Little Cooking Saint – 0302 – Grilled Rushan (d)

Chapter 302 – Grilled Rushan or Grilled Cheese Lollipop (d)

Translated by Gumihou

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Liu Eleven scratched his head.

“I’m a bit confused. If she’s not that determined to get the shop. Why did she stay there so long?”

Ling Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes, “My dear young master, just because she did not press the case, it did not mean she did not want the teashop.”

“So… if she wants it… why not buy it?!” Liu Eleven circled back to the main question.

“Well, because the other person refused to sell?” Ling Xiaoxiao pressed a hand against her forehead. [1] “Think, that shop is situated in the best area close to the intersection of the main road. Not only could you make a lot of money at such a golden place, but a lot of different kinds of people passed that place as well.

[1] When Xiao Shi flashed her banknotes at the waiter, the owner did not even bother to show his face. That means the teahouse’s main purpose is not making money but information collection.

[1] People who need information are not simple. We are newcomers here and you must know the saying ‘Even Dragons Cannot Repress the Local Snakes’, we might be strong but the other side has their own connections. Also, Xiao Shi is not the type who likes to use power to overwhelm people. Therefore it’s natural for her to let go of the teahouse.”

Liu Eleven had been nodding along to Ling Xiaoxiao’s explanation. After the end of her eloquent speech, he gave her a thumbs-up, “Amazing! How come I didn’t think of this?”

Ling Xiaoxiao sighed. “Who made you the young master of the Liu Clan? Whatever you want, as long as you express a desire for it, there will be people rushing to get it for you. All difficulties are resolved. Moreover, with a powerful clan to back you, you can go about as you please without having to worry about offending anyone. Therefore, it’s not surprising that your underdeveloped brain would be so soft and simple.”

‘Soft and simple’ Liu Eleven was still sharp enough to realise he had been criticized, “Aren’t you also a young miss? Are you saying you’re different from me?”

Ling Xiaoxiao laughed darkly, “Of course I’m different. First, we don’t have a Divine Transformation master in our clan.”

Without such a powerhouse to protect them, the Ling Clan is barely above a fat piece of meat coveted by the people around them. Therefore, the Ling Clan had always lived cautiously, keeping their books balanced and doing their best to curry favour and, more importantly, to never offend anyone.

For every step they take, ten steps had been considered. That way, they can live longer.

Liu Eleven’s argument was choked off. However, he soon waved his hand again, “Well, you should quickly Cultivate and reach Divine Transformation realm! Lin Fan and the rest already achieved that level. As long as we work hard, I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to breakthrough too.

Also, since my elder brother will be travelling to the Eight Realm soon, he’ll probably get his hands on some Fortune Pills one of these days. When the time comes, shall I give you one? How about it? Aren’t I a good brother?”

Ling Xiaoxiao was amused, “Very well, these are your own words. When the time comes don’t be stingy and renege on our promise.”

“Do you really think I’m that kind of petty person? Really,” he rolled his eyes exaggeratedly under Ling Xiaoxiao’s exasperated glare.

However, in the end, she did not hit him.

The degree of the preciousness of a Fortune Pill is immeasurable. Even if the entire asset of the Ling Clan was taken out, she might not be able to get hold of one. She still remembered how, when the College put up the Fortune Pill as a reward, the entire city was suddenly flooded with Core Condensation-Great Perfection realm powerhouses.

If the Liu Clan get their hands on some, they would definitely treat those pills as precious treasures and not simply share them with others.

However, for now, it’s good enough that Liu Eleven voluntarily spoke up about sharing one for her. She had no intention of clinging to this promise but, as Liu Eleven said, as long as she prepared well and Cultivate properly, opportunities would eventually present themselves to her.

The two of them sat together on the roof of the bell tower, staring at the starry sky above their heads, the lights of thousands of households at their feet. They talked about the past, their future hopes and before they knew it, a whole night had passed.


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The next day, after getting up early, Shiyu ate a simple breakfast and led them outside the city walls.

She could not get hold of the teahouse she wanted with silver taels but the shop opposite was much more amenable.

The shop she bought was a snack shack and big enough to serve her purpose. It was run by an ordinary husband and wife pair. When Shiyu flashed her stack of banknotes at them, they happily took the money and cheerfully transferred ownership of the shack to her. The money was enough for them to buy a nice house inside the city and live comfortably.

The couple turned out to be a rather stingy pair. When they moved out, they took everything with them. [3] Everything moveable, including pots, pans, stove, tables, chairs and even rags and cloth that served as the insulation walls were taken away. In the end, all they left was an empty shack.

Shiyu looked at the shack surrounded by deep snow. When she looked through the rickety door, she could see snow fluttering in through the cracks in the roof and walls. Without hesitation, she torched the entire building and ordered Liu Eleven, he of the Wood Attribute type, to build something nice on the plot of land.

Naturally, as someone with Wood Attribute, he would be the best person to build their new shop.

[4] Given free reign and the boosted by the desire to show off, Liu Eleven unhesitatingly place his hands on the ground and suddenly, a large tree shot up from the newly cleaned plot and surged into the sky. People all around were attracted by the commotion, especially the commoners, who gaped at the spectacle before them as the tree eventually weaved its branches and began to form an elaborate treehouse.

