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Little Cooking Saint – 0322 – Fragrant Noodles (c)

Chapter 322 – Fragrant Noodles (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Seeing that she has no intention of forcing them to follow her, the three Pandas immediately smiled.

“Then again, according to our human culture, when guests from far away come to visit. We must entertain them with a delicious meal. I won’t force you to live with me, but surely you can at least have a meal with me?” seeing the greed for delicious food sparkling in their eyes, Shiyu continued to lure them by saying, “Buns, Dumplings, Fried Dough Sticks are a must of course, as well as all kinds of grilled meat and fish. You should definitely come and have a taste. This place is close to the sea, after all, where the seafood is in abundance. I’m sure you haven’t tried seafood before. Well? Would you like to join us?”

They were already drooling the moment Shiyu mentioned Buns and Dumplings. By the time she started talking about grilled meats, they could not wait to sink their teeth into the fragrant charcoal-grilled meat right away.

“Little Sister Shi, you are very bad. You must know it’s been ages since we had meat. Still want to tempt us this way.”

Shiyu rubbed their furry heads vigorously, “If you want to eat, then come with me, ba.”

She was particularly excited to see today’s guests. This world was just too vast. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities to meet. Understanding this, Shiyu especially cherished the people around her.

At first, she wanted to call the people from the treehouse to come with her but Gan Ping could not leave his position and Liu Eleven never came back from wherever he had gone to. In the end, only Shiyu, Ling Xiaoxiao, Qing Chen and the pandas made their way to the largest restaurant in the city together.

On such a cold winter day, grilling meat over a live fire is the best. With meat sizzling on the grill, the fragrant aroma of grilled meat filling the room intersperse with the crackle of a fire and the clink of warmed wine being poured… what a lovely scene, ah.

The amount of food these bears could put away was truly astonishing. Tray after tray of meat was brought in and they were still going strong. Seeing them eating so ravenously, Shiyu could only guess that the Pandas must not have enough to eat while hiding out inside Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. While the pandas were still eating, she got up from her chair and privately spoke to the proprietor. She wanted him to prepare all kinds of cooked meats and desserts to go, about 300 catties of each kind. She also asked the restaurant to purchase anything they consider good from other stores as well and to bring everything to her before her party left.

After handing the money to the proprietor, she turned around and was about to make her way back when she ran into the Grand Elder of the Central Trading House.

With the Grand Elder was a young man dressed in the local tyrant garb, complete with long golden robes and ostentatious fan. He looked especially flamboyant and rich.

When the Grand Elder saw Shiyu, he took the initiative to greet her. Shiyu returned his greeting with a smile. This was just a chance meeting, moreover, the Grand Elder had a guest with him, therefore, they did not exchange too many pleasantries before both sides said their goodbyes.

After Shiyu had gone out of sight, the man beside the Grand Elder said, “Who is that person? For you to greet her with such cordiality surely she must be someone of significance?”

The Grand Elder’s expression did not change, “To reply the young master, I have only met this young lady a few times. Though we do not know her true identity, it is not a good idea to provoke her.”

The man’s lips twisted disdainfully, “Are you saying she is someone even I could not provoke?”

The Grand Elder did not answer.

[1] They had stopped before a private room, which made it difficult to speak of such things openly.

The man pushed open the door and stepped inside. There were seven or eight people seated in the room, all were around the same age as the young man. The moment he stepped in, they all surrounded him like stars flocking around the moon.


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Shiyu returned to her private room and found the three pandas still eating most deliciously, showing no signs of slowing down. [1] Qing Chen was slowly grilling meat for the pandas but Ling Xiaoxiao could not be seen.

“Where’s Xiaoxiao?”

“She said she wanted to order something from the waiter,” said Qing Chen.

Shiyu nodded and said, “Once the work here is over, will you be returning to the Western Qin? Or will you head straight to the Eight Realm?”

The Sacred Realm is very close to Profound Sky Empire, with only one country between them. It would take them no time to get there.

“I should return for a visit,” said Qing Chen. “It’s been a long time since I had left the Sect. I understand that Xuan Yin left for Eight Realm right away. No matter what, I should go back to the Sect at least once.”

He had grown up at the sect ever since he was a [2] child. Though he had his breakthrough in the Eastern Empire, the sect was his foundation.

Shiyu understood his meaning. Speaking of Western Qin, it’s been a long time since she had first visited Leisurely Cloud Sect.

The two chatted as they watched the three pandas eat. By the time Ling Xiaoxiao returned, the Pandas had at least slowed down.

Shiyu noticed that she had nothing in her hand and, seeing her slightly absent-minded attitude, decided against saying anything. Instead, she said, “Since we are almost done eating, we should go.”

“Alright,” Ling Xiaoxiao stood up, as though she no longer want to linger in this place.

Seeing her slightly abnormal attitude, Shiyu was even more puzzled.

They left the private room to settle the bill and collect the things she had asked the waiter to gather. After handing the silver over, the six of them left the restaurant.

When they stepped outside, perhaps too full and comfortable from a big meal, the group barely felt the cold. They were about to make their way back when Shiyu suddenly felt someone’s gaze on her.

She turned and looked towards the second-floor window. There, she saw the man accompanied by the Grand Elder looking down at her.

She was about to look away when the man’s hand move. The wine in his cup froze and rushed towards her face.

Shiyu’s eyelids fluttered and the ice returned to its liquid state and smashed back where it came from.

The man, unable to avoid the assault, was smacked in the face with an audible ‘pa!’ Though the wine had returned to its liquid form, it was still cold and his face hurt as though it had been stabbed by needles.

[3] When he touched his face, he found that the drink he had sent against the other part had all been sent back to him.

“That woman has no manners!” the man snarled. “I was just testing her.”

Seeing him eat a loss, the people around him slapped the table and cried, “Who dares! Such big guts, how dare they be so rude to you. Let’s teach them a lesson.”

The man ignored the table full of people, “Just keep drinking. You saw nothing.”

When they heard this, the people had no choice but to comply and let the matter go.

However, the Grand Elder was still uneasy. If he was not wrong, the people he saw through the window… he could not perceive their Cultivation realm. Generally, aside from special tools that would hide one’s qi, the other reason for this was that the other side’s Cultivation was higher than his…

Five Divine Transformation realm masters…

Right now, the only thing he would ask for was for the young master under his care to not cause trouble for others. Otherwise, he could not guarantee they would be able to leave with their lives.

Downstairs, Shiyu and the others have already travelled quite a distance.


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Just like that, a few days passed.

Suddenly, Gan Ping received news of the Soul Drawing Flag.

Up till now, he had collected all kinds of rumours about strange death but this was the first story that involved the word ‘Soul Drawing Flag’.

The person who delivered this rumour was a merchant. Small-time merchants travelled all over the country buying and selling goods from place to place and they would be the people in the best position to hear all kinds of rumours.

He had seen the treehouse and thought it a unique enough of an idea that he could do in the future and came in to sit down and see how well-received it was.

When he found out that a free tea could be had for a good story, he could not help but volunteer his story too.


[Gumihou: Actually, the last paragraph was ‘saw other people were telling stories and he wanted to tell his too’ but considering that he’s a merchant…]


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[1] Some small changes. Like deleting oddly placed linking words and so forth. 

[2] …I guess he has selective memory and has forgotten his origins as a prince from Wushan?

[3] The logistics of this is…


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