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Tondemo Skill – 315 – New Flavours

Chapter 315: New Flavours


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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I have given everyone an alarm clock the day before, explained what they are and how to use them. So, this morning everyone gathered at the main building at exactly 8 am on the dot.

Yep, yep, punctuality is very important for me.

“Right, let’s have breakfast.”

Breakfast has already been prepared by yours truly.

Today’s breakfast menu consisted of vegetable consommé, fried eggs, lightly toasted bread, 100% orange juice and yoghurt. [1] Fer & Co. wanted meat, meat, meat for breakfast but that was too excessive for me.

When I’m breakfasting alone, I normally just have some instant soup. However, for today, I made a proper spread.

I said ‘spread’ b ut there’s really not much work to it.

All I had to do was cut up some bacon, cabbage, carrots and onions into 1 cm cubes and fry them lightly with olive oil. Next, pour boiling water over the vegetables and simmer them until tender. Finally, adjust the flavour with salt and pepper to taste and that’s the vegetable consommé done.

A simple soup that’s perfect for a great morning start.

I tasted the soup and, hmm, the sweetness of the vegetables came out really well. [5] Delicious.

Breakfast was brought to the dining room with everyone’s help.

The [8] commoner families’ eyes shone when they saw that we would be having eggs for breakfast.

As for the former Adventurers, they just looked like they can’t wait to eat.

In short, everyone seems pretty excited. I guess eggs are pretty expensive in this world but they are very cheap from [Net Super]. I could get 10 for five bronze coins. 

I’ll need to get some daily necessities for everyone. The plan is for the slaves to start making their own meals soon, tomorrow or the day after would do. So, I’ll need to make sure they have a good stock of ingredients to cook with.

“Anyway, shall we eat?”

[8] I had already fed Fer, Sui and Dora-chan. The [6] last thing I want is for them to suddenly turn up and make noises about not being fed. Their breakfast consisted of stir-fried Sweet & Spicy Miso Orc Slices with Vegetables on Rice. It certainly looks delicious but not what I’d want first thing in the morning. [5]

After placing a salt and pepper mill and a bottle of brown sauce [9] on the table, I urged them to eat.

“You can use any of these seasonings on your eggs. This one contains salt & pepper and this one is a type of sauce. [9] The sauce is slightly sweet, sour and savoury and goes well with eggs,” I added since they might not have heard of Worcestershire sauce before.

“P-pepper? This is pepper?! Woah, it’s already a great luxury to have eggs in the morning. We get to taste pepper too? I-is it really alright for us to have these great luxuries as breakfast?” [3] Bartel was understandably shocked [1] and so were the other former Adventurers.

[5] “Ah, yes, pepper is quite expensive but I can get it pretty cheaply through my Skill,” [3] I said simply.

At this, the stupid twins grabbed the salt & pepper shakers and proceeded to cover their fried eggs with salt and pepper…

…hey, you’re going to ruin the taste of the food that way you know…

Or so I thought but apparently, the idiot twins have broken tongues as well as broken brains since they were stuffing their mouths and crying out ‘delicious!’ as they ate the pepper covered food.

“Um, um, brother Mukouda, can Lotte put some on the egg too?”

“Of course, you can. This one is a salt & pepper mill, it contains rock salt and peppercorns, all you have to do is grind it like this over your egg. The other one is a brown sauce. Personally, I like the brown sauce better. Since it’s your first time trying them, you should only put a little bit to see if you like it, alright?” [7] I don’t want her to follow the twins’ bad habits.


Lotte chose the brown sauce and applied a small squirt over her fried eggs. [6] Then, she cut the eggs carefully with her fork, mixed the yolk and sauce together and carefully brought the mixture to her mouth.

“Deli~cious~~!” [3] cried Lotte as she rolled the taste over her tongue and squirmed happily in her seat. [1] Looks like it’s a hit with Lotte.

After hearing Lotte’s testimony, the rest of the children also went for the sauce. [1] I guess children are the type to be curious and also tended to follow their peers. The sweet, slightly sour and savoury flavour of the sauce is quite popular with children too.

“The sauce sure looks delicious,”


The twins were eyeing the bottle of sauce now but they had already eaten up their salt & pepper drenched eggs.

In short, they have zero fried eggs on their plates.

“I shall try the sauce,” [3] said Tabasa as she reached for the brown sauce. [1] After sprinkling a moderate amount over her eggs and cutting it properly with her fork, she chewed over her eggs thoughtfully and said, “Yes, it’s very good. The balance of acidity, sweetness and savoury sensation is just right.”

“That looks really good. Let me have a bite, big sis.”

“Me too, gimme!”

“What are you talking about? You’ve already eaten your share,” [3] Tabasa was merciless.



… hey you two idiots. Don’t bother looking at me, you won’t get any more fried eggs out of me.

However, it soon became apparent that aside from the two idiots, the men from the combat crew had already finished eating too. It certainly looked like they haven’t had enough food yet.

There was no helping it. In the end, I bought more bread and ham for them. About five pieces of bread per person as well as ham for sandwiches. [5]

Those who had not eaten their fill yet flocked over the bread immediately.

“Alright, now that everyone’s done eating, it’s time to go out.”

Basic living necessities include housing, food, and clothing. I’ve taken care of the first, [Net Super] is there for the second but I’ll have to depend on the local shops for clothes.

I don’t think the [10] commoner families have their own clothes. Members from both families wore items that were nearly identical with only the sizes being different according to their height. The former Adventurers looked a bit more varied but I think that’s because their ‘clothing’ was more akin to various armour and special equipment rather than regular clothes.

[10] The clothes on everyone were not quite worn out but they were not exactly new either. Their shoes too looked very tattered and sad. I think it would be better to get everyone something new and clean.

“Brother Mukouda, where are we going?”

“To get some clothes and shoes,” [7] I said absently as I pondered where to go…

“Clothes? Shoes?! New ones!!??”

“Yes, that’s right. Since everyone’s clothes are a bit…”

“Yay~!” [3] Lotte immediately bounced around. Happy to hear that she’s getting new clothes.

[7] The adults were a little more hesitant.

“M-mukouda-san, clothes are quite expensive. Is it really alright?”

“I like my workers to look neat. So, of course. Ah, Tabasa and the others will be included as well.”

No one refuted me after that. Looks like they understood that they really don’t look very presentable at the moment.

“Let’s go,” I set out with 14 people to the shops. Fer, Sui and Dora-chan will be our escorts today.


Eguchi Ren: The offerings for Demiurgos-sama are as follows

St〇in〇〇ger Riesling ka〇nett

Chat〇 Mo〇 Pe〇 Bor〇




Gumihou: …Gumi didn’t manage to guess any of them…


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Sauce is literally just ソース (sauce)

It’s probably something close to Worcestershire Sauce. The Bulldog Tonkatsu Sauce is actually a variation of the Worcestershire Sauce

Apparently, there are entire factions of people who are in favour of either soy sauce or Worcestershire Sauce on sunny side up eggs…

[10] Clothing: Address this matter a bit more since it was rather vague…


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