You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 031 – Unexpected Increase in Number of Familiars

Tondemo Skill – 031 – Unexpected Increase in Number of Familiars

Chapter 031: Unexpected Increase in Number of Familiars

Re-Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi


“Stone Bullet!”

A single tiny pebble flew about 20 metres away before clattering sadly to the ground.

… that’s just too sad.

I’m currently practising my Earth Magic. However, it was not going well.

[8] Now that I’ve mastered Fire Ball, I thought I’d tried some other types of magic.

At first, I wanted to try using Water Magic, but when I chanted ‘Water Ball’ nothing happened at all. [2] It was the same with ‘Wind Cutter’ [5]. Fortunately, when I called out ‘Stone Bullet’ something actually happened.

[8] Bits of stone (sand?) appeared on my hand.

[4] “Yes!”

[4] “Pfft,”

[6] I whipped my head around to glare at Fer… who have this really annoying look on his face. I wanted to call him out on his rude scoff, but…

I glared at the little pebble that had stopped bouncing about 22 meters away. I’d already properly mastered the Fire Ball, which meant I know how to circulate magic inside my body and should, in theory, be able to use whatever magic that fits my affinity.

[4] “Fire Ball!” a football-size fire exploded from my hands.

Well, that shows that I still have good mastery over magic, but why I can’t I shoot a proper Stone Bullet? 

[4] “Haaa, I guess there’s no choice but to practice more…” I sighed.

“You’re very slow,” Fer has that superior look on his face again.

Gunununu, I started out producing bits of sand but could form small stones now. Not everyone has cheat level skills like you!”

“Why don’t you try actual combat training again? Didn’t your Fire Magic improve tremendously thanks to that?”

I shivered.

Images of snarling green Goblins slobbering against Fer’s barrier marched across my mind. [5]

“D-don’t even joke about things like that! Who wants to experience that nightmarish thing again?!” While it’s true that I had improved a lot through Fer’s ‘Actual Combat Training’, the trauma that I had experienced was horrible you know?!

Fumu, it’s been days now but you still can’t properly use Earth Magic,”

“Haahh… this is why I don’t like geniuses…” I glared at him half-heartedly.

Dull guys like me could only slog on slowly while [6] geniuses pick up skills like bits of fallen tissue papers. How could I not hate them?


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After dinner, I got ready to prepare our beds for the night when something cold touched my ankle.

[8] “Gyaah!!” I leapt a foot into the air.

The creature that had touched my ankle was a transparent bubble of water about the size of a soccer ball than undulated slowly at my feet.

“… is that, a Slime?”

“Hmm, looks like it,”

“Eh? How did it get past your barrier?!”

“It’s probably there when the barrier’s set up,” said Fer carelessly. 

“Isn’t your barrier meaningless if it traps monsters inside it?”

“Hump! There’s no need to waste time over such weaklings. Surely even you aren’t so faint-hearted that you’d fear a newborn Slime?”

“Hey, I’m a weakling too, you know?” [5]

[6] I said that, but, with Fer’s assurance, I crouched down in front of the little Slime. Hmm, from this angle, it looks quite cute. [5]

[6] It did nothing but bobbed up and down, its two tiny dot-like eyes staring up at me.

[6] Curious, I poked its jelly-like body.

Puru, puru.

The Slime shivered.

[8] “How cute!” I poked it again and again until a tiny tentacle reached out touched my index finger. “So adorable! Hey, Fer. Are Slimes usually this friendly?”

“Didn’t I say that Slime is a newborn? A normal Slime would have run off and hide as soon as it senses people or monsters. This one hasn’t learned any common sense yet.”

“I see,” [1] curious now, I chanted, “[Appraisal]” and studied its status.


[ Name ] —–

[ Age ] 3 Days

[Race] Baby Slime

[ Level ] 1

[ Stamina ] 2

[ Magic Powers ] 1

[ Attack Powers ] 1

[ Defense Powers ] 2

[ Agility ] 2

[ Skill ] —–


…it’s so weak…

Just three days old? It really is a newborn. [2] Look, even its race claimed it’s a Baby Slime.

