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Little Cooking Saint – 0323 – Fragrant Noodles (d)

Chapter 323 – Fragrant Noodles (d)

Translated by Gumihou

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Gumihou: …no shit, Shiyu


The merchant, a woman, heard a lot of rumours in her travels. The Soul Drawing Flag story was just one of many.

After hearing that the story involved a Soul Drawing Flag, Gan Ping’s heart throbbed and he had someone call Shiyu over.

Shiyu came over in time to hear the merchant say, “…anyway, nearly all those who touched the Soul Drawing Flag died. In the end, only the people who listened to the little girl’s advice and threw away the flag survived…”

At this, Shiyu could not but say, “What an odd story, where did you hear it?”

“I can’t really recall but it’s definitely near Eastern Empire,” said the merchant. “Also, I heard that the old emperor had abdicated his throne to the crown prince. The new emperor is a very handsome young man who married Song Princess from a nearby country…”

Well, since the story came from Eastern Empire, this particular Soul Drawing Flag was probably the very one she was looking for.

After waiting for so long, she finally managed to catch news of this flag. This was certainly no small gain.

Who knew whether it was due to luck or not, but for the next few days, rumours of Soul Drawing Flags came in from time to time. The time and place varied but Shiyu made sure to mark down the location on the topographic map.

From the movements marked down by red dots on the map, one could see that the Soul Drawing Flag was making a slow but steady move towards Grand Martial Empire.

[1] However, the marks did not represent the Flag’s current location. There should be a time gap between the actual location of the Flag and the rumours reaching them. [2a] Therefore, they still have to find out where the Flag is now. [2b]

Right now, it was time for the people under Luo Dongting to make their move.

This was the reason why Shiyu had chosen to cooperate with him. Because she just did not have enough useful people. [2c]

Once Luo Dongting started appearing at the treehouse, his sister also made frequent appearances.

While Shiyu was familiar with Luo Diemeng, the one who knew her best was Liu Eleven.

Whenever she came over, she could be found next to Liu Eleven. As for Ling Xiaoxiao, ever since they came back from that restaurant, Ling Xiaoxiao suddenly became extraordinarily busy. She left the restaurant early and came back very late. Shiyu also saw her less and less often.

While everyone was busy with their own thing, the three Panda Brothers who had been lurking within Spiritual Beast Mountain Range suddenly brought an unexpected surprise back for Shiyu.


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On this day, the Pandas came over to bum off food from Shiyu as usual. What was less usual was that they brought a friend over. Naturally, since the friend was a resident of the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, it was a Spiritual Beast.

Moreover, it was a girl monster.

Shiyu had no prejudice against good and kind creatures, regardless of their race and welcomed this girl to the treehouse. The moment they entered the courtyard, the girl’s attention was caught by the flower field of precious herbs. For a long time, she stood and stared, unable to believe her eyes.

“You grew all these? Are my eyes mistaken? Most of these are more than a few hundred years old and could only be found in the deeper parts of the Mountain Range. Herbs like these are rare around the periphery parts of the Mountain Range since humans have been collecting them for decades. I never thought I’d see so many here.”

Precious herbs naturally attract humans. The same was true for Spiritual Beasts.

Many Spiritual Beasts have moved towards the inner parts of the Mountain Range due to dwindling resources at the periphery area.

However, when too many Spiritual Beasts converged together, they could not live in harmony with each other. Moreover, resources are limited, therefore, a situation where the strong eat the weak exist inside the Mountain Range and the weaker ones are driven to the edges. [2d]

This girl belonged to one of those races that had been driven out.

Therefore, when she saw all these precious herbs, she could not help being excited. How nice would it be to bring some of these precious herbs back to her people?

While the girl was admiring the flower field, Shiyu could see that her Cultivation was not quite right.

According to the law of the Mountain Range, beasts that have reached Divine Transformation level are not allowed to leave.

However, only beasts that have reached Divine Transformation Range could transform into their human form. [3] Shiyu was puzzling over this when the eldest Panda brother said, “She ate Transforming Grass.”

[3] “Transforming Grass?”

“Yes, she’s a Rainbow Sparrow, her name is Que’er. We’ve been under her care while staying at the Spiritual Mountain Range. To repay her kindness, we brought her out to take a look at the human world. Otherwise, she would not have the opportunity to do so once we leave.”

When Shiyu heard ‘Five-Coloured Sparrow’, her eyes brightened. Immediately, an idea sparked in her mind.

The current Ninth Realm was very wide, making it difficult to transmit information. However, if they could enlist the help of high-level flying monsters, wouldn’t they be able to track down that Flag even faster?

The idea occurred to her in that instant. This girl could be the great breakthrough point she needed.

Nevertheless, Shiyu did not approach her immediately.

Just as humans are wary of Beasts, they too, were wary of humans. What’s more, even if humans have not been hunting Spiritual Beasts at the periphery of the Mountain Range for centuries, blood feuds were already a normal existence between different beast races, therefore, just because she wanted this Sparrow’s assistance, it doesn’t mean she would necessarily get it.

Thus, Shiyu made the decision to go about it in a roundabout way.

“You like the flower field very much?” Shiyu walked over to Que’er. “Since you are my Panda Brother’s good friend, as the elder sister I should give you a meeting gift. How about this, you have a look at this flower field. If anything catches your eye, you may dig it up yourself.”

The three Panda Brothers who were standing behind Que’er suddenly felt as though Little Sister Shi was like a big bad wolf wagging her tail to lure rabbits into her trap…

“I… I, can I really?” she turned to stare at the Panda Brothers, as if asking them if this windfall was real.

“Just dig up whichever herb you like. Little Sister Shi is really, really kind and generous!” the three Panda Brothers, who had already been bought over by Shiyu’s cooking long ago did not feel there was anything wrong with this situation.

Hearing this, Que’er still felt a little embarrassed. However, her need was stronger than her shame.

She really needed that precious medicine.

“Then… may I ask… which of this medicine could detoxify poison?” Que’er said, “Grandfather had been poisoned by bee venom for a long time and I… couldn’t find the antidote… This is why I asked the Panda Brothers to bring me out of the Mountain Range. To… to have a look if I could find anything,” 


[Gumihou: Lol, it’s hilarious how we’re supposed to be in awe with Shiyu’s brilliant execution of her awesome idea in a super not direct way]


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[1] Like, isn’t this totally obvious? This isn’t even a deduction. It’s like saying rice is white.

[2] Deleted Stuff:

[a] Where is the Soul Drawing Flag now?

You already mentioned this without the ‘?’

[b] Further information is required

No shit, Shiyu

[c] She pulled him in especially for this day.

Like, no shit, Shiyu

[d] The weaker they are, the more bullied they would be.

Yes, yes, we know =_=;;

[3] Premature Revelation: Like, mentioning the because before the why.


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