Little Cooking Saint – 0325 – Fragrant Noodles (f)

Chapter 325 – Fragrant Noodles (f)

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The Rainbow Sparrow Clan live in a valley where tall trees shaded the ground and a perpetual mist shrouded the treetops. The valley could only be viewed from a certain angle after cresting the top of a mountain. [2] Even then, it was difficult to tell that a clan of flying beasts made their home there due to the massive treetops and pervading mists. One has to enter the valley before they could get a proper glimpse of the nest.

Shiyu deliberately did not conceal her strength when she entered [2] Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. Therefore, when they arrived at the top of the mountain, several Spiritual Beasts already spotted them.

The three Pandas had been here before and were recognised by the local [3] Spiritual Beasts.

“Why have you returned? Moreover, you brought a human over too… haven’t you done enough harm to Que’er? Get out right now, otherwise don’t blame us for being discourteous!”

Bei Bei immediately countered, “Que’er is innocent, you can’t kill her!”

“It’s up to the elders to decide what happens to Que’er, outsiders like you need not interfere.”

Seeing that the other party was not willing to let them into the valley, Shiyu knew that it would be useless to talk to them. She simply moved and struck the Spiritual Beast in the back of the neck, knocking it out.

“Go! Take me to Que’er’s grandfather’s place immediately,” so long as he gets better, everything would be well.

Fortunately, the three Panda Brothers had visited the valley with Que’er yesterday. Therefore, they were able to head straight for Que’er’s thatched house with ease.

Shiyu deliberately did not cover up their entrance. Now that they have come to heal Que’er’s grandfather, if they did it sneakily, not only Que’er would still be in trouble but Que’er’s grandfather might be implicated as well [4].

[4] Therefore, since they have come to solve a problem. They should solve everything in one go.

Therefore, they did not hide their qi [5] and rushed directly towards Que’er’s grandfather’s side. Soon after they reached the hut, they were surrounded.

The feeling Shiyu gets when surrounded by these feathered beasts was similar to the time when she fed pigeons in the middle of a square.

Naturally, these beasts were nothing like the harmless pigeons from her previous world. For one thing, they were bigger than pigeons, most of them were about the size of an adult human.

“You three, stop those beasts from coming in. I shall go and investigate the situation first. [6]”

Most Rainbow Sparrows lived in tree houses, which were very light and comfortable.

As soon as Shiyu entered the hut, she stiffened. That’s because there were several Spiritual Beasts [3] inside, all of them staring at the intruder with grim eyes. Two of them have the same aura as herself. They too were Divine Transformation masters.

In their midst lay a large Rainbow Sparrow. Its feathers were dull and patchy, it looked close to death.

Shiyu’s stiffness lasted only a moment. She quickly recovered and said, “I have not come to fight. I am only here to see what happened to this Spiritual Beast. After all, the two precious herbs from yesterday were sent by me. I do not wish to be accused as a murderer over a misunderstanding.”

Perhaps afraid of her and the three Panda Brothers, the Spiritual Beasts in the hut did not dare move or say anything for the moment. [7]

Seeing their lack of movement, Shiyu breathed a sigh of relief. After all, she really wasn’t here to pick a fight. If the two sides got into a fight, things would be even more troublesome. In short, it’s best to be as friendly as possible. Who knows she might even be able to achieve her goals more easily. [8]

Shiyu held out her palm and sucked [9] the beast lying on the bed over to herself.

At the same time, Fat Cat appeared by her side. [10]

“Fatty, come and have a look,” said Shiyu.

It can’t be helped. She was just a cook after all and not a doctor. Therefore, she had no idea whether this person was poisoned or not. [11]

However, since Fat Cat was an expert in this area, he could take a look for her.

The moment Fat Cat appeared, the other Spiritual Beasts who had not yet reached Divine Transformation level shrank back a little. The eyes of ones who had already reached Divine Transformation Level sharpened.

Fat Cat sniffed around the Rainbow Sparrow, pausing before their core point and bit a small hole. [12]

A long time later, Fat Cat finally said, “He is indeed poisoned. However, it is a [13] blended poison.”

After being poisoned, the venom had stayed in his body too long. [13] Moreover, it had taken in other toxins that eventually accumulated within the body and created a second, different kind of poison.

Therefore, when Que’er brought the precious medicine to detoxify the original poison, the balance of chemicals had been destabilised causing this current situation.

“Can we do anything about it?” asked Shiyu.

“It’s fairly simple. Just feed it a 300-year-old Fire Ginseng.” Fire Ginseng could not only detoxify a few hundred kinds of poison, but it could also clear meridians and restore the spiritual vein.

