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Tondemo Skill – 040.1 – Idle Talk: The Deplorable Goddess

Chapter 040.1 – Idle Talk: The Deplorable Goddess

Re-Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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God’s Realm.

It is the world where gods and goddesses live.

Goddess of the Wind, Ninril-sama has long silvery-white hair and a pair of clear blue eyes that stare out of a beautiful face that was worthy to be described as ‘shaped by the gods’.

Right now, Ninril was in her own palace, looking into a pool where the surface of the water was as still as a mirror. It was a pool that allows the divine to see into another world so long as a divine was to channel their powers into it.

Nuoo〜! I-Isn’t that the Anpan that appeared even in my dreams?!”

With her divine powers, Ninril-sama peeked into the world called Earth for the first time and saw a group of people gathered together eating something in their hands. Voices could be heard floating from the pool.

‘Delicious! Sweet! Yummy!’

This… Anpan, just what does it taste like?

Sweet? What kind of sweetness captivates people like that and produce such expressions…

It’s rare for Ninril-sama to eat sweets in God’s Realm. Which made her yearn for it all the more.

Nevertheless, though she could look upon the humans through the pool, she could not bring anything through it.

It’s not her world after all.

Unfortunately, even though she’s a goddess with unimaginable divine powers, she was still limited to certain rules.

Gods are only allowed to look into Other Worlds, they cannot intervene.

Therefore, though she desperately wanted to snatch the Anpan out of the pool, she could not touch it…

One day, however, she had peeked onto the Fenrir on which she had once bestowed her blessings upon and made kin and found that he had made a familiar’s contract with a human.

A human from the Other World.

Earth to be precise.

Before Ninril’s fascinated eyes, she saw that he has a unique skill called [Net Super] with which he could use to summon food and other things from Earth.

Ever since Ninril found out about this, she would peek at the Fenrir party now and then, but tragically…

“Oh, he can even summon Anpan… and so many too… how I wish…”

…though he was technically in the world under her governance, it is not so easy to intervene onto human lives.

At the very least, it would set a bad example for other gods and goddesses.

Still, Anpan…

Gununu, I must endure!”

But, Anpan…


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It happened while I was peeking into the lower realms. My kin, the Fenrir whom I had bestowed my blessings upon, was eating something sweet.

“Wh-what’s that? I-is that Dorayaki?! How unfair! Didn’t you just eat many Anpan just now? I want some too! I want to eat them too~!!”

This great goddess loves sweet [9] things.

However, the world that I, Ninril-sama, reside in has limited kinds of sweet things. It’s all different kinds of dried fruit or honey.

B-but those people down there… unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair—!!

I want to eat those too!

My beloved Fenrir, the one whom I bestowed blessings upon is eating Anpan and Dorayaki while I, his benefactor could only watch on the side…

Wait, as the benefactor of Fenrir who has made a contract with the human with access to Anpan… doesn’t that make him my follower of sorts?

That’s right…

It is only right that he showed me due respect through prayers and offerings, right?

Un, un, that’s right.

Also, didn’t that guy say he wants a god’s blessing or something?

Fufu, I could bestow a Blessing (small) onto him cheaply.

All he has to do is give me some prayers and offerings.

Like… once a week.

Yes, once a week is good enough, otherwise, the others would smell a rat if it happens too often.

The Goddesses of Fire, Water and Earth would want sweets too and the Gods of Blacksmith and War would try to make him give them alcohol. [5]

If that happens, won’t my share decrease?!

Brrr! No way, I must be careful and never let them know about this.

Now that I’ve made up my mind, I sent an oracle to the Fenrir and relayed my order to his master… [5] [6] He accepted!

[6] Look how happy he is~

[6] That’s right, worship this great goddess Ninril-sama!

Oh, by the way, your first offering should be Anpan… Jam Buns and Cream Buns too!

[8] I watched eagerly as the items offered were placed on the alter he began to pray… [5] [6] Mufu! It arrived! [5]

“Ooohh, ooohh! So this is the Anpan that’s been haunting my dreams~~! There’s also a Jam Bun and a Cream Bun too~~ This Goddess is so happy to see you~~”

I hurriedly unwrap the Anpan and take a bite.

[4] “Muhaa〜, it’s delicious, it’s delicious, it’s delicious〜! [2] The insides are actually boiled beans? Why are boiled beans so delicious?”

“And this canned thing? I think I saw him open this Milk Coffee thing like this… ooh! It’s slightly bitter and sweet at the same time~!”

I took a bite of the Anpan.

[4] “This… why do they complement each other so well~~? [2] This Coffee Milk thing is delicious too~ what great genius~! People from the Other World, you’ve blessed the world with your creation~!”

Should I try the Jam Bun next?

[4] “I-it has boiled fruit in it! It’s so sweet and so delish~~ Ah, ah, I feel like my entire body is enveloped in this subtle sweetness~!” [5]

The Jam Bun soon disappeared from my hand.

“Muho~! The Cream Bun is delicious too~ This is the taste of milk? Boiled down milk? Ahann~! Why is it so delicious~~?”


Th-the Cream Bun has disappeared?

I looked down and saw only empty transparent packets and an empty can.

“… i-it’s all gone…” [5] [6] “… …”

“Uwaahhh!!! I have to wait seven days until the next offering?!”

It’s not my fault!

Other world buns are just too delicious~~~!!


[Gumihou: I changed the style of writing from the first set of the paragraph to something more dignified and befitting a goddess (aside from the unexpected nuoooo) while sticking closer to the text with the second but the reaction is much exaggerated.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] If a Japanese ask you if you like ‘sweets’ they don’t mean candy. ‘Sweets’ = Desserts or anything that contains sweetness which include sweet buns, tarts, cakes, puddings etc

Which is why Gumihou defaults ‘sweets’ to ‘sweet things’


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