Little Cooking Saint – 0311 – Pot Helmet (b)

Chapter 311 – Pot Helmet (b)

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The appearance of the two people at the auction attracted the attention of everyone around them.

“Brother, look. It’s those two again,” Luo Diemeng said with some surprise from the elegantly set up VIP room.

Counting this time, she would have encountered them three times by now. They certainly seemed to be fated to meet each other.

Luo Dongting was a little more cautious. “We don’t know the identities of those people, it’s better not to approach them for now,”

“I know, ah. Aren’t I here sitting obediently next to you? I didn’t even try to get close to them,” Luo Diemeng said innocently enough. However, her eyes still trailed over to where they were seated.

“Speaking of which, I have never seen them before. It feels like they just popped up out of nowhere. Brother, do you know who they are?” asked Luo Diemeng.

Luo Dongting shook his head, “Unclear.”

He thought back to the curious treehouse that had suddenly appeared just outside the city.

“To think even you don’t know, ah.”

“The things I do not know are many. The Cultivation level of these two did not look high, so why should I pay attention to them? Young people like them are everywhere,” said Luo Dongting.

Luo Diemeng studied the two people. Indeed, the Cultivation level of these two people was not particularly impressive, however, they have at least reached Core Transformation realm.

While the brother and sister chatted together, more and more people arrived. When it looked like most of the people who were interested in the auction were here, the auctioneer appeared on the stage.

The auction will begin soon.

Luo Diemeng had also participated in all kinds of auctions, large and small. They were all pretty much the same. It was only when the precious treasures appeared on stage that things starts to get a little exciting.

Each auction is like an opportunity for the major forces to make a show of power. The weaker people do not even have the opportunity to even drink the soup once the meat has been eaten.

She believed that today’s auction would go the same way and did not expect much. The reason she came was merely to watch the excitement and maybe bid for a few items that caught her eye.

However, once the auction began, she found that she had been mistaken.

A total of 18 items have been put up for bidding today. Once the auction began, [1] the first and second items were won by the same bidder. Then the third, then the fourth and… [1] the same bidder kept winning the items. Suddenly, the atmosphere within the auction house became a little odd.

The bidders were two very young people.

When the fifth item was put up, it fell into their hands too.

No matter how much other people bid, the two would outbid them by a fraction.

The people present here were major league people. When this kind of thing happened, they could not help but feel a little sullen at losing to this pair of fresh-faced teenagers.

Just who are these two? Don’t they know that money isn’t meant to be wasted this way?

After all, the good things will only come out later. If you have the money, go into a bidding war with the bigwigs afterwards and let us have these small things, alright?

“The auction house is not a place to show off, calling a high price is easy but in the end, you must be able to pull out the silvers,” said someone loudly.

Liu Eleven frowned. He turned to Ling Xiaoxia, “Why do I get the feeling that he is talking about us?”

The people around him privately howled: What is this nonsense! From the beginning of the auction until now, you two have won all the bids! Who are we talking about if not you?!

Ling Xiaoxiao cleared her throat and said clearly, “Auction is about who could bid the highest. Since we dare to call out the price, naturally, we can shell out the money.”

“That is not necessarily true. The two of you could be here to make trouble,” someone said archly.

Right then, a lot of gazes fell on those two. Some covert, others more openly. Nevertheless, the pressure was real. As in, they could feel the real threat behind the auras of the people looking at them because their Cultivation base was too low.

Ling Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth as she quietly endured the pressure. She curved the corners of her lips into a smile, “Everyone around is our seniors. Where would we find the courage to make trouble? I just happen to need these items, so I’m willing to spend the money on them. Seniors, if you’re judging us based on our age and Cultivation base alone, isn’t that a little too arbitrary?”

Her remark was gently spoken but her resolve was firm. She showed no weakness, leaving a good impression on the people around her.

“Fine, just go ahead!” someone from the private room on the second floor declared.

People who could secure a room on the second floor have relatively high status. Now that the matter had been given the go-ahead by the people in power, the ones seated below have nothing to say.

The auction continued.

Ling Xiaoxiao held up her fists in a salute towards the direction of the speaker to show her gratitude.

However, when the next item was put up for bidding, the youngsters showed no mercy. They continued to raise their bids and left nothing for others.

From one of the second floor private rooms, Luo Diemeng’s eyes were full of admiration. “These two people are really… are they serious about snatching everything for themselves?”

The tenth item was now up for bidding, but they still call out their bids as though money was just a number to them. Clans with little foundation dare not compete with them. On the other hand, families with some foundation dare not spend too much, deciding to hedge their bets on the items towards the end of the auction.

In this way, the two youngsters gained indisputable momentum within the auction house.

Luo Dongting frowned, the attitude of these two people were not good for him.

That’s because he was here to bid for an important item for his sister.

“…the next item up for bidding is a thousand-year-old precious herb…” began the auctioneer with a smile.

These two little gods of wealth… as soon as anyone dare to raise the bid, they would immediately follow suit.

[2] Some disgruntled people may have even raised the price either out of spite or to compete with the two but were scared off in the end, resulting in items being sold for at least twice as much as the anticipated price.

Compared to the auctioneer’s good mood, Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao were becoming tenser and tenser.

Their actions were drawing more and more attention. People’s eyes were sizing them up and wondering what their Cultivation and backgrounds were like.

The psychological pressure and oppressive aura made it so that they could barely breathe.

“…two million taels for this thousand-years old precious herb. Anyone else would like to top this bid?” the auctioneer cried, eyes already fixed towards the teenagers.

From the second floor, Luo Dongting’s expression sank, “2.3 million taels.”

Ling Xiaoxiao did not hurry, “2.4 million taels.”

“2.5 million taels.”

“2.6 million taels.”

Luo Dongting opened his mouth to continue the bidding, but his sister held him back. “Let it go, brother. They will not stop increasing their price. Let them have it.”

“That’s a thousand-year-old herb,”

“So? At that price, the elders would surely have too many opinions again. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that I can use it.”

Luo Dongting was still a little unwilling. He looked down at the two youngsters, only to find them looking up at him.


[Gumihou: Aside from the ‘so obvious, like totally’ beginning, the rest of the chapter is fine]


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[1]Adjusted Detail for Dramatic Purpose: Like, please don’t reveal then tell?

Also, Gumi would like to use this opportunity to complain about how obviously ‘Wow, these two people are so mysterious, like, totally!’ they are?

[2] Added Detail for Logistic Reason: The author mentioned in the next paragraph that everything was sold for at least twice as much as they had anticipated. Gumi gave a little bit more detail here, since it’s very much deserved.


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    The two youngers are mysterious. Why? Because they are!
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