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Tondemo Skill – 041 – Please Say it Earlier

Chapter 041 – Please Say it Earlier

Re-Translated by Gumihou

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While riding on Fer’s back, I grew curious about something and asked, [3] “Hey Fer, how long before we’re out of the forest?”

Speaking of which, Sui is currently sleeping in my shoulder bag.

After I told Fer that we should head towards Elman and Leonhart Kingdom, he told me that there’s a shortcut on the eastern road so I just went along with him. However, it’s been three weeks since we’ve entered the forest and there’s no sign of the end.

“It’s taking a lot longer than usual because I have to move much slower so that you don’t fall off. We’d get out of the forest much faster if you let me run full speed.”

Ah, got it. So, it’s my fault.

I’ll be patient for now since letting Fer run without holding back is out of the question. [1] I’ll fall off, you know? I’ll totally fall off and die.

“Even so, this is much faster than taking the human road.”

I see, I see.

“The human-made road made a huge roundabout to avoid the forest since it’s the territory of Othrus [9] and Griffin.”

“… … wait, what was that?” w-were my ears too tired just now?

I seemed to have heard something I shouldn’t.

Did he just say Orthrus?

Did he just say Griffin?

Isn’t Orthrus some kind of a two-headed dog monster thing? And the Griffin, a type of monster with the upper body of an eager with the lower body of a lion?

The closest I ever get to see an Orthrus or Griffin back on earth was in manga or games.

Aren’t they usually boss characters at the end of levels??!!

“Why are we passing a place where you know are Orthrus and Griffin territory?!” [5]

“Why are you so noisy? Neither of those creatures is my match. The only creature that could stand on equal footing with me is the Ancient Dragon,” said Fer smugly. “Orthruses and Griffins knew not to bother challenging me. Well, some young punks who didn’t know better might come but that’s it.”

“Hn? Wait- are you saying… there are more than one Orthrus and Griffin…”

“What are you talking about? This is the breeding ground for Othrus and Griffin, that’s why they guarded this place so fiercely.”


Wh-why did you not tell me these things earlier!?!! [5]

[6] Wait, maybe it’s still not too late. I don’t mind spending more time on the road. Another three weeks is nothing for the sake of my mental health!

“H-hey, why don’t we just go around their territory?”

“Go around? Why? Anyway, we’re already inside Orthrus’s territory.”

“Haaahh!!! Wh-why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

“Aren’t I telling you now? Why are you being so emotional?” ignoring my panicking self, Fer continued to advance at a steady pace.


I could only sigh.

[6] My travel companion is a Legendary Creature after all.

[8] He must be so strong that Orthruses and Griffins would run away at the very whiff of his presence. Even so, I, an ordinary human, cannot help but be frightened of these creatures of the myth and game bosses. [5]

[6] What was that?

Me? A Coward?

Sure, of course. I don’t mind being labelled a coward.

Isn’t it normal for anyone to be scared of creatures of the myth?

Only powerful legendary beings like Fer could stay cool against creatures like that.

He’s so powerful that Orthruses would avoid him out of instinct.


That’s right.

I should be safe.

Wait, didn’t he just say that young punks would sometimes…

Anyway, please be good Orthruses and stay safe, okay?


[Gumihou: The chapter started out with 700 plus words, Gumi reduced it to 600 plus…]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Orthrus – Not to be mistaken with Orthros (meaning dawn or daybreak in Greek)

Orthrus – a two-headed dog that guards Geryon’s cattle and was killed by Hercules. He was the offspring of Echidna (half woman, half snake) and Typhon (giant serpent monster). His much more famous brother is the three-headed guard dog Cerberus.


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