[13] With this as a foundation, whatever toxins that had not been detoxified would slowly unravel and eventually be removed. After all, the second poison had been accumulating for many years and needed to be removed slowly.

When Shiyu heard this, she immediately took out a Fire Ginseng. She did not have any 300-year-old Fire Ginseng. The youngest ginseng she has was at least 500-years-old. Well, since it was off by 200 years more, surely it could only be good for him?

After she fed the thing [14] Que’er’s grandfather. The eyes of the other Spiritual Beasts changed and changed again. Some of them stared at the 500-year-old Fire Ginseng with blazing eyes.

That’s a 500-year-old precious medicine, ah. To be able to take it out as they like… just what kind of human is this?

After the Fire Ginseng Juice [15] had entered Que’er’s Grandfather’s mouth, Shiyu could not actually see any changes since he was covered in feathers. However, she could feel that his vitality was stronger than before. He should wake up soon.

“This should be fine, right?”

“Yes,” after completing his task, Fat Cat disappeared, returning to the Saint’s Dwelling.

Shiyu sighed. She looked around at the other Spiritual Beasts, “He’s saved. Surely you should all believe there’s nothing wrong with the precious medicine?”

All she got was silence. [8] However, instead of hostility, the Spiritual Beasts were now looking at her with a contemplative gaze.

“You should be the ones in charge of the Rainbow Sparrow Clan. I know that you must be wary of me since I am a human. I shall be honest with you, I gifted the precious herbs to Que’er to make peace and foster friendship with your clan. Because I wish to foster a partnership with the feathered clans. The reward will be in money and precious herbs. Don’t be too quick to decline now, I know you must need them.

After all, it takes strength to survive in the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. Without strength, you could end up getting kicked out. However, what if you have a stable supply of precious herbs?”

Once Shiyu said this, the Spiritual Beast [3] before her fluttered his wings, as though he was about to wake up.

Shiyu paused, she had no intention of saying too much. She only said, “The partnership I want will not harm you in the slightest. You should all consider this properly.”

With that, she turned around and left the house.

Outside, the three Pandas were still facing off with the other Spiritual Beasts.

“Que’er’s grandpa has already woken up, let’s go.”

It was very easy for four Divine Transformation powerhouses to come and go as they wish.

[1a] In less than an hour, Shiyu and the rest have already left Spiritual Beast Mountain Range.

“You don’t have to escort me anymore, just come find me if you encounter any trouble.”

Shiyu waved at them, gave the deeper parts of the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range another look before turning around and flying towards Grand Martial Empire.


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[1] Deleted Stuff:

[a] However x2

Like, this really isn’t necessary?

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Because it just needs it, okay?

[3] Spiritual Beasts! Spiritual Beasts!

I find Shiyu is rather specie-ist against Rainbow Sparrows because she just called them all Spiritual Beasts instead of their proper term. Also, it’s unclear whether there’s 1 beast or 10…

[4] Lol, all this explanation when the author clearly just wanted Shiyu to flex her money and strength

[5] Like, this is the third time you mention this and we’re still on the first page.

[6] Like, investigate the matter first? After drawing all the attention on yourself?

[7] Really? Not even a ‘You asshole humans are all alike!?’ from the Sparrows?

[8] Lol, is there any doubt? Considering the suddenness of this arc and the fact that these ‘Spiritual Beasts’ who are about as fierce as a bunch of cardboard cutouts, it’s pretty much guaranteed.

[9] Lol, not gonna change the ‘sucked with palm of hand’ because it’s hilarious!!

[10] …how convenient, you’re not even pretending to properly develop a scene now

[11] …you’re barely a cook, your cooking is shite.

At this point, even Snarky Gumi is shocked at the sheer audacity of this statement.

[12] …not going to pretend to understand what’s happening now, lalala. However, Gumi is now even more convinced that the ‘Spiritual Beasts’ in the room are probably all cardboard cutouts

[13] Blended Poison – …aside from the fact that poison is made from a combination of different chemicals and are very complex… you know, whatever. Author doesn’t understand cheese making anyway, so…

[14] lol, I swear, she used ‘the thing’. Also, there’s no description of how she fed the ginseng to the poor old bird. Melted into essence and poured into his mouth? Shoved it up his nose? Stuff it into the hole bitten by Fat Cat? Who knows, certainly not this Gumi!

[15] Ah.

See, this is why Gumihou had to heavily edit stuff. Explanations are only given after ‘A Thing’ happened.


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    The author should have spent more time carefully wording it diplomatically to build up the readers’ perception that Shiyu has matured some more. It’s a worthwhile opportunity for character building.

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