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Higher Level Wife – 037 – Support (2)

Chapter 37: Support (2)

Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


Jin Fengju’s expression sank slightly. He said in a low voice, “Mother, you should also pay attention to what you say. No matter what, the children are my flesh and blood. Their mother might be lowborn, but half their blood still flowed from me. There can be no doubt about that. Fu’shi had educated the two children very well and I now feel both love and guilt for them. I do not know how to compensate them for their years of suffering. Yet, my own mother, a kind and devoted Buddhist would come forth to personally press me to divorce my wife and abandon my children.

Have you completely lost your compassion? They are nothing but orphans and widows who depended on each other to survive. Once separated, not only would they lose their loved ones, they might even starve to death. Not to mention, that Prince Zhenjiang does not care about his daughter at all. Once she is divorced, isn’t she as good as dead?”

Madam Jiang’s anger boiled over in her heart. However, she resisted the urge to show it openly on her face and asked in an equally sombre voice, “Then, according to you, we should let that Fu’shi stay here, in our marquisate, for the rest of her life? What of your cousin? Is she to live with the title of secondary wife until she dies? No matter what, she’s the granddaughter of the Duke of Lu. Her status alone makes her good enough to marry into the palace as an imperial concubine, and yet, she married out as a secondary wife. Now, ask yourself, have you done right by her?”

Jin Fengju was perfectly indifferent, “How I treat my cousin, she should know best. Mother should ask her whether I’ve wronged her all these years. Aside from the title, which was the consequence of incidents out of our hands, how else have I wronged her? I threw Fu’shi into Night Breeze Pavilion for six years. She lived a poor and destitute life there and yet still managed to educate two children into proper talents. Owing to her virtue and achievements, I cannot in good conscience divorce her. I shall explain to my brother-in-law personally about this in the future. Aside from these, does mother have anything else to say? If there is nothing, I shall return first.”

“Are you refusing to listen to mother now?!”

Jing Fengju had always appeared gentle, yet oddly unyielding. He would follow along with whatever his parents decided, so long as it was not something he was fully against. However, once he had made up his mind, it was difficult for his parents to change it. Generally, this was a common problem with particularly promising children.

In short, he had already made up his mind to dismiss Madam Jiang’s request even before she voiced them. As his mother, Madam Jiang realised this too and knew that he would most likely not bow to her wishes. However, this did not deter her from going for the emotional route and said with tears in her eyes, “How do you expect me to explain this to your uncle in the future? Do you truly want his daughter, a nble and dignified granddaughter of the Duke of Lu, to be your secondary wife for the rest of her life?” As though overwhelmed by her own words, she burst into wretched sobs.

Jin Fengju looked at his mother, feeling amused and bitter at the same time. His mother had enjoyed a life of great wealth and status all her life, had she not? As for Jiang Wanying, she had everything except for the title of ‘Official Wife’. In contrast, Fu’shi had nothing except for the empty title of ‘Official Wife’. Even having such a title was basically a humiliation to her. Comparing these two… he sighed and thought: the human heart really doesn’t know how to be satisfied, ah.

“There’s no need for tears, mother. You must know your son’s character. If uncle wishes to blame someone, you may send him my way and let him scold me.” With this final remark, Jin Fengju stood up. “If there’s nothing else, this son will retire.”

“Y-you… did you see this? Did you all see this?!” Madam Jiang stared at Jin Fengju’s disappearing back and began to howl and cry even more. She turned to the dowry maid by her side, now the stewardess, and cried, “How did I give birth to such a heartless thing? Now he won’t even listen to me. To think he’d turn on me for the daughter of a deadly enemy. Wh- what have I done to deserve this?”

“Elder Madam, please don’t say that,” the stewardess, Lin Sanjia, said with a quick smile. “The Young Marquis is so promising. Still young, yet already the emperor’s favourite. Who knows how many lifetimes of blessings Elder Madam must have accumulated to beget such a wonderful son. Although he did not appear to listen to Elder Madam, this one also heard that the Young Marquis would often get into arguments with the emperor. Therefore, it’s inevitable for him to be a little arrogant.

What’s more, for the Young Marquis to say this, he must have given the matter a lot of thought. Just think, Elder Madam, isn’t the Young Marquis very filial to you? Haven’t you always said that of all the sons and daughters around, the Young Marquis is the most filial? Moreover, it’s not just lip service filial piety. Therefore, surely there’s no reason to get upset over such a trivial matter?

Also, that Fu’shi is only an official wife in name only. Though the Young Marquis’ cousin holds the title of Secondary Wife, she is still a wife and the one with the real power in the family. What of the official wife in name? In the future, when the emperor bestows the First Rank title to noble wives, could lady cousin even run away from it? When the time comes, would not everyone congratulate her for her great fortune? Once the news gets back to her maternal family’s house, would not everyone sigh with relief? Why argue so unhappily with the Young Marquis over such a trivial matter and spoil a good mother and son relationship?”

This Lin Sanjia really knew how to talk. Words unfolded eloquently, relieving a lot of the Elder Madam’s anger and anxiety. The maid’s words made a lot of sense. This was her son, after all, so how could she not understand his nature? He was just this kind of person. After wiping her tears, she sighed quietly, “How could you understand me? If it is as you’ve said, it would be very good. I’m just afraid that Fu woman would use some unusual means to attract Fengju’s heart. Wanying had always been a little proud and straightforward. If Fengju is really hooked away by that Fu woman… aih! How can I be at peace?”

Lin Sanjia quickly smiled and say, “Isn’t this just some unfounded worry? What is Fu’shi’s status? What is our lady cousin’s status? Moreover, the two children under her knees are not birthed by her. Our lady cousin has borne two children with the Young Marquis. What’s more, Fu’shi’s looks are only pretty in the most conventional sense. Just what unusual means could she have?

Just think. It has already been six years, if she had any genuine means, would she wait until now to use it? Elder Madam may set your mind at ease. I believe Madam is too close to the situation; this maid, as a bystander, sees things more clearly. No matter what, our Young Marquis will always do what makes Elder Madam happy. He has a good nature and unlike the cold-hearted people of his generation, he must have been moved by Fu’shi’s action of adopting the two children and was overwhelmed by compassion. This is just some common courtesy, what is there to worry about?”

Madam Jiang let her maid keep talking until she finally felt relieved enough to smile.


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In a blink of an eye, it was already the month of May.

In those few days, Fu Qiuning busied herself collecting the spices and plants in the courtyard and entrusted Zhang San to sell the lot. At the end of the day, they managed to collect close to four tales of silver. This was a large sum of money for them. She set aside two strings of coins for that month’s living expenses. As for the rest of the scattered silver pieces, they were all placed in a piece of red silk and wrapped up carefully.


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