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Little Cooking Saint – 0326 – Fragrant Noodles (g)

Chapter 326 – Fragrant Noodles (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


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Shiyu had allocated several days to handle this issue. Unexpectedly, it had been resolved in just a single day [1]. However, she was still unsure whether the Rainbow Sparrow Clan would let their guard down long enough to consider working with her.

After returning from Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, she devoted herself to the study of the Heating Control chapter.

After passing through the Frying, Double-Boiling and Stewing [2] checkpoints, it was time to tackle Boiling.

For the Boiling test, the dish master had her make was not a side dish but a noodle dish [3].

Noodle could be found everywhere, from north all the way to the south. Although Shiyu was not too proficient with noodle dishes, she could at least make the simplest noodle dishes. [4]

On this day, after she was done kneading the dough, she turned the noodles into strings [5] and set them out to sun dried at the flower field. The noodles were very thin and looked like a fine veil from a distance.

When the people in the treehouse saw her do this, they knew that something delicious would be available soon and could not wait for noon to arrive.

However, when noon came, before the delicious food was ready, an unexpected guest arrived.

It was the grand elder from the Central Trading House. With him was the young master of the company.

It was the same young master she had seen back at the restaurant.

When Shiyu saw him, she was a little surprised.

She had not expected to discover that the person who tried to bully her that day turned out to be the young master of Central Trading House.

No wonder he was beaten up so badly by Lin Fan in the original works.

“Looks like we’ve arrived at the right time. I see you’re about to have lunch. Miss, surely you won’t mind us coming to freeload a meal!” The young man who had been looking all around the place with great interest finally looked at Shiyu. “This humble person has forgotten to introduce myself. My surname is Jin and my name Ming [6].”

Shiyu frowned at him, “What did you just say?”

“This humble self has just told miss my name.”

“No, what you said before that.”

Jin Ming waved his hand, “We have come to freeload a meal, surely miss wouldn’t mind?”

“Oh, I mind very much.”

“… hahaha, don’t be like this, miss. No matter what, I am still a person of some importance. For you to reject me like this, I could lose face.” At this, he looked around the place again, “This miss’s residence is quite refined, when I return to Profound Sky, I must have something similar constructed.”

As he was speaking, his eyes caught some movement from behind the girl. Once the young man drew closer, he saw that the other party has a clear and solemn face. His face pulled into an exaggerated [7] expression, “This brother’s looks are quite good. If you were to come to Profound Sky, I’m sure you could obtain an opportunity.”

Too bad the person he was speaking to did not pay attention to him. Instead, Liu Eleven was the one who asked, “What kind of opportunity?”

“Our Profound Sky’s State Master likes to accept young and beautiful disciples best. So long as you have a good face, you will have the opportunity to be recruited. Once you become the State Master’s person, your future will be bright.

Just half a month ago, two young people from some small country in the east arrived and attracted the attention of our State Master. The State Master wished to take them in as disciples but they rejected this goodwill. Really, some people just don’t know how to accept when great fortune descended on them.”

Jin Ming pulled a regretful face at him.

As soon as he was done speaking, he noticed that the person who had not been paying attention to him earlier was now looking at him.

“What happened to the two young people who rejected the State Master?”

“What else? They had to pay the price of making the State Master lose face. The State Master had taken one away but the second one could not be found when I came here. I supposed they should have found him by now. Why? Do you know them?”

Jin Ming’s eyes flashed as he studied their expression.

“We don’t know who those people are. You’re just suspicious,” said Shiyu. “Your imagination is too rich.”

“One of them is surnamed Feng while the other Lin. Even if you don’t know them, surely you would have heard of them?” his tone carried some certainty.

“We already said we don’t know them. Shouldn’t you be the clearest?” Qing Chen said. “Young Master Jin have investigated us for several days now only to appear today. You should first explain yourself!”

Jin Ming coughed a little embarrassedly at having been caught, “I was just curious. After all, I’m here to make friends.”

“I’m afraid we cannot afford this noble friendship,” said Qing Chen flatly.

“Why not?” Jin Ming smiled. “So long as you are willing, we are already friends.”

“Do you think these words of yours could be considered trustworthy?” asked Shiyu.

“Naturally it is the most trustworthy,” Jin Ming’s expression did not change.

