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Little Cooking Saint – 0314 – Pot Helmet (e)

Chapter 314 – Pot Helmet (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Gumi has some doubts about the author’s ability with basic math. The running numbers are as follows:

310 (a), 311 (b), 311 (c), 313 (c), 314 (d)

Also, the humour here is a little… forced.

Speaking of which, since it’s meant to be comedic, please continue to read Shiyu’s dialogues in a deep foreign voice.



After swallowing past his dry throat, Luo Dongting faintly heard the tremble in his voice as he said, “When it comes to base tricks like this, I don’t need you around to achieve this result. A few good craftsmen could achieve the same result.”

“Do you truly believe that I hauled you up here using hot air balloons or kites? Are you that unwilling to believe me?”

“I’m afraid this is something that anyone would find hard to believe,” Luo Dongting said, trying his best to steady his heart and not shout out his agreement.

He realise that the moment he agree to this proposal, his life would probably take a huge turn. However, this is still just ‘probably’ and there’s no guarantee that it would have a positive result. As a merchant, he must do his best to minimize risk to himself.

“I do not care what ‘anyone’ believes, so long as you believe me. 

Once you could Cultivate, you no longer have to live under other people’s thumbs. Longevity and strength would be yours at the nod of your head. The wealth you have accumulated till now will be a mere accessory to true power. This is a simple yes or no question, surely you should know the answer?” drawled Shiyu.

“If you keep persuading me like this, I’m afraid I will surrender soon. Granted, the conditions you offer are very tempting. However, even you use the word ‘probably’ to describe this opportunity. Since it is not a certainty, there must be risks. The price a mortal has to pay for the ability to Cultivate cannot be small and may even cost me my life. All these risks would be borne by me.” He listed all the downsides of the deal slowly, as though trying to wake himself up from a deluded dream.

“Tsk, how greedy.”

“It can’t be helped. For now, you are more anxious than me. This might be my only chance to press my advantage, therefore I must make use of it well.”

“Such a mercantile way of living, refusing to take a loss at all. Forget it, I can’t offer you anything too valuable, but I do have some precious herbs in reserve,” Shiyu did not mind his calculative attitude.

At this, Luo Dongting licked his lips once and said, “Three stalks. Give me three stalks of thousand-year-old precious herbs and we have a deal.”

“There are only two, no more,”

“As a Divine Transformation master, surely you can easily take out three stalks of thousand-year-old precious herbs?”

“You have the nerve to be so calculative after such great fortune fell onto your lap? Just two stalks, do you want them or not!”

“Very well, two stalks,” he was quite satisfied with this result. If anything happened to him, his sister could at least become stronger and look after herself. “One other thing, the matter you speak of before… I wish to know, has anyone ever succeeded?”

Luo Dongting was rather nervous about her answer.

It has to do with his future after all.

“Of course,” Shiyu did not hesitate to answer him. “Two people have tried, one failed but he did not give up. The other person is me, I was luckier and got to this stage due to great luck.”

“You?” Luo Dongting could not quite believe this.

“Why would I lie to you?” Shiyu held up her index finger and a blue flame appeared. “Have you ever seen Fire Attribute people with this kind of flame?”

Luo Dongting thought for a moment. As far as he could tell, the fire used by Fire Attribute Cultivators had always been red.

“Has anyone died from the attempt?”

“As long as I am there, they won’t die,”


“Yes. Well, it’s getting late, do you want me to take you down?” asked Shiyu.

“No… no need!” [1] Luo Dongting waved a hand at her. “I wish to stay up here a little longer.”

Even though the attempt is not 100% guaranteed, the success rate was not low. He was so excited that he wanted to shout out loud.

In fact, he did just that.

“Ah ah ah—-!”[2]

The Grand Martial Palace is set higher than even the clock tower of the Grand Martial City. Thus, when he shouted, his voice set off barking dogs and from time to time, people shouted back.

“Who’s that sicko!?”

“Why start shouting in the middle of the night?!”

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof–!“

The scolding of the civilians was nothing to be concerned about. However, his sudden shout alerted the Cultivators of Grand Martial City and they immediately flew over to investigate.

