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Tondemo Skill – 021 – Fer’s Bootcamp

Chapter 021: Fer’s Bootcamp

Re-Translated by Gumihou

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I’ve done my best.

For the past three days, I had circulate magical powers through my body. [6] I did it in the morning, afternoon and evening, before bedtime and as soon as I woke up.

[6] Because I really, really want to use Magic.

[6] It’s Magic! How could I not be interested in using magic now that I have been transmigrated into a magical fantasy world filled with Orcs, giant birds and legendary beasts?

[6] I began to psych myself.

Yes, I can do this!

Let’s go!

“Fire Ball!”

A ball of fire the size of a softball appeared above my hand.

A ball of fire that floated over my hand might look cool, but it’s only considered a proper Fire Ball if I can throw it at enemies with great accuracy and explosion.

Here I go!

“Hah!” I swung my arm with all my might and the ball of fire staggered forward at the speed of a mommy’s bike. [1] It tottered for about 20 meters before falling to the ground with a sad little ‘pon!’ [5]

“… weak… why is it so weak?”

Could this even be considered an attack?


A scoff! A scoff from the Legendary Fenrir Fer!

Damn it—-!!!” but I can’t even say anything to defend my shameful little ‘pon!’

“Even after all that training, this is all you can do? Mmm, how about this? Instead of focussing on more training, try using your magic in combat.”

[6] “Combat, you mean like, fighting monsters?”

“Of course,” [6] Fer gave me a look as though I have the IQ of a slug. “Life and death situation will boost your motivation to improve and vastly accelerate your learning capabilities.”

“That may be true, but… I can’t use a sword and you’ve already seen my magic. What if I get injured?!”

“Not to worry, I shall set up a barrier around you to block the monsters but allow you to attack. Furthermore, with me by your side, what is there to worry about?”

“But… there’s no guarantee, right? I don’t want to get injured…”

“Aaargh! You coward! Get on my back now!”

An angry Fer snatched me by the back of my shirt and tossed me into the air.

[6] “Nooo!” As I sprawled over Fer’s slippery back, I instinctively grasped whatever thing I could reach, which happened to be the long white fur on my familiar’s back. When Fer started moving, I gripped harder, “H-hey, wait. Where are we going!?”

“To find some monsters,”

“What?! No, I don’t want to!” I screamed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pick monsters that even a weakling like you can handle.”

Don’t worry you say? How can I not worry?! I’m very worried!!!

Whatever, call me a coward, a chicken or whatever you like, but don’t make me fight monsters!!!!


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Nuu, there are some Goblins nearby. Excellent. I shall erase my presence so master should be quiet too,”

What do you mean by ‘excellent’?

[6] This is very bad.

[6] Very bad!

[4] “what the heck?” [1] I blinked my eyes hard and stared at the scene before me.

[9] The ‘some Goblins’ that Fer was so excited about was actually a lot of Goblins. A whole lot of Goblins. “It’s a Goblin village!” I hissed at Fer.

[6] “Exactly,” Fer said smugly as he shook his body, sending me to the floor on my butt. “[8] A target-rich environment.”

[8] “Where did you learn a phrase like that?!” I hissed again.

Fer has this… very unnerving look on his face, “Attack as fast as you can,”

[9] “No, no, no, no! What’s with that instruction?! It’s impossible for me!” I whined, sticking myself to Fer. “I’ll die!”

Nu, you’ll be fine. I’ve already put up a barrier around you.”

“No! I won’t be fine! I’ll die! I’ll really die!”

“What a coward. Fine, if my master refuses to go, I shall lead the way,” Fer suddenly pointed his nose to the sky and howled. “Awooooooooo!!!”

[9] “No, don’t do that…” I collapsed weakly, casting a frightened eye at the village. “Arrgh! We’ve been noticed!”

Goblins, dozens of them, hundreds, were rushing over with clubs, swords, axes and other miscellaneous weapons. 

“Humph, you have no choice but to fight now. Just cast your spells over and over again until your body remembers it. Meanwhile, I shall go after the high-level Goblins.”

“Wait! Don’t leave me here alone!” Geh! What’s this cast your spells over and over again instruction?! Isn’t that too vague?!

“I shall remember this!” [9] I howled as I started running away from the Goblins.

[9] However, it was soon clear that the Goblins were gaining on me. “Uwahhh, Goblins are coming!!!! Fire Ball!”

[9] My sad Fire Ball struck one of the Goblins in the head and caused a few to trip over its body.

“Fire Ball! Fire Ball! Fire Ball!”

[9] The Goblins soon surrounded me. “Argh! Fire Ball!”

[9] One of the more agile Goblins leapt into the air and brought its axe down my head.

[9] Bash!

[9] The axe stopped about three feet from my face.

[9] The barrier!

[9] “Thank you Fer, arrgh!” the barrier might have stopped the attack, but it’s still unnerving to see these ugly Goblins bashing away at the barrier with axes, swords and clubs just a few feet away from me.

“Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!”

Just as Fer had arranged it, I could attack the Goblins as much as I like without them hurting me.

“Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!”

Fear, desperation and exhilaration surged through me, “Take that! Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!”

The more I attacked, the faster my movements became. My Fire Balls also grew bigger and steadier.

“Fire Ball! Fire Ball!! Fire Ball!!”    

How long have I been shooting Fire Balls at them? [6] Why are there still so many of them?

How much time has passed?

“Haaa, haaa……F-Fire Ball!!!”

A Fire Ball the size of a volleyball appeared on my hand and it flew like a speeding bullet and exploded spectacularly when it hit a bunch of angry looking Goblins, sending green bodies flying everywhere.

It was my idealized image of the perfect Fire Ball.

“I- I can’t go on anymore…” my body is shaking. [9] No matter how much I force energy into my hands, I couldn’t sense the magic anymore.

Was this magical exhaustion?

There were more Goblins coming, [9] but all I could do was stare at them with hazy eyes.

“Humph, looks like you could do it if you really put your mind to it.”


Is that you?

I shall… leave the rest to you.

Knowing that Fer was nearby, I lost consciousness.


[Gumihou: Ahaha, I adjusted the scene to make it more exciting. Did it work?]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Added Details for Comedic Purpose: Okay, Gumihou added the ‘target rich environment’ remark. Like, how could I resist?

[9] Creative Licence taken: To make reading more interesting while preserving the essence of the story.


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