He continued to sit for a little longer. However, the people before him did not take the hint. Clearly, they have no intention of welcoming him. Finally, he could only stand and return home.

“Forget it, I shall come again. I trust you should know my sincerity the next time I come.”

Jing Ming left as airily as he had come, he did not look the least upset. Anyone watching from the outside would assume that he had a very good relationship with Shiyu.

“What a difficult person to handle,” Shiyu stared at the gradually disappearing carriage until it was gone. Then, she turned to Qing Chen with a frown, “Has she found anything yet?” [8a]

The matter she had Luo Dongting help her investigate was very confidential. However, before this person, [8a] she was not afraid that he would accidentally leak any information.

“It’s possible they have a vague idea that we must have some goal in mind. Only, they have no idea what we’re up to yet,” said Qing Chen. [8b]

He had been in contact with Luo Dongting these past few days and Luo Dongting had informed him that he had sent people out to track down the information. [8c]

This was not the Eastern Martial Empire. There was no way they could keep everything they do a secret. Therefore, it was not surprising to have someone extend their reach to this place. [8d]

“If that’s the case, we should hurry up,” so long as they could find Li Tian’s remnant soul quickly before anyone else intervenes, all would be fine.

“En,” Qing Chen nodded.

Liu Eleven looked between the two of them, not really understanding what these two were talking about. Later, he asked Uncle Gan about it but Uncle Gan’s answers were all very vague.

How nice it would be if Xiaoxiao is here to explain everything he didn’t understand?

Speaking of which, hasn’t it been a long time since he last saw Xiaoxiao? Ever since she came back from Eastern Empire, she had been really busy and he rarely saw her…


Within the house, Shiyu thought about what Jin Ming had said. She said aloud, “Why do I get the feeling that he purposely came here to tell us about Lin Fan and Feng Luo? Who knows where they are now.”

She was still talking to herself when someone came to pay a visit.

This person has a very ordinary face. The kind that would not elicit any interest and could disappear into a crowd. When he saw Shiyu, he greeted her respectfully and said, “This is a letter from our Grand Elder. This lowly one has been entrusted to hand it to miss.”

Shiyu accepted the letter and found that it contained major information on Profound Sky Capital.

Feng Luo had indeed been captured by the State Master. In order to rescue his friend, Lin Fan had critically injured the State Master and ran off with Feng Luo… to ensure a safe passage out of Profound Sky, he also grabbed a princess as a hostage.

When the teleportation formation activated, he took the opportunity to leap into it and went straight to the Eight Realm…


[Gumihou: How sad is it to have to compare yourself with someone close to mentally retarded to make yourself feel intelligent?]


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[1] Lol, I guess we’re supposed to be impressed. Also, be awed by her humbleness.

[2] I guess the author couldn’t handle Double Boiling or Stewing and decided to just jump into Boiling. Gumi doesn’t mind though, it saves her eyes and brain.

Hurrah for lazy writing.

[3] Gumi is scared already. PTSD from chapter 112.

[4] Lol, no, actually, you can’t.

[5] Author is getting clever. Using vague references instead of wrong references. Gumi doesn’t mind this. Good.

[6] Lol, he has a similar name to a servant in Higher Level Wife. The character is different though.

[7] No, Gumi does not know what kind of exaggerated expression.

[8] Excuse me, the PLOT HOLE?

[a] You can speak to Qing Chen privately but have you forgotten about L11!!

[b] Excuse me, anyone with toes could assume this?!?! Surely you don’t have to ‘investigate’ anyone to know this??!! All you need are toes!! Your toes could assume this at first glance!!??

[c] Excuse me are you INCOMPETENT??!

You spent a few days just learning this????

You’re fired as a spy!

My toes would make a better spy!

[d] …this is not how espionage work. Also, ‘absolute secrecy’? You literally build a treehouse, right in front of the most prosperous teahouse that happened to double as an information collection point, had your 2 minions step all over the important people’s toes by buying up everything at the auction and now you want to talk about keeping secrets?

Why don’t you just carry a placard that says, ‘We Ain’t Suspicious Here’ and call your shop ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Suspicious’?

Also, brilliant performance in front of Jin Ming. Not suspicious at all.


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