From the teahouse, the waiter that had served Shiyu yesterday also poked his head out to have a look. When he spotted the girl who flashed her stack of banknotes yesterday, he decided to pay more attention to what’s happening.

To be fair, the treehouse was really beautiful and eye-catching. [4] The tree grew to a great height, forming hollows and walls with its branches and weaving its leaves into rooftops. That’s right, the ‘treehouse’ was in a similar design to Feng Luo’s back at the Feng Estate where one tree has a few houses or rooms on it.

It’s already winter and in the surrounding snow and bleak weather, the lush green treehouse was so lovely and full of vitality that it was hard not to notice it.

By the time the treehouse was ready, Lin Xiaoxiao, who had been tasked to buy all the necessary furnishings, returned with tables and chairs. Together, the three [2] of them arranged the simple wooden tables and chairs in front of the treehouse.

Fortunately, aside from the area dedicated to the shack, the space in front also belonged to the shop. It was just large enough for eight to nine small tables. On each table was a little bowl of emerald green Chinese Money Plant, giving it a cheerful little touch.

However, though the snack shack has a good location, it was too near to the main street. [5] Come summer, road dust would blow into the shop. Therefore, she and Liu Eleven walked around the edge of the property and grow rattan vines into a trellis and had a second flowering vine with large leaves and pretty little flowers to block future dust.

The four of them [2], busied themselves for a whole day before the place was more or less settled.

They will stay in the treehouse from now on while the open space would be used to entertain customers. In addition to the lush green, brilliant flowers of all kinds grew everywhere.

The dense canopy leaves provided a natural shelter against the wind and rain.

Nevertheless, though the treehouse may look magnificent, it was still considered a little rustic for the aristocrat, too unique compared to the regular shops or ordinary stalls around it. The rich consider it too rural while the poor too fearful to enter.

From the opposite shop, the waiter was able to witness nearly the entire growth of the treehouse. When it finally stopped moving and growing, he turned to the Manager, “From the looks of it, they are probably planning to open a shop too.”

The manager studied the account book on the table, not bothering to look up as he said, “All that fuss for nothing. Regular people won’t go, the rich can’t be bothered to stop on the road. It won’t last long. We should just treat it as a little show,”

The waiter smiled. Reassured, he went out to greet customers.


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On the other side, Shiyu had already finished setting up her kitchen.

After Shiyu asked the elder to help her build kitchen tools, she did not have the time to go out and gather the ores. Elder Liu merely took it to himself to gather the ores for her. Therefore, when she left the College, it was with a new set of kitchen tools.

The idea to make a treehouse was on a whim. Just because she thought it would be nice to live in one.

She planned to stay here for a long time. Though she might one day leave again, it’s best to treat oneself nicely and live comfortably whenever possible. Therefore, whether it’s food, clothing, housing or transportation, it should be comfortable if not the best.

Life is already hard enough. If you don’t treat yourself better, do you expect others to treat you well?


[Gumihou: I think L11’s idiocy is supposed to be funny, is it funny? It’s not funny to Gumi. It’s painful. Also, author is bad at describing fantasy buildings and structures. Note 4…]


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[1] … should I fix Liu Eleven’s head? Had he always been this idiotic?


Left L11’s brain alone, adjusted Ling Xiaoxiao’s explanation instead so that it’s less ‘detailed explanation from author’ and more ‘why are you such a dumbass’ vibe.

[2] Kitchennovel’s newest game: Where is Uncle Wang?

[3] Added Detail for Dramatic Purpose: Give some detail on the things being taken out, since Shiyu was determined to talk about the stuff she did to fill it back in anyway.

[4] Added Details for the Dramatic Construction of the House: Also, give some thought to L11’s thoughts on why the heck he would build a tall treehouse in the spot. Gumi had to design the treehouse as per later description as it was only described as ‘beautiful with a natural hollow space on the inside, with many layers of vines intertwining at the fork of the branches on top to form a small room…’

Author-san, Gumi has questions:

How high?

How thick is the trunk?

Why vines when there’s a natural hollow?

One type of tree?

Few types of plants?

Why would you emphasise the fork of branches?

Haven’t you seen the treehouses in fantasy land where the door at the bottom of the trunk leads to a round room?

Why the open space on top?

Structurally unsound treehouse! Fail!

Later in the quarter half, it was revealed that the treehouse was actually tree with many treehouses decorated with flowering idioms…

Gumi is going to lay down now. (Gumi laid down for 4 hours)

Gumi had to delete this beauty: The tree only grew to a certain height before the trunk began to widened, its branches growing long and low, weaving together into a lush green roof arching over the empty courtyard in front of the shop.

[5] Added Detail for Logistic Purpose: Shiyu was going on and on about how the road dust was coming in, which was ridiculous considering the road was covered in snow. So added ‘come summer’, even though it’s 6 months away, to make the fence sound vaguely reasonable. The fence wasn’t even a real fence but a trellis covered in flowering vines, added details to the flowering vine to make it a better anti-dust cover.

[6] Also, repetition. Gumi did not delete it, can you spot it?



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