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Little Cooking Saint – 0315 – Stir-fried Double Crisp (a)

Chapter 315 – Stir-fried Double Crisp (a) [1]

Mostly done by AutoGumi since the inconsistencies were too many. Gumi could have used the ‘fixed some minor weird sentences’ spell but they were too hilarious not to be shared.

Not Edited by Gumihou (not much at least)


Note: This chapter has been revised by the author herself. 


As soon as Shiyu stepped out of the treehouse, she overheard some diners talking excitedly to each other about some random person who had eaten too much rice yesterday and had nothing better to do but to climb to the top of the Grand Martial Palace roof and scream incoherently into the night.

When she thought of the solemn and dignified Luo Dongting being scolded and escorted off the roof by a bunch of elders, she couldn’t help smiling to herself.

She came out to find Liu Eleven seated together with Gan Ping [2] at one of the tables, listening as one of the patrons told their stories.

She [3a] asked him, “Where’s Ling Xiaoxiao?

“She’s balancing accounts over there.”

Shiyu looked and saw Ling Xiaoxiao seated in a corner with the ledgers.

She waited until Ling Xiaoxiao was done before pulling her to a secluded location and said, “Xiaoxiao, I might need you to run an errand for me.”

“Back to Eastern Martial Empire?” [3b]

“Yes, there’s something I want you to deliver,” this was something both Ling Xiaoxiao and Liu Eleven could do but Ling Xiaoxiao was far more stable and reliable. “I don’t have many people around me now so I need help, but I don’t know if you are willing to do it.”

“No problem, ah,” Ling Xiaoxiao answered readily enough. “It’s already been quite a few days, I can also use the opportunity to visit my father and see how he is. When should I leave?”

With her passionate and straightforward nature, matters are quickly taken care of.

“Anytime is good,” Shiyu handed over the Water Essence they had won from the auction and a jar of medicinal wine. “The wine is my gift to uncle. This time, I must trouble you to make the trip.”

“No need for such courtesy. Matters like this should be taken care of quickly, I shall pack my things right away.”


Later that afternoon, Ling Xiaoxiao changed her appearance and quietly set off for the flying monster station at Grand Martial City where she rented a flying mount and left for Eastern Martial Empire.

On the same afternoon, Luo Dongting came to pay a visit.

Last night, the two of them had come to a preliminary agreement to cooperate. Naturally, the following meeting was to discuss the details of their deal.

With the intention to cooperate, the conversation naturally went very smoothly. When Shiyu matter-of-factly handed over the promised thousand-year-old precious herbs the smile on Luo Dongting’s face deepened.

“I wonder, what is it you wish me to do?”

“Help me inquire into two matters…” said Shiyu as she sidled up to his side and leaned close to his ear. [4]

“… …”


By the time Luo Dongting left the treehouse, it was nearly evening.

After getting onto the carriage, the horses kicked their hooves and headed for the city. The teahouse opposite the treehouse watched as their proprietor left the treehouse and was confused [5].

So, the owner was actually acquainted with the people opposite?


Back in the carriage, Luo Dongting was deep in contemplation.

The favour Shiyu had asked for was not difficult to accomplish. When held against what he had received and would receive in the future, he had certainly gotten himself a great bargain.

However, it was because of this great advantage that he felt the matter that had been entrusted to him was not be as simple as it seemed.

His naturally vigilant nature [6] refused to let him leave these two issues alone. He must consider everything thoroughly and decide whether it would bring calamity to him.

He was still pondering to himself when the carriage halted.

From outside, the coachman said, “Noble Child, it’s the people from the Central Auction House, they wish to meet with you outside.”

The Central Auction House were the one behind the auction that had seen so much excitement yesterday. They must have approached him because of the place he had just left.

Luo Dongting laughed to himself before lifting the carriage curtain. A steward greeted him, “Noble Child Luo, our elders invite you to meet with him,”

Right then, Luo Dongting suddenly recalled that the Central Auction House they had been to yesterday was just a branch. The headquarters of this auction house has its roots within the centre of the Ninth Realm – the Sacred Universe Kingdom.

He recalled the two matters Shiyu wanted him to look into and his mind began to race. However, nothing showed on his face aside from a smile as he nodded, “Since the elders have extended an invitation, how could this junior dare refuse? I’ll have to depend on the steward to lead the way.”

After the steward escorted him to the Central Auction House, Luo Dongting was led to a private room in the back where the elders were waiting for him.

