You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 038 – Fer’s Boot Camp, Dungeon Edition (b)

Tondemo Skill – 038 – Fer’s Boot Camp, Dungeon Edition (b)

Chapter 038: Fer’s Boot Camp – Dungeon Edition (2)

Re-Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

“There are Kobolds on this floor and a lot of them too, so be alert.”

With Fer’s warning, I became even more cautious and anxious.

“Here they come,”

The Kobolds have heads of dogs and bodies of humans. They charged towards us with mouths open in a snarl, barking and growling at us with fangs flashing in the meagre light.

“Gyaahhh!!! What the heck are those?! No way, no way, no way!” I tried to skitter away but Fer blocked my path.

“Go back and fight. You have a barrier around you so you’re perfectly safe. Calm down and fight with your Earth Magic,”

[8] Earth Magic? How could my measly Earth Bullet deal with those monstrous creatures?

I held up my hand and instinctively called out, “Fire-”

“If you use Fire Magic, I will abandon you in this dungeon.”

“… …”

Fer is too merciless! [5] How could I not use my most powerful attack in the face of those angry, savage-looking dogs!!?

[6] I looked between those salivating dogs and Fer’s calm dog face.

[5] “Nuu!! [5] Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!”

Pebbles flew out of my hand and struck two Kobolds in front. However, the rest were unfazed and kept up the charge.

[8] They were as swift as running wolves and one of them made a tremendous leap, mouth wide opened, fangs gleaming…

“Gyaaahhhh!!!” It’s the end! [5]


[8] I opened an eye to see the wide-open mouth of a Kobold stopped a few feet from my head. Its saliva sliding down an invisible wall…

“What did I say? My barrier is not so weak and a mere Kobold could make a dent in it,” [4] Fer sounded more bored than smug as [6] he easily destroyed the Kobolds gnawing at the barrier.

Yes, yes, I understand this in my head [1] but since the barrier is transparent, I could not feel any sense of security from it. [5]

[8] Ugh, whatever, I should just do it. If I try to run away now, Fer will leave me here or make me go into another dungeon.

“Kobolds are coming again,”

“Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!!” I yelled. Doing my best to aim and fire at the same time.

We made our way slowly across the room towards the stairs that connected to the lower floor.

“Hahaha! Did you see that? [5] I can shoot three pebbles now!”

“You still have a long way to go. Three pebbles are nothing,”

Gununu, so strict. [6] Still, I can’t deny that his method worked.

“Next is the last floor. Instead of a narrow passage, we’ll encounter a vast space with Kobolds coming from all directions. Prepare yourself,”

I nodded tensely and followed after Fer.

Indeed, we ended up in the middle of a dome-shaped space [6] and the stairs disappeared behind us. [5] We were surrounded by Kobolds.

“I-Isn’t this too many……?”

Nu, there are many indeed. Much more than the last time I was here… Hm? Looks like there’s a King at the back.”

“K-king? As in a higher species of Kobold?!”

“That’s right. Excellent timing, you and Sui should try and defeat it together. No need to worry since there’s the barrier. I’ll be here too.”

“No, no, no, don’t casually say ‘try and defeat it together’!! What if I die trying?!” [5]

“Look how fired up Sui is, you should learn from her.”

Indeed, when I turned around to look at Sui, she had already extended two tentacles dripping with acid.

“S-Sui…” what happened to my lovely Sui?

Are you a battle junkie?

“Looks like Sui has more courage than you. Well? Go on,” Fer’s paw pushed my back and I stumbled forward.

“Oi! What the-”

That’s when the Kobolds charged.


Pew! Pew! Pew!

Sui zipped forward at a speed I had never seen her done before and Acid Bullets shot out aggressively at the Kobolds who screamed and howled before melting away.

“S-Sui?!!” Why is Sui so aggressive?

U-urrgh, I think I’m going to be sick surrounded by the melting bodies of the Kobolds…

“You too! Remember to use Earth Magic,” [3] Fer gave me another push.

Countless Kobolds are charging at us again.

“Damn it! Stone Bullet!! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!!!!”

I desperately chanted Stone Bullet and shot indiscriminately into the crowd of seething mouths and bristling fur.

Again and again, I fired desperately into the crowd unable to do anything else but shoot and shoot and shoot.

I hate to admit it but the Stone Bullets that I shoot now are closer to what I imagine a ‘Stone Bullet’ attack to be.

Finally, all the Kobolds have fallen.

The only one left was the Kobold King who was larger than any of the Kobolds that I have defeated.

It had been standing at the very back as Sui and I killed off its comrades. Now, after all his friends were down, it drew back its lips and growled. The white canines looked very huge and shiny in the dim lighting.

“Haah, haah, haah, there’s only that guy left…”

The Kobold King roared and bounded forward, its double-edged axe swinging in wide arcs.

“Haah, haah, haah, Stone Bullet!! Stone Bullet!!! Stooone Bulleeeett!!!!!” I mustered all my strength and fired volley after volley of bullets at the Kobold King.

The Kobold King ended up riddled with holes and bleeding everywhere. However, he still did not collapse.

The furious and bloody Kobold King kept advancing at me and was now only a few steps away…

“Damn it, my Magic Powers… Fer, I leave the rest to you…”

Before I completely blacked out, I saw the bright blue body of Sui bouncing in front of me and faced the Kobold King.

There was a loud Byyuuuu!! And the Kobold King was showered with a huge amount of acid.

My blinking eyes managed to catch sight of the King melting into the dungeon floor. He collapsed so quickly that he did not even have the opportunity to scream his death throes…

Ehh? What’s that ending?

Sui? [5]


I finally lost consciousness again due to magical exhaustion. [5]

[Gumihou: Fer’s training is brutal but effective]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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