Little Cooking Saint – 0303 – Grilled Rushan (e)

Chapter 303 – Grilled Rushan or Grilled Cheese Lollipop (e)

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The treehouse that sprouted up pretty much overnight just outside the city walls soon caused quite a stir.

[1] Each day, people stood outside of the green fence, trying to peep into the treehouse. However, very few actually stepped through the door into the shop.

In short, the treehouse was so well constructed and beautiful that people only dared to look at it from afar.

Liu Eleven was anxious to experience what it’s like to work as a waiter. [1] Thus, after noticing that people would only stare from the fence, he scratched his head and, after consulting with the others, took down the fence.

Shiyu had no comment over this. [2] It’s still winter after all, and the dreaded road dust would only happen six months later.

She was speaking to Gan Ping anyway, “From now on, Liu Eleven will be our waiter. Xiaoxiao is our shopkeeper since she’s better than the rest of us at keeping accounts. Uncle Gan, your task is to sit outside and play the role of a scholar who records strange and unusual events.

When there are many customers around, ask them for information about strange deaths. As long as there’s a death, no matter what kind, you must pay close attention to it and collect as many details as you can.”

Gan Ping looked into Shiyu’s solemn eyes and felt his heart shiver. He looked around the comfortable room that had been assigned to him and said, “Surely you haven’t done so much… just to do this?”

“Do you think I’m really that interested in making money?” Shiyu laughed but her eyes were serious. “Therefore, I must rely on you, Uncle Gan. This matter is very, very important. No matter how much time and effort we spend, we must accomplish this mission.”

Finally, Gan Ping caught a hint of the urgency behind this matter.

Since he had been assigned this mission, he will carry it out dutifully.

“Don’t worry, I will not collect wages for nothing.”

This conversation happened where the other two could overhear too.

Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao could not help but feel as though they had been given an important mission, just like Gan Ping. [3a]

The four of them have their jobs to do. This way, with a clear division of labour, things could get done more quickly. Uncle Wang was in charge of cleaning the place and tending the flowers. Which was alright, until they found that Uncle Wang had killed several pots of flowers and plants. Ling Xiaoxiao immediately banned Uncle Wang from touching plants.

“These plants and flowers cost money! We haven’t made a single coin yet but we’ve already lost a lot of money!”

Ling Xiaoxiao took her role as accounts keeper very seriously. With her abacus clacking, she ran about calculating income and expenses. Eventually, with this business lady riding their backs, they quickly got into the mood of running a snack shop.

“The reason why we don’t make money is that we don’t get many customers,” said Liu Eleven as he swung his feet leisurely.

Gan Ping said, “Since we don’t have many customers, I haven’t collected any stories yet.”

Shiyu clapped her hands once, “My pot [4], my fault, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to take responsibility. Business will pick up in a few days. Just wait and see.”


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While this meeting was being carried out at the treehouse, a certain waiter and shopkeeper opposite them were chatting together too.

[1] “I have barely seen anyone visit that place these past three days. You’re right, shopkeeper. Who knows how long that girl could sustain that place?”

That girl seemed to think that it’s easy to do business. She had made such a big display only to fall face-first into the mud like this. He felt a little sorry for her.

The shopkeeper said, “She has plenty of money. How long the business last will depend on her mood.”

When the waiter heard this, he privately sighed: Why is the world so unfair?

We work so hard for some things that certain people casually throw around.


Just like this, another day passed.

The waiter opened the door early in the morning. As per his usual routine, he began to boil water for the tea.

Behind the shop, hot water was also bubbling on the stove in the kitchen. The cooks were busily rolling out noodles and making other breakfast items.

The sound of knives against chopping boards along with the bubbling of boiling water was a familiar background noise of the teahouse’s morning routine.

The waiter busily wiped down the tables. Now and then, pausing to glance over the opposite shop.

The doors to the treehouse were all tightly shut. No one tended to the tables and chairs outside. In fact, everything was left as it is, as though they were not at all worried about people stealing their furniture.


The waiter sighed again.

How can you do business when you are this lazy?

When the sun finally showed its face, the teahouse was already full of customers. Finally, the doors of the treehouse opened and people started trickling out, yawning and stretching. Clearly, none of them was fully awake yet.

The waiter shook his head and continued his work

While he was bustling about, the scent of milk attracted his attention.

This milky sensation was a little different. At least, it was different from what he had smelt in the past.

The northern area of the Sacred Universe Kingdome consisted of grassland and plateau with the sea in the south. Therefore, things like milk and seafood were not rare.

