Little Cooking Saint – 0310 – Pot Helmet (a)

Chapter 310 – Pot Helmet (a)

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Lol, the author tries so hard to make Shiyu look intelligent. It’s just… kind of painful. In some cases, the IQ of others had to be pulled down.



For the next few days, Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao often went out together. Leaving early in the morning and coming back late.

As for Shiyu, she too disappeared often. When the three of them appeared together, it was either to tinker with the flower fields behind the treehouse or read through the rumours collected by Gan Ping.

In short, the owners rarely interfered with the day to day operations of the store. This rather casual management attitude left the teahouse staff with some rather complicated feelings.

However, when Ling Xiaoxiao and the rest returned to the treehouse, the staff immediately understood that they had gotten it all wrong. It was not that the owner did not care about the shop but that the shop was not for her to care about [1].

“Sister Shi, we have almost collected all the information you want us to look into,” Liu Eleven whispered excitedly even as he exaggeratedly looked around in a secretive manner.

Shiyu pinched her slightly sore wrist and said, “What have you heard? Tell me what you know,”

“That teahouse opposite us, the person behind it is surname Luo, name Dongting. He has a younger sister called Luo Diemeng. The siblings are members of the Luo Clan. Compared to most family’s children, their story is a little bit sad. Both parents died early and though both are from the main family line, they are always in danger of losing their wealth and status.

Right now, the Luo Clan’s patriarch is on the verge of abdicating his seat and the Luo Clan members are fighting fiercely to take the position as head of the family. From what I can see, I think it would be quite difficult for this Luo person to become the patriarch.”

At this, Shiyu grew curious, “Why?”

Liu Eleven sighed, “That Luo Dongting person doesn’t have a spiritual root.”

Without spiritual roots, you cannot Cultivate.

“… …” after a long time, Shiyu finally said. “If that’s the case, it’s a real pity.”

For someone without Cultivation to have struggled this far in a noble family must have incredible skills.

However, the next thing she said left them dumbfounded. “Then again, looks like I’m the lucky one this time.”

After some careful consideration, Shiyu asked them about other things she had them inquired into.

“… that’s right,” said Ling Xiaoxiao, “[2a] you want news about Thunder Seeds. Anyway, six days later there will be an auction in the city. A Thunder Seed will be up for bidding then. However, it looks like [2b] a lot of people are quite interested in it.”

Shiyu was a little surprised by this news.

Although she had asked them to keep an eye out for Thunder Seeds, she had not expected them to find anything. After all, luck plays a big part when it comes to getting hold of such precious things. Too bad Lao Er is not with them.

“Is there anything else of interest besides the Thunder Seed?”

“Sure, there’s the Water Essence, as well as a few other precious herbs and Spiritual tools. However, they’re all inferior to the Water Essence.” As someone who came from a mercantile background, Ling Xiaoxiao is very sensitive to things relating to auction houses and trading markets.

Upon hearing this, Shiyu’s eyebrows rose. Looks like she was getting one good surprise after another.

[3] These Essences, be it Water or Wood, are even more precious than Seeds. In the past, they managed to collect a lot of Wood Essence thanks to Wen Xian but that was an unusual case. [4] Even a well-connected and rich like Feng Luo nearly turned green with envy when Wood Essence started falling on top of Wen Xian. Later, he nearly fell over himself as he happily promised to compensate Wen Xian for just one or two Wood Essence, though naturally, Wen Xian was more generous than that.

[3] Essence can be directly absorbed by Cultivators and push their Cultivation realm to a higher level. This is why it was more highly prized than Seeds which cannot directly influence personal strength.

[3] The issue of Qing Chen giving up his opportunity to upgrade had always bothered her. However, she had not given it too much thought since there was really nothing she could do to help him. She wondered if this Water Essence would help him?

No matter what, she should buy it first.

After making up her mind, Shiyu looked at the two and said, “You’ve worked hard, the information you’ve gotten for me are all very useful.”

Liu Eleven scratched his head while Ling Xiaoxiao smiled slightly.