[8] Well, I guess it will evolve into a proper Slime one day, but for now, it’s so weak that it might die if I stepped on it by accident!

It’s so friendly and cute too. [1] Ahh, maybe I could give it a little food at least?

Slimes from novels and anime could eat anything, but is it really so? [5]

“Hey, Fer. Do you know what Slimes eat?”

“Hm? You can just give it some pebbles if you like,”

“What kind of [9] extreme omnivore is that!?” [5] I looked at the little Baby Slime wonderingly. “Pebbles, huh? I guess I could try giving you this.”

I rummage through my [Item Box] and brought out a few things. [5] [2] Plastic bags of all kinds, empty cans, empty stock cartons, empty spice bottles, plastic water bottles and so forth. I picked up one of the cans and poked the Slime encouragingly with it.

“There, see if you like this,”

[6] A little tentacle curled around the can and pulled it into its body. the can eventually dissolved and vanished.

“Ohh, that’s amazing!”

[8] The Baby Slime reached out with a little tentacle again and I quickly gave it a plastic bottle this time. “I wonder if Slimes could digest unnatural things like- oooohhhhh!!”

[6] The plastic bottle disappeared too.

One after another, the Baby Slimed picked up random bits of other world trash and proceeded to dissolve it within its body. [1] The next I knew, our little area was clear of rubbish.

“That’s amazing!” [5] I patted the soccer ball size jelly. I had been keeping all the rubbish in my [Item Box] unsure how to get rid of it. I mean, [10] I can’t throw them around carelessly or bury them like potato and onion peels. These are inorganic items that would probably stick around for hundreds of years, only a non-civic minded barbarian would do such a thing! [5]

The Baby Slime bounced up and down happily.

“Oh? Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The bouncing jelly jumped into my arms, “Ooof!” The Baby Slime began to vibrate, it was like holding a purring cat. A cold, hairless, vibrating cat. “Oh my, you’re a really friendly Slime, aren’t you~”

“Oi, that thing just became your familiar?”

“… …. Eh?” I blinked. “Wait, but I never even made any contract, how-”

“Just look at your status,” said Fer. “As long as the Slime agreed and you accept, the contract is done,”

“Ehhh?? But I never accept anything?”

“Whatever, the contract is done. Just take a look at your status.

So, I did.


[ Name ] Tsuyoshi Mukouda

[ Age ] 27

[ Job ] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell

[ Level ] 3

[ Stamina ] 110

[ Magic Powers ] 110

[ Attack Powers ] 83

[ Defense Powers ] 82

[ Agility ] 78

[ Skill ] Appraisal | Item Box | Fire Magic


Fenrir | Baby Slime

[ Unique Skill ] Net Super


Eh? I have a Baby Slime?


[Gumihou: Yay! Sui!]

[Eguchi-Ren: This solves the garbage problem, yay!]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Extreme omnivore: Is Gumihou’s term for Slime’s appetite. I mean, I’m an omnivore and I don’t eat rocks…

[10] Added some details on how Japanese treat trash.


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  1. SFcipher

    Mukouda got himself a trash processor. Oops, slimes.

  2. Hamster

    Magic like slavery necklaces, slavery bracelets (eg Hero Rio), or slavery rings would be dangerous. I wonder how many companies and families fell because key people were deceived into wearing slavery items to force a takeover. Well, the author won’t write about such stuff, so I guess the chance is zero.

  3. Reader

    Well now he does not have to worry about trash.

  4. Hamster

    It’s too bad Mukouda has to keep his trash a secret as it would expose Net Super. Otherwise, a metal food can, once gently rinsed out, would be a valuable container in a medieval society compared to medieval-made cans which always rusted. Modern cans, similar to sodapop cans, have a plastic coating that prevents water or acidic foods from corroding the interior.

    1. Gumihou

      They have magic, lol

      Although, I’m sure it’s not for everyone.

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