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Little Cooking Saint – 0332 – Steamed Pork with Rice Flour (e)

Chapter 332 – Steamed Pork with Rice Flour (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: …actions have consequences. Sometimes unexpected consequences. 


Luo Dongting had no Cultivation base. He followed them because he wanted to know why he had been running about so busily for such a long time.

Naturally, when he announced his desire to join this trip, Shiyu had asked him seriously whether he had truly made up his mind to follow them.

His answer was a firm ‘yes’.

There was no point in trying to dissuade him after that. If he went with them, they would all be grasshoppers in the same boat anyway [1a].

The Rainbow Sparrows were renowned for their speed. Normally, it would take at least two or three days to reach Qiyun Town but with the Sparrows’ assistance, they managed to reach their destination in just one day.

They set out early in the morning and arrived at Qiyun Town early the next day.

For a town, Qiyun was quite large, giving the feel of a small city. However, there were no walls around it and the guards were relatively few. However, there were quite a few Cultivators here, which was a little odd.

“This is one of the Unregulated Regions.” On their way here, Qing Chen had studied up on this location and understood it clearly.

The so-called Unregulated Regions meant there was no proper law or order here. Thus, the only thing that one could rely on was strength. This was a place where the strongest was king.

The people who live here were neither good-hearted nor naïve. Therefore, it was not surprising to see so many Cultivators here [1b].

Shiyu could not help but frown. “If that is the case, we might encounter some trouble.”

This Soul Drawing Banner has the ability to suck out people’s souls to extend its life. Within the Unregulated Region, more Cultivators would pick fights with each other. With less access to medical assistance or help, the chances of death were high.

So long as Li Tian could seize upon a few dying Cultivators, regardless of their Cultivation realm, he could definitely find a way to extend his soul’s vitality.

“It’s one thing to replenish his soul but quite another fully restore it. We have nothing to worry about so long as it could not escape. The Queen Bee and the rest of their comrades are all here. There’s nowhere for it to escape within a hundred miles,” said Qing Chen

“Let’s hope no new trouble arises [1c]!”

After the group got off their mounts it was not long before they saw several people on flying mounts appearing from a distance.

The Rainbow Sparrows [1d] chirped a few times and the people flying in stopped in front of their group.

When Shiyu saw Jin Ming at the front of their group, she frowned.

“Hah, what a coincidence, ah. I never expect to meet you people here. Looks like our fates are intertwined. Since our meeting is fated, how about we go and have a drink and some snacks together?” said Jin Ming as he jumped off his mount.

However, Shiyu’s attention was on the person behind Jin Ming.

The person behind Jin Ming was a woman wearing a flamingo red [2] dress and lounging lazily upon a black Dream Monster’s back.

The Dream Monster was not large. Its whole body was covered in black feathers aside from the white circles around its four limbs. A faint mist surrounded it.

As for the woman, though flamingo red was not as dignified as true red, it had a rather free and easy charm to it. The combination of red and black clothes made it difficult to overlook her.

As for her Cultivation, it was a little difficult to determine. However, Shiyu was certain that this woman’s Cultivation was higher than hers.

Jin Ming noticed they ignored him in favour of the person behind him and a rather complex expression appeared on his face.

As though noticing Shiyu’s gaze, the woman looked up and swept her eyes lazily over them.

When she saw Qing Chen, her eyes lit up and in the next moment, she suddenly appeared in front of Qing Chen.

“This gentlemen look very familiar, ah!”

Qing Chen’s expression did not change, “You know me?”

“You look a lot like my future husband,”

“… …”

Shiyu had originally wondered whether this person had anything to do with Qing Chen. However, it looked like this was just a blatant flirtation.

Qing Chen ignored her and turned to Shiyu, “Let’s leave!”

Since they don’t know these people, there’s no need to waste time on them.

However, he may wish to leave but the other side continued to stick to him.

“This young master, where are you going? We happen to be going the same way, so why don’t we go together?”

Qing Chen did not even look and her and made to leave.

However, ignoring did not make these people disappear.

“Young master, if you don’t speak I shall take it as tacit acknowledgement. We really are destined to meet each other. To think we’d meet in such a deserted place and be intimate so quickly, we are definitely destined mates.”

Just how are we intimate…

Shiyu wiped away her cold sweat.

While the woman was busy sticking to Qing Chen, Shiyu appeared beside Jin Ming and grabbed his neck. Her lips curved into a smile that was not a smile, “Are you stalking me?”

Jin Ming gave her an injured look, “No, ah. I was just passing by.”

“Hah,” Shiyu would have to be a fool to believe this. “Just what are you trying to do!”

“Don’t be anxious. Do let go first. We can have a leisurely chat together,” said Jin Ming with a laugh. However, when Shiyu tightened her grip and he had to give in, “Alright, alright, I’ll speak. In fact, I’m just a matchmaker. Your friend is such a talented and good-looking person. Isn’t it a good time to start a family while young?”

“You matchmake through stalking?” Shiyu did not believe him at all.

“What else do you think I’m here for?” Jin Ming looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. “I can’t match you people in strength, why would I serve myself up to be beaten like this?”

Shiyu let go of him. Because she had just thought of something.

In fact, this Jin Ming is not a simple character at all. From the moment he attacked her at the restaurant until now, the man had not been playing by the rules at all.

Even Qing Chen had judged him to be a difficult opponent.

In the original story, Lin Fan had only beat him up a little but did not kill him.

This was enough to show that Jin Ming was not the silly looking person he purported to be [1e].

Though she cannot see through Jin Ming’s goals, everyone has their own purpose for doing something. Therefore, Jin Ming cannot be doing something without a purpose [1e].

More importantly… that woman…

“Jin Ming,” she suddenly said. “That woman should be Profound Sky’s State Master, ba!”

Though she was not entirely sure, she spoke with a firm tone to deceive him [1f].

Jin Ming did not immediately reveal the matter but said instead, “What makes you think so?”

“There’s only one powerful person who could not walk away at the sight of a beautiful man.”

“But that doesn’t mean she’s the State Master, ah.”

“When add to our identity as Eastern Martial Empire residents?” Shiyu was really angry now. She had not expected that for all her careful planning and secrecy [1g], she would end up attracting such a large wolf all because of this Jin Ming.

She recalled what Suo Lan had said before. This Li Tian has a very close relationship with Profound Sky’s State Master.

Right now, Li Tian’s remnant soul was somewhere around this area and so was the State Master.

The thing that Shiyu did not want to happen most was happening right now.


[Gumihou: … *sips spits calming tea*]


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[1] Really? You’re sure?

[a] Luo Dongting might be a grasshopper in the boat, but the others are at least stray dogs with the ability to swim.

[b] Gumi no understanding this logic: many unsavoury people = many Cultivators? Just what?

[c] …did you just… raise a flag?

[d] …what’s the relationship between the chirping and other people arriving?

[e] …I fear for your future if it takes you this much brain work to recognise this basic scheme.

[f] …more ‘Wow! Shiyu is so Smart!’ points

[g] Pffftt!!!

[2] Flamingo red aka 妃色 or Concubine Colour

It turned out that the Chinese have varying names for different kinds of reds: Powder Red (pink), Sakura Red (closer to maroon), Peach Red (less orange than Concubine Colour) etc


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