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Little Cooking Saint – 0324 – Fragrant Noodles (e)

Chapter 324 – Fragrant Noodles (e)

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Although she was not particularly clear about what happened to Que’er, Shiyu felt she understood enough.

[1] Que’er’s grandfather had been poisoned and now needed detoxification medicine. The reason she left the Mountain Range was to try and find such medicine.

[2] “What kind of poison was it? What kind of medicine do you need?” Shiyu immediately grasped the crucial points.

“Bee venom,” although Que’er was young, she still vaguely remember her elders mentioned this poison before. “The antidote should be Water Attribute herbs Thousand Leaf and Crystal Flower.”

When Que’er mentioned the names of these two herbs, Shiyu felt a little surprised.

No wonder this little miss wanted to try her luck in a human city. These were Water Attribute plants that could only be found near water sources.

Within the Mountain Range, most water sources are probably occupied by various powerful beasts, which limits the ability of weaker monsters to gather precious herbs.

Looking at the Que’er’s appearance and seeing how they are mostly bird monsters with colourful feathers, their lives must not be very good. [3]

“I don’t have these flowers in the flower field [4a], but you could probably find them in one of those auction houses or trading markets. I see you’re quite anxious. If that is the case, why don’t we go and have a look now?”

Shiyu looked that this little girl in front of her with great kindness.

Que’er hesitated for a moment.

The elders had always warned them to stay away from humans. After all, humans are not only greedy but they are cunning creatures. If they are nice to you for no reason, they must be scheming something. You must keep your guard up at all times.

This situation was very similar to what the elders had told her!

Should she believe it?

Seeing her hesitate, Shiyu suddenly said with some embarrassment, “I forgot, as Spiritual Beasts, you must be vigilant against beasts from other races. How about this, you see if you can locate the precious herb. If you do manage to find it, I shall pay for it myself. [4b]”

Que’er never thought the human would speak her worries out loud like this. Her face flushed red with shame at being so transparent.

Clearly, she needed the others’ help but here she was, doubting the very person she came to seek help from.

“Alright, Bei Bei, hurry off and track down the herbs. When you find them let me know,” ordered Shiyu.

Bei Bei was not so restrained with Shiyu. The three bears dragged Que’er with them and scurried off to the city.

Close to noon, they happily returned to say they found the precious herbs. Now all they need to do is return to Spiritual Beast Mountain Range with it. As for the cost of the herbs, naturally, none of these four poor beasts has the money for it. In the end, Shiyu was the one who paid for them.

Qing Chen, who was there to watch all this happen, commented that these people were just too young.

“Are you sure this trick of yours will work? As far as I know, Spiritual Beasts have always been hostile against humans. This is especially true for those that live within the Mountain Range. Are you certain they will appreciate this favour of yours?”

“We still have to try,” Shiyu spread her hands out. “Hostility is one thing, however, I believe when self-interest and great profit is involved, this bit of hostility is nothing. It’s natural for races to be wary and guard against each other. For Que’er, I could hope to gain the goodwill of her clan with these two precious herns, but how is that possible?”

Nobody is a fool. There is no way that people would give their complete trust after a little benefit. These two precious herbs might be considered a great favour to Que’er, but would the Rainbow Sparrow Clan see it that way? To them, it is just a pebble dropped into a pool of water. At most, it would probably only cause a ripple before the surface of the water’s regular calmness.

Therefore, this gift of precious medicine was merely to fulfil that little girl’s desire to fulfil her filial piety.

Nevertheless, Que’er’s appearance gave her an opportunity to do something she had not considered before. Therefore, it was not without benefit.

In turn, once this relationship has been established, she could get the three Panda Brothers to ask around and see if there were any flying beast clan who would be willing to cooperate with her.


However, before she could implement any of this plan into action, the three Panda Brothers ran back to her just after a day.

“Little Sister Shi! It’s bad!”

Compared to the previous giggling and skipping Pandas of yesterday, today they looked very angry and flustered.

“The precious herbs are useless! Que’er’s grandfather fell into a coma after eating it. Right now they are all scolding you, saying that you deliberately give them poison. That you had gifted the precious medicine with evil intentions!”

“But, we’ve checked the precious herb and there’s nothing wrong with it. Miss Shi, do you want to come to the Mountain Range with us…” Jing Jing begged as he hugged her arm. “Que’er has been locked up. If something happens to Grandpa Que, Que’er will be executed according to the clan rules. Little Sister Shi… can’t you… help her?”

This sudden change of event was somewhat [4c] surprising and not something Shiyu had ever expected. She had merely exerted some small effort but things had suddenly become complicated.

If something really happened to Que’er’s grandfather, it would be more difficult for her to enlist the assistance of other flying beasts clans in the future.

Moreover, Que’er was locked up after having been in contact with her group and was now facing mortal danger. Therefore, it was even more difficult for her to stand idly by.

“Don’t worry, first, tell me everything about the family situation of the Rainbow Sparrows. Don’t leave anything out.”

It’s always necessary to understand the situation on the other side. Especially when they have such great hostility against her people. If she rashly jump into the situation, it’s possible that her side would be the one to suffer a loss.



[Gumihou: Lol, it’s so hilarious that author-san is explaining each and every bit of Shiyu’s thought processes for us to admire. Like, if you want to write clever characters, less is often more. That is why detective stories often use the third person limited POV. We get to ‘see’ what the character is looking but we have limited access to their minds unless they chose to ‘speak’ it out loud to another character. Nothing like this info vomit]



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[1] Seriously, you call this a deduction? Paraphrasing is not deducing.

[2] … didn’t she tell you this earlier? In chapter 323? Final Paragraph?

Oh wait, this is the person who thought paraphrasing was deducting.

…carry on.

[3] Looking at the Que’er’s appearance and how they are basically bird monsters with colourful feathers, their lives must not be very good.

Gumi had no idea how this conclusion was drawn…

[4] Plot HOLES

[a] …like, didn’t you collect loads from Wushan city? The city of water and lotuses? You wanna bullshit Gumi and say you don’t have these herbs? Or are you bullshitting the sparrow?

[b] …how is this different from straight-up cheating?

[c] lol, how cool. Somewhat surprising

[5] Deleted Stuff:

[a] However, when self-interest is involved, they could form temporary alliances to benefit both sides

Repetition within the same dialogue sentence. Repetitions do not a strong statement make.



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