Little Cooking Saint – 0312 – Pot Helmet (c)
Justice lawfirm or auction concept. Judge holding hammer in hand lies on table in debate room for fair judgments.

Little Cooking Saint – 0312 – Pot Helmet (c)

Chapter 312 – Pot Helmet (c)

Translated by Gumihou

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However, their eyes only met for an instant before they both looked away.

This time, Luo Dongting did not increase his bid and the precious herb was won by Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao.

For the rest of the auction items, Luo Dongting imitated the wall as, one after another, everything that was on auction ended up in the pockets of those two. 

When the final prize, Water Essence, was put under the hammer, certain people decided to make a temporary pack and pool their money for this final bid. At the very least, they hope to prevent these two youths from getting their hands on this final prize too easily.

After the price was raised three times, Ling Xiaoxiao caught on to their tricks.

Though she does not lack money, that did not mean they would allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

“Everyone, I wish to understand. How do you plan to divide the Water Essence if you actually get your hands on it?” said Ling Xiaoxiao with a chuckle.

As soon as she said this, the audience fell silent.

Although they were now united in wishing to defeat these two teenagers if they did not have real determination to get their hands on the Water Essence, what should they do if they accidentally win the item? If they managed to win the item, are they willing to bear the difference between normal price and auction price?

Everyone here are people with positions. If they lose a bit of ground, their enemy would acquire that much ground from them. That much they could still understand.

Thus, the next few bids for the Water Essence came at a much slower pace. In the end, Ling Xiaoxiao managed to win the bid. Although the price was a little expensive, Xiao Shi had given them very specific instructions. They were to take everything from the auction.

She managed to fulfil her mission completely.

When the auctioneer declared their win, Ling Xiaoxiao let out a sigh and leaned back. [1] Suddenly, shot upright again, shocked by the cold wetness on her back. She had not even realised she had sweated so excessively…

What she and Liu Eleven thought was an easy mission turned out to be not so simple after all. 

In the end, they were just too weak. Because of their weakness, they lacked confidence.

After the auction was over, it was time to pay up.

While the two youths went with the auctioneer, few people in attendance were in a rush to leave. They all wanted to know if these two youngsters could safely leave the auction house.

“All of the items won add up to a huge sum of money. Who knows if those two could safely make it out.”

“Leaving those two alone, can you shell out the money for all those items at once?”

Because the total sum of money was so huge, everyone was sure these youths would not be able to pay up.

Luo Diemeng listened intently to other people’s guesses before turning to her brother, “Brother, what do you think?”

Luo Dongting rubbed his forehead, “Who knows.”

Those two appeared confident, who knows whether they have any substance under that bravado.

“Just wait, we shall have our answer in a while,”

A short moment later, they did know the answer. The result was rather surprising. Not only did the two come out of the room intact but all eight elders of the auction house accompanied them without exception and escorted them politely to the entrance.

Just what is going on?

“These two young friends,” if you happen to need anything in the future, you may speak to us. We shall do our best to locate the item for you,” the elder with the highest position in the auction house said politely.

When the people heard this, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“No problem,” Ling Xiaoxiao said with a mild smile. “Thank you very much for today, elder. In the future, if you happen to have time, please come and have tea at our place.”

“We shall trouble you in the future,”

Ling Xiaoxiao kept walking towards the entrance, accompanied by the elder. Seeing them chatting so amiably together, the rest of the people in the auction house realised that the show was over and decided to leave as well. Luo Dongting and Luo Diemeng also followed the crowd out.

They watch as the people crowded around those two youths but in the end did not approach her.

“I’ll take you to the Grand Martial Palace,” he said.

Luo Diemeng’s gazed at the two youths. “I thought they were newbies in the field, who would have thought they would be so amazing? Brother, when do you think we could be like that?”

A powerful presence surrounded by others who looked up at them with careful smiles.

“As long as you Cultivate properly, this day would one day come.”

The two of them made their way towards the carriage when someone called from behind, “Noble Child Luo, please stay for a bit.”

The moment he heard this command, a flash of negative premonition shuddered through Luo Dongting’s heart. However, as the other had called him out so obviously, he could not pretend not to hear it. After all, what he lacked was a Cultivation base. His hearing was perfectly fine.

Luo Dongting turned around to see the two youths in question coming towards him. Putting on a courteous, yet distant smile, he said, “How may I be of service to you?”

Ling Xiaoxiao straightforwardly handed him the thousand-year-old precious herb she had just won from the auction, “This is a meeting gift from us.”

As expected!

As Luo Dongting studied the snow-white jade box that glowed warmly under the sun, his eyes twitched.

“This miss, could you have recognised the wrong person? This one doesn’t remember ever meeting you. Surely there’s no need for such a generous meeting gift.”

Despite the direct refusal, Ling Xiaoxiao did not appear embarrassed. She merely said, “I have never met with you, this is true. However, I have been entrusted to give this to you.”

“Then, perhaps you could inform me the identity of the person who entrusted this matter to you?” Luo Dong Ting still refused to accept the gift.

“The invitation is within the box.”

Luo Dongting noticed that the eyes of the people around him had changed. He thought back to the many things that had happened before, [2] considering how high this person’s status is, they must have deliberately wanted their people to present this so openly to make some kind of statement.

He has no relationship with this person, however, in the eye of the people around him, it would only look like he was familiar with the high profile people behind these youngsters and [2] just played out an act to impress others.

“If that’s the case, that this one shall respectfully accept,” he openly thanked the young woman and accepted the jade box. He added, “This one shall certainly come and pay a visit.”

Ling Xiaoxiao also smiled graciously, “We greatly welcome your presence.”

After the two sides said their goodbyes to each other, Luo Dongting got into his carriage without looking back.

Luo Diemeng had restrained herself during the entire exchange. However, after getting into the carriage with her brother, she noticed his odd expression and said, “Brother, did you happen to accidentally save some eldest young miss of some great family? According to the normal plot, she was so overwhelmed with gratitude that she sent all these precious medicines to you.”

“How can that be? I, your brother, am a mere ordinary person. I’m afraid the other side might have some kind of ulterior motives,” the play just now was meant to show everyone that he was part of their faction.

[2] The fact that he did not know what faction it was nor what it meant for him or his sister bothered him.

“Then, you don’t have to worry too much, ah. Didn’t you use to say never worry that others schemed, only worry if they do not scheme? Anyway, you just play your role as a rich young master and I’ll play my part as a rich young miss and deal with them that way.”

He had not expected his younger sister to be more open-minded than himself. Luo Dongting could not help but do some self-reflection. Had he been a little too fearful and nervous?

At any rate, he decided to [2] confront the matter head-on, by opening the jade box. Inside, he found [3] a peach blossom embossed paper.

As he unfold it, the scent of precious herbs wafted up to him. On it was a single line of poem.

The drunk cannot tell sky from water,

A full boat sailed across the Milky Way.

Aside from this, there was nothing else.


[Gumihou: Erm… for an auction scene it’s kinda boring? Gumi nearly threw up at the amount of pretentiousness and fakeness in the chapter.]

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[1] Adjusted Detail for Dramatic Purpose: Because the original is kind of lame underwhelming. ‘…leaned her body back to the chair and suddenly felt wetness on her back…’

[2] Additional Details to Combat the Vague: ‘knowing that the person’s status is high, it’s clear they deliberately wanted others to see…’

… some extra details, please?

If not, I can only change the flavour of your message.

[3 Added Details for Explanation in Text Purpose: Well, here’s what Gumi thinks a Peach Blossom Paper or Peach Blossom Embossed Paper looks like


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