Strange World Alchemist Chef – B2C004 – The Bet

Strange World Alchemist Chef – Book 2

Chapter 004 – The Bet


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou



[1] “Little sister?!” she practically screeched, Wu Xuan thought he could see an outraged cat’s tail fluffed up in indignation.

Wu Xuan leaned back, calm as the eye of a storm. Others might be afraid of Wu Yuxin, but not him. She was the one who played a prank on him first. Moreover, considering the proud way she acted, she would not dare to cause to big a commotion and attract the attention of the elders.

“Little sister. Surely I can call you Little Sister Yuxin since I’m older than you?”

He wasn’t wrong, his cultivation level might have been lower than Wu Yuxin, but this body was older than Wu Yuxin, right?

Of course, in this world where martial might is the most important thing, the martial experts would naturally be at the top. With strong cultivation, no matter how old they were, they would be called seniors. [1] Wu Xuan had intended to follow along with the local convention until this little brat pranked him. If he allowed her to step all over him like this, would he still be able to garner respect? No matter what, Wu Xuan was an adult in this body and he could only see Wu Yuxin as a bratty high school girl

[2] ‘But Wu Xuan did not think this way, being an outsider to this way of thought.’ – arrogant much? At least give a reason to break convention.

[1] She quickly retorted: “Who are you calling your little sister? What are you acting so intimate for!?”


This little retort was enough for Wu Xuan roughly determine Wu Yuxin’s personality. This so-called Wu Clan Talent was a bit mischievous and not as unfeeling as her cool public face. If she was really a cold person, she would not have played such a, ahem, sexy prank on him. In fact, she would have punished him by now for his smart talking.

[1] However, that coldness and indifference she showed at the beginning did not match at all, making others feel rebuffed like a barrier a thousand miles thick instead.

The corner of Wu Xuan’s mouth lifted in a slight smile he said: “Don’t you know it’s rude to trap comrades in illusions? [3] Especially sexy ones?”

Wu Yuxin freeze [3] again, who then replied: “Hmph, so what! You’re fine aren’t you, what does it matter?”

Rumours about Wu Xuan had aroused a touch of curiosity within Wu Yuxin. Now that they were alone in the carriage, it made her want to test Wu Xuan’s level, but who knew that her technique would get broken!

Not only that, a person with lower cultivation than her managed to break it. How awful! This was the first serious blow she had ever suffered. If she failed against a stronger cultivator, fine, but this rude person?!!

Wu Xuan feel slightly surprised by the easy confession, “Yo, what kind of speech is that? Don’t I get an apology at least?”

“Apologize?” Wu Yuxin [1] snorted, “Never!”

Wu Xuan [1] smiled and said leisurely, “[4] Since you don’t want to apologise, that’s fine. How about this, let’s make a bet instead

“Bet? What kind of bet?” Wu Yuxin’s willowy eyebrows frowned, not knowing what trick Wu Xuan wanted to play.

“Little sister Yu Xin, are you very confident in your illusion arts?” asked Wu Xuan.


“Of course!” Wu Yuxin clenched her pink little fist and said, “In the Ten Thousand Flower Palace, my level is considered very strong! Even the Palace Master has praised me!”

[1] Wu Xuan said nothing, but somehow this made her angry and she herself and sneered, “Hmph, what, got a problem?”

So, Wu Yuxin went to something called the Ten Thousand Flower Palace.

“You seemed very confident…” Wu Xuan drawled. [5]

“Of course!” [5]

“How about this, you may try your strongest illusion art on me. If I lost, I shall call you big sister…” [5]

“Of course I’ll win!” [5]

“Naturally, but if I happened to win. Hmm, you may call me big brother.” [5]

“You!!” [5]

“And give me an apology,” [5] the carriage ride was boring anyway, so he might as well pass the time with this high school girl.

“Want me to call you big brother? Humph!” Wu Yuxin sneered. “Your cultivation is too poor for that [1].”

Wu Xuan [1] laughed: “Weren’t you very confident in your illusion arts? Are you afraid of losing? [1]?”

[1] Wu Yuxin‘s anger, and she gritted her teeth, “Who’s afraid of losing? Since you dare to ask for it, it’s none of my business if you lose face [1] later!”

“Don’t worry, if that happens it’s also my own fault. Now come on.” Wu Xuan smirked. [1].

“Then here I come!” Wu Yuxin went on the attack immediately, quickly mobilizing her strongest illusion art to confuse Wu Xuan. An image like a peach blossom bloomed in her beautiful eyes, and the whole carriage was instantly shrouded in a layer of strange aura.

This is only using illusion arts, not using any cultivation aura for suppression. If Wu Yuxin used her own cultivation to deal with Wu Xuan, even a dozen Wu Xuan were not enough to fight back.

“Peach Blossom, open!”