There were 12 elders in charge of this auction house and they were all there. Looks like they truly value Shiyu very much.

Still, who would have known that such a young person has achieved such high Cultivation realm…

“This junior greets the honourable elders,” Luo Dongting saluted the elders politely. Naturally, he had to afford them the respect their position demanded.

“No need for such courtesy, Noble Child Luo.” The elder in the most prominent position said as he stroked his beard. “I heard that Noble Child Luo made quite a huge commotion last night, having climbed to the roof of the Grand Martial Palace to enjoy the night view. Moreover, you got there without being seen by those old men at the palace… Noble Child Luo, such daring befits young people most. This we understand. We old men are just curious, just who was the person with you last night.”

To think that the elders would be so straightforward as to question him directly the moment he enter the door, Luo Dongting felt a little depressed by the special treatment. If he had no connection with [7] Shiyu, he might not even receive this much courtesy.

However, being privately depressed was one thing. He still has to give these people an answer. He looked into the scorching eyes of the elder before him and knew it was time to test his poker face.

“It’s true that a senior took me there last night. However, before the senior left, they advised me not to divulge their identity.” A trace of regret crossed his face as he continued, “Since this junior has made this promise, I am unable to answer this elder’s question. As you know, seniors who had transcended from the mundane world don’t like it when people make inquiries about them.”

When he thought back to the girl gnawing at her Pot Helmet, he felt that his ability to use the word ‘transcendent’ to describe her with a straight face was quite remarkable.

Who knows whether it’s due to his incredible poker face or some other reason, the seniors all accepted his answer at face value and did not question him anymore. Instead, they could not resist the urge to ask, “If that’s the case, then we shall ask a different question. What level of Cultivation has that senior reached?”

This time, Luo Dongting did not answer immediately. Instead, he said, “Elders, what do you think?”

The elders all exchanged a look, “Divine Transformation?”

Luo Dongting shook his head, “In fact, elders are welcomed to try for a bolder answer.

A bolder answer…

A shudder went through the elders.

They dare not even think of a bolder answer.

Though they were only Core Condensation experts, all were elders of the Central Auction House. There were many Core Condensation masters here, the number of Divine Transformation masters were not few either.

But, those that were higher… there were just too few of them.

“Noble Child Luo, you had better not try to trick this bunch of old men,” the principal elder laughed. His eyes stared straight at Luo Dongting, as though searching out the flaws on him.

“How much guts do you believe this junior needs to lie to my seniors?” Luo Dongting said with a bitter smile. “It’s fine if you don’t believe it, this junior felt as though I was in a dream when I first realise it.”

“Then, what makes you believe it?” the principal elder grabbed hold of the key point. “You are merely an ordinary moral, don’t tell me you’ve discerned it with your own eyes!”


Gumihou: … for some odd reason, Shiyu’s speech pattern has changed again. This time, there’s a lot more waffling around filler words: ‘because’ (when it’s totally unnecessary), ‘I’m not sure if’, ‘might need’

Su Nian Jin Shi: I’ve gone crazy! It’s done! I’ve fixed it!

Gumihou: …then again, it could also be due to some emergency editing by the author


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Stir-fried Double Crisp aka Pork Kidney & Jellyfish Stir-fry

[1] Stir-fried Double Crisp is made from pork kidney and jellyfish that ended up crisp and tender at the end of the cooking process.

Please familiarise yourself with the correct cooking technique to better enjoy the following chapters. Gumi has decided to #ShareHerPain

[2] Added Details for Logistic Issues: Location missing, Gumi supplied the dining hall

[3] Deleted Stuff:

[a] …couldn’t help but…

For some reason, Chinese authors like to use this along with ‘at this time’. Since we’re at the start of a new day and nothing happened yet, it seems superfluous. Unless there’s an added detail of ‘since he looked so free… she couldn’t help but…’ decide to just delete this time.

Of course, this could be a filler thing too.

[b] …Ling Xiaoxiao had a feeling it should be this.

Possibly meant to emphasise her intelligence vs L11’s stupidity but kind of superfluous

[4] …I supposed Shiyu hasn’t learned any privacy spells? Carry no privacy talismans?

[5] …Gumi was confused too.

[6] …the same naturally vigilant nature that made him shout from the roof of the most sacred place in Grand Martial City? Sure, Gumi believes you. Gumi also thinks the earth is square.

[7] …oh my, calling her Shiyu already?


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