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Tondemo Skill – 027 – This is NOT a Nice World

Chapter 027: This is NOT a Nice World

Re-Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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I left Fer at the inn after dinner and made my way to the town’s pub. [6] It’s about the time where most Adventurers were done with their missions and were now relaxing over a pint.

This was a fairly large town, so there were quite a few pubs around, [6] but I aimed for the one that contained more burly looking people with large weapons on their side.

[6] Hmm, this one looks good.

I entered a busy pub and aimed for a table of four people, “Erm, excuse me, I’d like to find out a few things, if that’s alright?”

Before they could say anything, I immediately turned to the server and ordered a round of drinks for the four Adventurers.

“Ou, Ou! So you do know how things work, eh?” [3] A tough-looking bald man gave me a light punch on the arm and waved at a chair. “Sit, so, what do you want to know?”

“I’ve just started my job as a travelling merchant,” [7] I began humbly. “I’d like to know more about the countries from everyone. Great Adventurers like you guys must be well-travelled, right?”

“What? That’s it? Well, you’ve come to the right place,” said the Skinhead.

A Beastman with rounded ears and striped pattern of a tiger and powerfully built body nodded, “Sure, we’ve travelled to all kinds of countries.”

I must have stared too long because the Beastman snarled, “What are you looking at?” [5]

[6] “Ah, I-” Oh no, I must have offended him!

“Idiot,” his companion elbowed him. “That guy must be curious since it’s rare to see Beastmen that aren’t slaves in this country.”

That seemed to placate the Beastman a little. [6] At least enough to not look like he wants to take a bite out of my throat, [7] “About that, well, it’s true that Beastmen are generally slaves in this country. Still, it’s not so bad compared to other countries.”

Everyone else at the table nodded solemnly, “That’s right.”

Here’s what I learnt today:

The Geisler Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Rubanov as well as the Kingdom of Solace, a dependent of Rubanov, treat non-human races such as Beastmen, Elves and Dwarves very badly.

The Geisler Empire is a dictatorial monarchy. Anyone who opposes the emperor will be put to death. Beastmen, Elves and Dwarves are placed at the same level as domestic animals.

The Holy Kingdom of Rubanov is a supremacist country that spreads Supreme Humanism religion. The religion of Rubanov claims that those who do not follow its doctrine will face destruction. The existence of Beastmen, Elves and Dwarves are basically a curse on the world and should therefore be driven away, tortured or killed.

The Kingdom of Solace is no better than Rubanov, being a dependent of the Holy Kingdom, its treatment of non-human races is the same. [5]

Compared to the above countries, life as a slave in the Feenan Kingdom is not too bad. On top of their meagre wages, they have a certain right to living conditions and some minimal protection.


“What about the Kingdom of Raijseger? I passed through that place once, but did not see any Beastmen…”

“Ahh, that place…”


The Kingdom of Reijseger is also a human supremacist country similar to Rubanov. No Beastmen, Elves or Dwarves were allowed in their country.

[8] However, when the king began his territorial expansion and made battles here and there, [1] the ones sent to the battlefield to fight and bleed for the country were Beastmen, Elves and Dwarves.

At least, the men were sent out to fight, while the women were kept as pleasure slaves among the noblemen of Reijseger.


… this world, is not nice at all.

[6] Seeing my depressed state, the Skinhead leader smacked me heartily on the back, “Hahaha! Don’t make that kind of face. There are still plenty of very nice places in the world! Take our homeland Malbert for example!”


[8] The Kingdom of Malbert that borders Reijseger has no racial discrimination at all, but it is surrounded by terrible neighbours. Geisler in the south, Reijseger in the north and Rubanov in the east. [6] To the east of Malbert is the sea, which is filled with sea monsters that act as a natural barrier against invading countries thinking to attack them via the sea.


“It’s only a matter of time before a full war happens, once Reijseger attacks, there will be no sanctuary from the other Kingdoms.” [5]

[6] “So, um, you’re leaving Malbert?”

“If we have any families there, we might have stayed, but we’re all orphans so…”

[4] “Yeah, we actually grew up in the same orphanage. Becoming an Adventurer is a good way for people without connections to make it in life.”

[4] “And the best thing about being an Adventurer? No town or country with an Adventurer’s Guild office has the right to hinder the movements of C Rankers and above.”

[4] Someone snickered, “Not unless they want the wrath of the Adventurer’s Guild on them. The Guild’s power extends beyond any individual country.”

“We had to pass through Reijseger,” spat the Beastman. “The looks in their eyes makes me sick.”


As the talk continued, I grew more despaired. Is this world really alright?

I felt… as though this place is really…


The name Krahsen came up. The Kingdom of Krahsen, to the east of Reijseger, is a country with a rather long history. However, the country is heading towards ruin due to internal issues within the royal family.

These are all countries to the west. Closer to the centre of the continent are struggling small countries with shifting borders. Warlords feuded against each other to claim more territories for themselves and Adventurers try not to go there if at all possible.


“Oh, but, about five or six years ago, a bunch of small kingdoms by the sea gathered together to form… what was it again? Oh yeah, the Republic of Quinn. However, last I heard that republic is on the verge of breaking up already…”

“Un, un,” I made a note to avoid small angry countries as much as possible.


There’s also the Elman Kingdom and the Leonhart Kingdom on the eastern side of the continent.

Compared to the rest, these kingdoms are comparatively free. More importantly, their military strength is huge which meant there’s no fear of being invaded by others. Moreover, these two kingdoms have a fairly good relationship with each other, so messing with one usually meant messing with both.

With such stable internal affairs, these two Kingdoms can be considered the best of the lot.


“We’re on our way to Leonhart now, we’ll be passing through Elman too!”

“Yeah! Both Leonhart and Elman are dungeon cities with more than one dungeon. That’s really rare and always good for professional Adventurers!”

“Ah, I see,” I had… been wondering about the dungeon thing. I mean, this is a western-style fantasy world with legendary monsters, so…

It turned out that dungeons do exist.

How interesting.

I will never enter one, of course. Because my life is important!

Ah, but judging from what these people said, Elman or Leonhart would be one of the best places to settle down.

The only issue is whether Fer knows the way…

“Ah, if only I have a map…”


[Gumihou: Ahaha, the author really dragged it out. I believe these 10 chapters were squeezed into one manga chapter. Chapter 9 I think.]


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    With all these locations, it’s harder to keep track of where the three heroes are located and wherever Mukouda is going.

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