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Tondemo Skill – 010 – Register with the Merchant’s Guild

Chapter 010: Register with the Merchant’s Guild

Re – Translated by Gumihou

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We’ve finally arrived at the border town Faliel. This officially marks the end of my travel with the [Iron Will].

[1] The moment we enter the town…

Ah, before that I had to pay an entry tax (2 silver coins for me and 1 silver coin for Fer). I had better hurry up and register with a guild!

Anyway, the moment we passed the gates, the thing that Werner-san predicted would happen, happened. A messenger from Margrave of Rindel was waiting for me with a broad smile on his face.

“It’s Mukouda-sama, isn’t it? I am Edmond, a servant of the Margrave of Lindel. So very pleased to meet you. I must confess, the Margrave of Lindel is very anxious to meet with a great man like Mukouda-sama.”

Ahh, it’s here. The solicitous invitation into the trap. [2]

Let’s try and politely decline first. “No, no, I fear that a common traveller like me should not be in the presence of an illustrious person like the Margrave.”

“Oh, but Margrave of Rindel insisted, absolutely insisted.”

“No, no, how can it be? I’m just a common person,”

“No, no, how could someone like Mukouda-san be considered common?”

“No, no,”

“Oh, but please do come with us-”

“Oi, you there. Did my master not say that he will not go?”

“Th-this must be the great and amazing Fenrir. D-do come with us, F-f-fenrir-sama,” Edmon’s smile was very stiff, but he still managed to smile through chattering teeth.

“Hmph, how cunning, I have no reason to meet with this Margrave. All you want is my powers, right? There had been such foolish humans in the past.”

“N- no, no, no, no, I mean…”

“Enough with your lies. Want to know what happened to the last person who tried to use my powers for themselves? Hmm?”

“H-h-hiii!!!” freaked out by Fer’s bright white fangs, Edmon screamed and ran away.

“Fer, you’re overdoing it.”

“Humph, idiots like that must be firmly disciplined or they won’t understand.”

Yes, yes, you’re right.

Still, “Is it really alright to intimidate the servant of Margrave of Lindel? Those aristocrats value their faces a lot. They might do something you know?” said Werner-san. [3]

I think so too. My worries must have shown on my face because Fer said, “There’s no need to worry, I can take on anything they’ll throw at us.”

Ohh, I shall count on you, Fer-san—

Maa, since Fer-sama is here, surely it would be alright?” [3] said Werner. The rest of the [Iron Will] party nodded.

“After all, it’s not like the private soldiers kept by members of the aristocrats would be Fer-sama’s match,” said Franca.

“Exactly, I agree with Franca,” said Rita.

“I mean, the only thing that could possibly be Fer-sama’s match would probably be something like an Ancient Dragon,” said Vincent.

“I can agree with that,” said Ramon-san thoughtfully.

Dragons. Of course, there are dragons here. It would not be a proper fantasy world without dragons. [1] Please let me never meet a dragon.

Mu, Ancient Dragons, huh? Yeah, that’s probably the only enemy that could match me in terms of power.”

“Eehhh! Fer-sama, you’ve fought with Ancient Dragons before?!” Vincent looked very excited.

“About 400 years ago. We fought to a draw that time, but I shall not lose our next battle.”

Uoohhh, amazing! A battle between legendary beasts–! I want to see it–!” Vincent was practically bouncing in place.

“Me too, me too!” Rita was shaking her fists as though the excitement was about to burst out of her body.

Meanwhile, Franca and Ramon were smiling bitterly in the background.

“Oi, oi, enough of that. We still need to go to the Adventurer’s Guild once Mukouda-san signs this mission completion form. Mukouda-san, would you…” Werner-san held out the mission form for me.

I signed the report. I also tried to give the Red Boar meat which I had been carrying around for them since I have the very convenient [Item Box], but they very nicely told me to keep it since the valuable materials they had gotten off the Rock Bird already worth a lot more.

“Not only did you guys managed to get me here safely, you’ve also let me have the Red Boar meat. I really appreciate being under everyone’s care. Please accept my thanks again.” [2]

“No, no, we have also experienced all kinds of good things with you. The food was delicious and we all got here safely without incident.”

“Thank you for being kind enough to say so,” I said with some emotion. “Everyone, please stay safe.”

“You too, Mukouda-san.”

The [Iron Will] finally left, all of them still waving at me until everyone’s out of sight.

Yosh, I’ve achieved my goal of getting into this country, but what next?

I don’t plan on staying in this country for long. However, since I’m here, I might as well register myself with the guilds.

Welner-san advised me to register with the Adventurer’s Guild, but I thought it would be a good idea to register with my personal choice first and visited the Merchant’s Guild first.

“Oi, Fer. Let’s go visit the Merchant’s Guild.”

