’s some kind of cooking with plenty of aromas. Let’s try it… Umu, it’s quite delicious. It could be a little bit more spicy”

“”Woa, it’s really good with this little spiciness!”

“”It’s true. It’s spicy but delicious!”

Jerk chicken was also popular among Fer and the other two.

“Ahh, this is just so good! It goes very well with this cold beverage!”

Bartel said so after drinking beer.

I mean, I chilled the canned beer in the bowl with the ice that Fer gave me earlier, but Bartel was going with all the momentum drinking it all by himself.

“Bartel, you’re drinking too much on your own!”

“Yeah, indeed!”

The two stupid twins protested, but Bartel showed no concern.

“It’s about who gets it first!”

While saying so, he opened another can of beer.

“Ahh, there he goes again!”

“Hahaha, another canned beer it is! Like I said, today is a no-holds-barred party. Drink up!”

While saying so and replenishing additional canned beer, I also opened the second beer.

“Ohh, Mukouda-san, you’re the best!”

“As expected from Mukouda-san!”

“”Hey, I want more”

“”Me too”

“”Sui too!”

“Alright, wait a bit”

I put a heap of jerk chicken right before Fer and the others.

“Eat away!”

“We’ll eat as well!”

“Of course!”

Everyone flocked around the spicy jerk chicken with a beer in one hand. After all, it’s fun to do BBQ in large numbers.


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