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Tondemo Skill – 023 – Discover Telepathy with Fer

Chapter 023: Discover Telepathy with Fer

Re-Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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“Hey, Fer. We’re travelling without any destination in mind, but is there any place in particular you want to go?”

For me, the most important thing was to get away from that shitty Reijseger Kingdom, so I don’t really have a destination aside from Getting Far Far Away for the moment.

“If that’s the case, how about heading west? There are lots of delicious monsters deep within the western forest.”

“West? What kind of place is the west? I mean, what’s the country like?”

Nuu, if you’re talking about human settlements, I don’t know.” [5]

“How could you not know? At the very least you should know the name of the country you’re going to and what their general practice is like. What if they’re on the verge of war?”

Mu, human fights and countries have nothing to do with me. They’re always fighting for stupid reasons anyway.” [5]

Am I stupid? Fer should be the last being I inquire about names of countries with. He’d probably just stomp through a human war anyway…

[8] However, as a weak human, I can’t be as carefree. I have to sell things and trade goods for money to fund the [Net Super] and get my monster meat dismantled! Moreover, Fer’s casual remark about humans ‘always fighting’ meant that wars are still happening. I mean, I just got out of Reijseger who was about to start a war with Malbert, so it looks like wars are more of a norm than an exception. [5]

[6] All the more reason to be careful!

[8] Wait, calm down. First, I need to have a map. At least, with a map, I can see what this world is like and the country adjacent to the one I’m standing on. Also, it’s much easier to inquire after countries once I have their names.

Till now, we’ve been bypassing small villages and towns because of Fer.

[8] However, I have no choice but to enter the next one to get hold of a map.

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“There’s a village up ahead,” said Fer. “Are we bypassing again?”

We had been keeping away from humans and monsters alike through Fer’s handy ‘sensory detection’ skill. He’s like a special radar that could detect life forces and even tell what kind of creature he’s sensing.

“No, let’s enter. I need a map.”

As soon as the entrance to the village came into view, the gatekeeper levelled a spear at us and hollered, “Stop!”

[8] I held up my hands and tried my best soothing voice, “Adventurer Mukouda here, this is my familiar.”

“Where’s your proof!” the gatekeeper yelled back, “and stay where you are!”

I stayed in place, still with my hands up. “I have my Adventurer’s card,”

Two of the guards came forward nervously. Fer was baring his teeth at them, so I can’t blame them for being anxious. I handed my Adventurer’s card over. I’d like to use my Merchant’s card, but with Fer around…

“Hmm, hmm, it certainly looks like you’re registered with a familiar. Is that a Great Wolf? To think a beginner like you would have a familiar like this…”

[8] I blinked, Great Wolf? The name sounds impressive, but certainly nothing like the Legendary Beast Fenrir, so let’s go with that.

Smiling beatifically, I said, “Oh yes, I was pretty lucky-”


I threw myself at Fer, holding his muzzle close with my arm, “Sshhhh,” [5] I flashed a look around. [8] People were already giving me fearful looks for having a ‘Great Wolf’. I’m not exactly sure what they would do if they knew he’s a Legendary Beast Fenrir!

““I’m not a Great Wolf!”” Fer’s voice suddenly echoed in my head.

I jumped, but… my arm is still around Fer’s muzzle, so…



“Hmm? Is something the matter?” the guard was now showing my guild card to the gatekeeper.

“Nothing, nothing at all, ahaha…”

The guard handed my card back to me, “Everything seems to check out. Even so, for a beginner to have an A Rank Great Wolf as a familiar, you’re pretty incredible, huh?”

I forced a smile and tried to drag Fer in without letting his muzzle lose.

Still, Fer’s voice continued to reverberate in my head. ““I am not a Great Wolf!””

I stared at Fer.

““Nu, what are you looking at? This is telepathy. Now that you’ve signed a contract with me, we can communicate like this.”

I see, I’ve never heard of this service before.

““Umu, since this is also my first contract, I have forgotten about it too.”” [5]

[6] Let’s try it out.

[6] Ahem.

““Testing, testing, Fer, can you hear me?””

““Umu, yes,””

““Listen, sorry about passing you off as a Great Wolf. But think about it, just being a Great Wolf already freaked them out this much, what do you think would happen if they knew you’re the great and incredible Legendary Magic Beast Fenrir?”

““Mumumumu, I suppose…””

““No supposing! It’s always better to avoid conflict. From now on, as soon as we enter a village or town, Fer will be a Great Wolf.””

““Nu, why?””

““If they found out that a Fenrir is nearby, all the noblemen or kingdoms will try to make a move. Wouldn’t it be troublesome?””

““That may be true, but I can just destroy these pests.””

““Destroy, destroy, is that the only thing in your head!? Can you imagine what would happen next? The human world would combine and it’ll be ‘Death to Fenrir!’ or ‘Kill the ‘Fenrir!’””

[6] ““Nu, so?””

[6] ““Where do you think we get our money from? How are we going to get our meat dismantled? If we’re banned from human settlements, you’ll soon be back to eating raw meat again.””

““Gu! [8] That’ll be terrible!””

““Right? That’s why, to make things easier for everyone, just pretend to be a Great Wolf for now,””

““If master insists, I guess I have no choice.””

““And let’s keep speaking through telepathy whenever we’re inside a human settlement. Only legendary beasts are able to speak human languages after all.””

““Muu, fine.””

By now, we’ve already been cleared to enter the village, but…

The eyes of the curious villagers are kind of painful. Even the village chief came out to welcome us, “Welcome to the Village of Reiden. May I ask what an esteemed Adventure like yourself is looking in our little village?”

“Ah, to be honest. I’m looking to get a map and stopped by…”

“Such a valuable thing does not exist in a small village like ours. Perhaps you could try the Town of Router? It’s four days from here and is big enough to have a bookstore as well as a public library…”


“Mm, books and maps are made of paper and parchment, both of which are quite expensive. Not something that could be found in a humble village like ours.”

“I see, then, I shall trouble village chief to give me the direction…”

[8] It turned out Router was fairly close to the Royal Capital and therefore was quite well stocked. At any rate, although the smile never left the village chief’s face, I get the feeling that we’re being chased out of the place… [5]

I guess this is what it means by ‘A village that’s unkind to outsiders’…


“Four days on the road, huh?” [5]

Nn? If you want to get there quickly just climb on my back,”

“I’d be grateful, but please be mindful of your speed, okay?”

“I understand, with that speed, it will take us one day. Unless you want to go faster?”

“Any faster and I’ll get blown off and probably land on my head or break my neck. [8] Which spells the end of delicious food for you-”

[8] “Nuu, fine I won’t go too fast.”

I climbed on Fer’s back and off we go.

Onwards to Town of Router.

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