Mu, so your plan is to become a merchant?”

“I’d like to, but I will register with the Adventurer’s Guild too since I can’t dismantle the prey hunted by Fer. If we make money from the valuable materials, it will all contribute towards our living expenses. So, is it fine if I sell off the materials hunted by Fer?”

“I don’t care about those things. Just feed me good food.”

“Yes, yes, I understand…”

Argh, I really can’t think of this guy as anything but a random glutton…


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As expected, Fer and I caused a commotion the moment we stepped through the Merchant’s Guild door. I had to quickly explain that Fer’s my familiar before things calmed down a little.

I properly waited for my turn and sat down before an amazingly beautiful person in charge called Mikaela-san. Mikaela-san has brilliant golden hair and bright blue eyes and was very nice and thorough in her explanation.


According to Mikaela-san:

  1. The Merchant’s Guild is a Cross-Continental organisation that does not belong to any single country.


  1. The guild members are split into 5 Ranks:


Rank Type Details
Iron Street Vendors peddlers and stall keepers
Bronze Small Stores privately owned store like the town’s butcher or general store
Silver Small-scale Business a decent sized company in a town or city
Gold Mid-scale Business has several small-scale businesses across cities
Mithril Large-scale Business has several mid to large scale businesses across cities


  1. Registration fee, annual membership fee and taxes differ with each rank:


Rank Reg. Fee Annual Fee Taxes
Iron 5 silver coins 1 gold coin 2 gold coins
Bronze 1 gold coin 2 gold coins 4 gold coins
Silver 2 gold coins 5 gold coins 10 gold coins
Gold 4 gold coins a certain percentage depending on number of stores
Mithril 8 gold coins a certain percentage depending on number of stores


  1. Annual Fee and Taxes must be paid within a year of the registration.


  1. Membership is counted from the day of the registration. Membership will not be renewed if Annual Fee or Taxes are not paid.


  1. Taxes collected by the guild will be paid to each kingdom as tariff.


  1. If your guild card is lost, a certain penalty will be imposed depending on the ranking of the card.


  1. If you conduct illegal transactions, the guild has the right to revoke your membership.


  1. You may register as Iron Rank first and gradually increase your ranking later.


  1. Do consult us anytime if you have any questions about stores, capital investments and/or procurement of merchandise anytime.


Ah, as expected of a merchant’s guild. [2] Everything was properly laid out and clear. The lady even explained everything I wanted to know politely and carefully.

“May I ask what kind of business is Mukouda-sama planning?”

That’s the question, isn’t it? I have the situation with Fer and I’m also thinking about travelling the world. [1] After all, I’m in a fantasy world now. So, I should explore it to my heart’s content!

In the end, the one that fit me most would be the Iron Rank.

“I have a familiar with me and I don’t plan on settling down with a store as of yet. So, I believe that the Iron Rank would suit me most. Please register me as an Iron Rank merchant.”

“Thank you very much. For the registration of the new rank, the cost is 5 silver coins. Shall I proceed with the registration process?”

It kind of hurts my wallet, but this was money that I cannot avoid spending. Therefore, I gritted my teeth and said, “Please proceed.”

“Very well, please wait a moment please, Mukouda-sama.” After a while, she returned with a card. “This is Mukouda-sama’s Iron Rank guild card. As explained earlier, if you lose this card there will be a penalty of 8 silver coins for the replacement of an Iron Rank Guild Card. So please be careful not to lose it.” [2]

8 silver coins, huh? I should be careful not to lose it.

“Ah, excuse me. There’s one more thing I’d like to know. Does the guild have a purchasing service here? I have some things I picked up during my journey that I’d like to sell…”

“Purchasing service? It would depend on the item. The Guild can and will make purchases at the discretion of the guild master, but essentially, the answer is yes.”

Is that so, it depends on the item, huh? [1] I was thinking of selling salt and pepper, that’s the basic item of value during this era after all, right?

“If it’s alright, I shall bring the item I wish to sell tomorrow.”

“We shall be waiting. Thank you for registering with our guild today.”

I was about to leave the Merchant’s Guild with their nice and polite staff when something occurred to me. I hurried back to the counter and asked Mikaela-san, “Um, excuse me. If it’s not too much trouble, could you recommend an inn for me? I’d like one that could accommodate my familiar as well.”

The inn recommended to me was called the [Prancing Horse Inn].

After getting the necessary directions from the helpful Mikaela-san, I immediately set out for the [Prancing Horse Inn] with Fer.


[Gumihou: What an eventful day!]


[1] Change Details for Aesthetic Reason: It’s more interesting and engaging this way

[2] Deleted Unnecessary or Repetitive Information

[3] Structural Change: Attach dialogue and sentence

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