Wu Yuxin hummed deeply and the air seemed to quake. Wu Xuan had only just felt an illusion rushing in front of his eyes before it instantly occupied his head, even spreading to his body.

Only this time the beauties or whatever did not appear. Wu Xuan closed his eyes before slowly opening them again and said, “Was that it? It didn’t seem to work.”

“Plum Blossom, open!”

Wu Yuxin gritted her teeth and then hummed another low sentence, and now the image of a peach blossom in her eyes seemed to have bloomed into a plum blossom. A more powerful illusion art formlessly and ruthlessly invaded Wu Xuan’s brain.

Wu Xuan’s eyes didn’t even close this time. Actually, the illusion had already taken effect and appeared around him, but he just ignored it and faintly said: “Was that it? Seems like it was useless ah……”

While he was still speaking, the illusion self-destructed.

Wu Yuxin’s face was flushed, the flowers in her eyes scattered, replaced by shame and shock! She had casted her most prided illusion art, the Ten Thousand Flowers Art. This skill was already practiced to the second stage, which was her limit. Even Core Formation cultivators could be easily confused if their willpower is a little lacking!

But as it happened, Wu Xuan did not even feel half a thing, and it also quickly failed! She had never seen such a strange thing in her life! Frankly speaking, she has lost this bet, even her trump card was thrown out to no avail. If she used her martial might to fight, Wu Xuan would definitely lose, but only a fool would compete with Wu Yuxin.[1]

“You, you, are not human!” After holding it in for a long time, Wu Yuxin came out with these words.

“En, out of moves already?” Wu Xuan spread his hands and laughed, “Then are you ready to honor your bet? I wonder, just what should you be calling me now?”

Wu Yuxin’s pretty face got redder and redder. One who was so much stronger than Wu Xuan’s cultivation level, actually had to call the other person ‘big brother’! How shameful was this?

But unless she wanted to lose face, bets have to be honored as was promised earlier. Wu Yuxin stifled her red face, and choked out with difficulty: “Big, brother…..”

“Hmm? What did you say? What about my apology?” Wu Xuan’s heart was already blooming with happiness, but Wu Yuxin’s voice truly was too soft.


In her shame and anger, Wu Yuxin actually shouted and threw out a Qi wave with her hand at the same time, scaring Wu Xuan into quickly dodging.

With a ‘BANG’ sound, it actually tore through the carriage box! The horses were frightened, and shouts of alarm arose among the crowd outside.

The elders stopped the carriage. When they peered into the carriage Wu Xuan and the others were riding, they saw Wu Xuan wiping off cold sweat, with a hole in the wooden panel behind him, while Wu Yuxin was silent with her head down.

“What’s going on?” The Sixth Elder frowned, it seemed that the atmosphere in the carriage box was not too good.

“Cough, cough, nothing, there was a cockroach in the carriage just now, and it just scared little sister Yu Xin into attacking.” Wu Xuan coughed lightly a few times and blindly made up an excuse.

“A cockroach?”

“Yes, yes, just now I thought I saw a cockroach and I couldn’t help but attack ……” Wu Yuxin followed the excuse.

“Oh, just a cockroach… Since everything is okay, we’ll continue the journey.”

The crowd saw that there was no problem, so they continued on their way. It sure was unexpected for a cultivator to be afraid of cockroaches! But then again, girls being scared of bugs was also a normal thing, right?

Wu Xuan was busy wiping away a faceful of cold sweat, if he had been hit by this move, he would really have suffered, good thing he dodged it in time. Looks like, to play with high level cultivators, not being prepared just won’t do!

“Listen up! This matter absolutely must not be known to others, understand?” Wu Yuxin raised her head to glare at Wu Xuan. She attacked unconsciously in shame and indignation just now, luckily nothing serious happened.

“Understood, understood. Everyone will go their own way, anyway, after the cultivation session, we won’t see each other anymore, everything will return to normal!” Wu Xuan said.

Wu Yuxin then breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly asked, “How is your willpower this strong? Even people with higher cultivation are not necessarily stronger than you!”

Wu Xuan smiled faintly, looked out the window, and said with a slightly melancholy gaze: “I trained it……”


Wu Yuxin opened her mouth to continue asking when she saw Wu Xuan’s expression, and found it hard to continue


Pill Bug TL Notes:


[1] Original sentence was 除非用无力来硬拼 but I think author made a typo, it should be 武力 not 无力. How do you even overpower someone with powerlessness??

[2] Original MTL listed 气芒 as ‘Aura Mango’. What’s this? Is it delicious?



Cultivation stages:

  1. Body Refining Stage
  2. Spirit Refining Stage
  3. Core Formation Stage
  4. Void Transformation Stage
  5. Void Spirit Stage
  6. Emperor Stage

Each stage has 10 levels, going from level 1 to level 10. Levels 1-3 are early stage, 4-6 are middle stage, 7-9 are late stage, level 10 is peak stage.

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