“[2] Since we are the ones who want to follow you, we should at least assist to the best of our abilities. After all, you promised to reward us, right?”

“Since that is the case, you should assist the matter till the end. That upcoming auction, go in my place and bid for… hmm, just bid for everything. Yes, just take everything.”


“Yes, do not miss out on a single thing!”

Ling Xiaoxiao blinked [2] slowly, “Surely this is… not advisable…”

“What not advisable? So long as there’s money, the road will be smooth!” cried Liu Eleven.

Ling Xiaoxiao smacked him at the back of the head, “Go play in the corner!”

Liu Eleven covered his face, afraid the next hit will land on his cheeks, “Did I say anything wrong? The person with the biggest purse gets to buy the most things at an auction house. Sister Shi, we should have enough money, right?”

“Xiaoxiao is not worried about the money. What we’re doing is like snatching food from a tiger’s maw and would likely offend a lot of people there,” said Shiyu. “However, there’s no need to worry, don’t you have me to back you up”

This one line alone boosted their confidence.

That’s right, this is the confidence of having a Divine Transformation expert behind you.

“One other thing, the other brothers and sisters of the Luo Siblings should be active too. Keep an eye on them and let me know what they want.”



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Six days were neither long nor short.

In these few days, news of what would be auctioned at the auction house had spread throughout the city.

Because Water Essence was being put up for bidding, a lot of major forces were gearing up to grab it. The atmosphere within the city grew increasingly tense because of this.

The day before the auction, Shiyu placed a storage bag in Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao’s hands, “Everything you need is in that bag. After this is all up to you. Uncle Wang will be with you so don’t be nervous.”


Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao knew Uncle Wang as the low-profile but powerful gatekeeper of the Imperial College. With him to take care of them, they had nothing to worry about.

Once the two of them left, Gan Ping, who had not much business that day could not help but ask, “I’m curious, why do you not go to the auction yourself?”

Shiyu came over to his table and sat down opposite him, “We should allow them the opportunity to hone their skills. Liu Suifeng left them to me, expecting me to train them up. Certain things are better experienced yourself. Let them have a taste of what being in the limelight is like. Perhaps they might even gain some enlightenment.”

Gan Ping looked towards the direction where the two had left and shed a silent tear for them. “What enlightenment? I expected they’re more likely to gain some unspeakable trauma.”

When one’s strength could not keep up with one’s surroundings, one would suffer from immense pressure.

Shiyu was clearly taking advantage of the situation to place these two in a situation where they would suffer great pressure. Hopefully, they would come back alive and well.

Whether Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao will come back alive or not, both were in a good mood as they raced towards the auction house.

Once there, since neither were regular visitors or VIPs, they could only occupy the same seats as the general public.


[Gumihou: Is this considered bullying or hazing?]


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[1] …Gumi had no idea who the staff believed the ‘master’ of the shop to be, or used to be. Was it Ling Xiaoxiao? Was it Shiyu? Thus far, they all treated Shiyu as though she’s the master but what’s with this sentence?

It was not that the owner did not care about the shop but that the shop was not hers to care about

…you know what, Gumi doesn’t care. Why should I care when the author clearly doesn’t?

[2] Adjusted Details for Character Intelligence Purpose: Author is taking great care to make other characters carefully state how everything they did was under Shiyu’s orders. Because only Shiyu carries a brain in her head apparently. If this is a zombie apocalypse novel, the zombies would probably ignore everyone except Shiyu.

[a] Deleted: Didn’t you ask us to look into the auction houses and trading markets here for any news about…

[b] Deleted: There seems to be a lot of competitors this time

This time? As opposed to other times when you’re at the auction?

Also, since this is Ling Xiaoxiao of the majorly nouveau riche young miss, isn’t this statement completely OOC? Please don’t ruin Miss Chilli Pepper for us.

[3] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Don’t explain then reveal, please. Lay some groundwork first before giving the conclusion or whatever.

[4] Added Details to Support a Thought: Like, please give more information on why this is precious instead of ‘Wow, it’s so precious’.


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