When they reached the roof of the Grand Martial Palace, they were shocked to find Luo Dongting there. Most of them knew this Noble Child Luo but why was he here?

Also, the Palace was five storeys high, just how did he get up here?

“Noble Child Luo, I believe we need an explanation,”

Luo Dongting had been so overwhelmed just now that he had lost control of himself. Heart racing in his chest, he had wanted to vent this rare moment of agitation. Now, facing the Grand Martial Palace people alone, because Shiyu had long since disappeared from his side, he had no choice but to thicken his face and say, “I was inspired by the night sky and forgot myself to the point of not remembering the time… do forgive me…”

Not a single person believe even half a word of his explanation.

Leaving aside the reason for being here, just how on earth did he get up here in the first place? How did he get here without anyone noticing? They only knew that Luo Dongting was here when he suddenly shouted. They knew that someone must have brought him here and that the person must possess higher Cultivation than they.

All of those present were currently at the Core Condensation Realm. Therefore, the person who brought him here must be close to the Great Perfection realm.

They recalled the rumours of what had happened earlier that day and suddenly thought of something.

In the end, their attitude towards Luo Dongting was relatively mild considering his awkward position. They took his excuses at face value and escorted him down. Letting him off with a warning to not do this again in the future.

Naturally, Luo Dongting thank them over and over again for this favour.

Right now, no one had any idea that a great storm was about to sweep over the entire Ninth Realm. This storm would shatter the current existing lines between mortals and Cultivators. Giving even mortals without Spiritual Roots the opportunity to become Cultivators.


The person at the centre of this storm quietly returned to the treehouse after having convinced Luo Dongting.

She was actually facing some headaches now. Ever since the second broken page had merged into the <<Soul Drawing Book>>, she had attempted to Cultivate according to its instructions.

Only, the chapter on heat control was rather more difficult than knife work. She has to complete: steaming, boiling, stir-frying, deep-frying, stewing, double-boiling, and roasting [3] these seven different types of heat control made her feel like dying.

She had always been better at stir-frying and deep-frying because these two techniques were something she practised often. She also has some skills with roasting, stewing and double-boiling but when it comes to steaming and boiling, they were basically her blind spots. She never did have a good grasp of these two methods. Her fire would either be too strong or too weak, making it hard for her to judge when food is done [4].


The next day, she came out of the Saint’s Dwelling to wonder about the city. Now that she has solicited a deal with Luo Dongting, all she had to do is wait for him to spread the net for her.

The journey between Sacred Universe Kingdom and Eastern Martial Empire is really too far away. Otherwise, it would not be a bad idea to spread intelligence networks between these two countries. [5]


[Gumihou: The sheer convoluted and unnecessary expenditure of resources for something that could be bought for silver discreetly is… what? A platform for Shiyu to show off her strength, money, resources and intelligence (lol)?]


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[1] Character OOC: The start of the forced comedy. Did you enjoy it? The OOC ‘!’ from Luo Dongting signals the start of the thing.

I think, Luo Dongting became too cool and was starting to make Shiyu look bad. Hence the stupid shouting session to pull down his image. How underhanded, tsk, tsk.

[2] Seriously, that’s how it’s depicted in the original. Author of ‘puchi! stab wounds’ is not very good with onomatopoeia.

[3] Since Shiyu doesn’t actually know how to cook, please click on the link for better information.

[4] Aside from science making it almost impossible for water to go too hot beyond 100 degrees Celsius once it reaches boiling point, Chinese cooks often boil the water in the wok or other vessels first before putting the food on the steaming rack and then start the cooking time. This has more to do with timing than how strong or weak your fire is. Also, the temperature of your ingredient (was it frozen or room temperature?) and how thick or thinly cut the meat/bone etc are more crucial when it comes to judging whether the food is done or not. It’s TIMING, not BIG FIRE vs SMALL FIRE you idgit.

For boiling, just what are you boiling that made you fail? Noodles? Ah, right. Chapter 113, where she ‘boiled 3 bowls worth of raw noodles in a small pot of water’. Genius.

[5] Brilliant thought, I bet no one ever considered this before.


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