However, milk contained a [5] certain fishy stench that was unacceptable to most people. Therefore, very few people drink it. Generally, only herdsmen would drink milk. Since so many people objected to the smell, not many people consume it.

However, the smell that tickled his nose now was sweet and fragrant. Though it was not the kind of fragrance that would cause people’s mouths to water the moment they smelt it, it was sweet enough to dispel some of the chills in the air.

The waiter sniffed the air as he followed the scent. The closer he was to the door, the stronger the smell. In the end, he could only admit that the smell must have come from the opposite side.

What delicious thing are they making…

Wondered the waiter.


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Opposite the teahouse, Shiyu was busily cooking milk.

This milk was something that caught her attention after she ordered Ling Xiaoxiao to collect all the speciality products in the area. When she saw this item, an idea struck her.

For those who grew up in the Eastern Empire, milk was a rarity. Dairy products are even rarer.

[3b] Milk is a good thing after all, especially good for desserts and drinks. It’s delicious with a gentle taste.

However, unprocessed fresh milk tasted fishy and a little stinky [5].

After the milk is heated slightly and the top layer skimmed off, she added sugar and honey to the milk which greatly improved the milk. [6]

Compared to pure milk, Shiyu prefers milk tea.

By mixing milk and black tea at a certain ratio, with honey to taste, an excellent drink is created. [7].

Having a nice cup of milk tea between your hands on a cold morning will warm your heart.

Since the other side is selling tea, let’s sell milk tea.

However, the shop should have some snacks in addition to drinks. Otherwise, it would be too boring to just have tea.

Shiyu thought about this for a long time before finally deciding to operate the place as a tea stand with only one kind of tea and a few snacks. It’s better to take things easy.

It can’t be helped, she’s understaffed.

“Eleven, come and hang up this sign on the roadside.”

Liu Eleven ran up and picked up the sign. However, when he looked at it, he found that it was a sign to recruit more workers.

They barely have any customers. Why do they need to hire more workers?


[Gumihou: …Shiyu, you Philistine! You uncultured barbarian! You boorish, unrefined cow! Calling you a cow is an insult to cows! You coarse, loutish, scum enemy of all good food!!]


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[1] Just how many days had passed?

Para 2 ‘each day’

Para 4 ‘L11 can’t wait to be waiter’, took down the fence (after a day? 3 days?)

Para 6 ‘From now on, L11 will be the waiter’

… Shouldn’t P6 happen first? Followed by p4 then P2?

Para 22 – Waiter casually mentioned that 3 days have passed

Gumihou, “… …”

[2] Link up to the previous chapter re this stupidity. Also, added some remarks to increase awareness of Shiyu’s lack of IQ despite her rather high handed, and frankly purposeless, need to add a dust protection fence in winter.

[3] Deleted Unnecessary Stuff

[a] Perhaps, what they were doing now really is not something simple.

This is the third reiteration already, give it a rest!

[b] When Shiyu saw the milk, an idea sprung up in her heart.

Yes, you mentioned this earlier, almost word for word.

[4] My pot – Shiyu said ‘我的鍋’ which is a slang for ‘my fault’ since ‘pot’ has the meaning of ‘fault’ or ‘blame’. There’s just no real way to properly convey this slightly condescending-but-pretending to be humble attitude.

[5] ‘Fresh, unprocessed milk is stinky and fishy’

Gumihou: That is a Big Lie! A Big Fat Lie! You know what’s stinky? Your lack of knowledge is Stinky!

If you specifically mention goat’s milk, Gumi would have let it go but you specifically mentioned cow’s milk!! How dare you insult cows!?

Philistine! Barbarian!,the%20cows%20that%20produce%20it.&text=Once%20you%20try%20it%20there,to%20taste%20watery%20and%20bland.%22

[6] …milk is heated slightly and the top layer is skimmed off…

Do you know what you are skimming off?

You are skimming off all the fat and creamy sweetness in milk.

You are making skimmed milk.

You made skimmed milk only to add honey and sweetness, which you had just skimmed off, back into the milk. You are the epitome of everything wrong with Low-Fat products. Taking out fat (and flavour) only to add tons of sugar back to make it palatable.

Also, ironically enough, her cream-skimming technique is wrong. Fat is skimmed off milk through either centrifuge or just patient waiting and careful, uh, skimming.


[7] …mixing milk and black tea at a certain ratio…

Brilliant! Genius!

Do you know what you’ve forgotten?

Water. You’ve forgotten water!

Hot water! What’s the temperature of your water? How much water to use? Well water, stream water, rain water, Cultivated water.

Also, steeping time! How long do you steep your tea? Are you going to mix tea leaves and milk ‘at a certain ratio’, you twit?!

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