Tondemo Skill – 301.2 – Idle Talk: Self Restraint Training for Gods

Tondemo Skill – 301.2 – Idle Talk: Self Restraint Training for Gods

Idle Talk: Self-Restraint Training for Gods


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Eguchi Ren-sama: This is the second part of the Self-Restraint Training

The Palace of the Goddess of Water, Rusalka.

The atmosphere here was… normal.

“… let’s have some ice-cream,” [3] Rusalka took out a little cup of her favourite vanilla ice-cream from a special time stop [Item Box] granted to divine beings.

She had been looking forward to a special after-dinner treat.


Goddess Rusalka scooped up the snow white ice-cream with the little wooden spoon that came with the cup and let the creamy concoction melt on her tongue. She closed her eyes to better savour the rich milky sensation, and experience the light sweet vanilla fragrance.


Rusalka scooped up another bit of ice-cream into her mouth.

[6] In the end, however, no matter how slowly one eats a delicious thing…

“That was delicious.”

[6] … it will eventually disappear.

Goddess of Water Rusalka studied the very clean and empty cup with some regret.

Mu, I want some more…”

[8] Goddess Rusalka reached into her [Item Box] and took out one of the individually packed Baumkuchen cakes. She tore off the clear seal and nibbled on her soft and sweet dessert.

[7] When that one disappeared too, she sighed, “That was delicious. Let’s enjoy a little bit tomorrow too,” and smiled.

It was the smile of someone secured with the knowledge that their [Item Box] was filled with sweets and desserts they have stashed away for a rainy day. This one-month punishment is nothing to her.

“It’s good to not eat everything in one go,”

[8] Unlike a certain Wind Goddess, Rusalka did not immediately eat all the sweets and desserts the moment she got them. She enjoyed savouring her sweet treats little by little and thanks to this habit, she has enough treats to last the month.

“I must keep this a secret at all cost, especially from that Ninril.” [5]

Ninril must never know about her secret stash. [5]

Water Goddess Rusalka spent the rest of her day happily, thinking about which treat she should nibble on tomorrow.

“For a sweet tooth, she’s very different from Ninril. Rusalka is the youngest and yet she’s the most responsible and farsighted. Unfortunately, she’s not really feeling the sting of punishment…”

Demiurgos wondered if he should do something about this.

“Then again, the reason why she’s not suffering is due to her good foresight, I should not punish her for having good values and habits.”

That Rusalka is surprisingly well prepared.

“Next, let’s have a look at Hephaestus.”

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The Palace of the God of Smith, Hephaestus.

The Palace of the God of Smith was usually loud with the echo of the [6] God of Smith’s voice or the hammer and anvil. Today, it was unusually quiet.


[6] Ah, that was not the sound of the hammer against anvil, instead, it was the sound of a cup being slammed despondently onto the table. [5]

“Urgh… haahh…” the God of Smith, Hephaestus sighed deeply. [5] “Now that I’ve gotten used to whiskey, ale can’t satisfy me anymore.”

[8] This great lover of alcoholic drinks could not live without liquor. Now that he could no longer get his hands on whiskey, he could only turn to warm ale instead. [5]

“House arrest for a whole month, eh? …it’s not like I was asking Other Worlder-kun for absurd things,” [3] Hephaestus muttered to himself.

[8] But… was this true?

[8] When he first knew about other world liquor, he became very excited. Moreover, because of his desire to try many and different kinds of liquor, whiskey in particular, he had created a lot of problems for Mukouda.

[6] Pressuring him to level up for the sake of a tenant shop.

[6] Forcing him to show them all the types of liquor available in said tenant shop when he was already tired.

[6] Refusing to let him sleep and make him read out the list of whiskeys.

[6] Bothering him when he’s hungover and forcing him to give them a ‘bonus’ when he’s at his most pained.

[6] In short, though he and Vahagn had given Mukouda more skills and even a Holy Item, they also caused the most trouble.

“I guess it would be a while before I could taste whiskey, eh? This is tough…” the whiskey addict god has been seduced by the liquor’s unique notes of fragrance and taste.

“I wish I saved some but I guess that’s impossible…”

In addition to just drinking, what Hephaestus enjoyed most was talking to Vahagn about all the different types of whiskeys they have tasted and comparing their qualities. The talk would go on for hours… [5]

Also… “[5] I wonder what that 12-year-old whiskey [5] taste like…”

[5] That was the most expensive whiskey they have gotten their hands on. Considering how the flavours of whiskey improved with the price tags, this confiscated whiskey must be incomparably delicious.


[5] “Haa, I really want to taste that whiskey…”

In fact, any whiskey would be fine at all, but unfortunately, there were none left.

“This ale… I guess I’ll switch to mead for now,”

He poured himself some mead and-

“… too sweet…”

[5] “I want whiskey…”

“Hephaestus, you and Vahagn are amazingly addicted to whiskey. Looks like you two can’t stand living without liquor from the other world,” [6] God of Creation, Demiurgos studied his saké cup seriously.

“I know that liquor from that world is delicious. I, too, enjoy it as well.”


“Your demand for other world liquor has put too much pressure on Mukouda’s precious time and mental welfare. I hope you use this time to learn to live without whiskey and repent.”

“For now, let’s have a look at Vahagn, the other whiskey loving god.”

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The Palace of God of War, Vahagn.

[8] “Too sweet!”

A moody voice echoed through the normally quiet corridors of the palace.

[8] Like Hephaestus, Vahagn had switched from ale to mead but could not get used to the taste anymore.

“As expected, there’s nothing better than whiskey…”

[9] The general complaint given was pretty much identical to Hephaestus.

[9] “An entire month… there’s no way…”

[9] “Too long…”

[9] “It’s not like we went overboard…”

[9] “We even grant him some rare skills…”

[9] “I want to drink with the God of Smith again…”

[9] “That 12-year-old whiskey…”

“Ahhhhh, I want whiskey!!!!” [5]

The cry came from the bottom of Vahagn’s heart.

“Vahagn, your sin is pretty much identical to Hephaestus’, you should take this month to calm down and reflect on your behaviour.” [5]

Demiurgos downed the last bit of saké in his saucer and sighed.

“Well, it looks like everyone is getting through the first week somehow. Though none of them looks like they are willing to give up Other World goods… hmm, I shall have to speak with Mukouda about that.

He seems like a decent guy. I’m sure he wouldn’t cut off his connection with the Gods and Goddesses but I can’t allow the pantheon to harass him every week for offerings. Anyway, let’s discuss this with Mukouda once the one month house arrest is over.”

[Gumihou: Vahagn and Hephaestus might as well share one set of brains. Gumi had déjà vu when translating this…]


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[9] Identical complaint: Seriously, nearly word for word same, so Gumi will just summarize it for her dear readers. Scrapped upwards of 300 words.


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