Little Cooking Saint – 0301 – Grilled Rushan (c)

Chapter 301 – Grilled Rushan or Grilled Cheese Lollipop (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu had expected such an answer from the waiter.

After all, this was the gathering place for all kinds of people. Such an excellent location must see guests of all kinds. The waiter must know the status of people they encounter with just a glance. As for herself, she must look ordinary compared to the other distinguished customers that must have had.

The main question is, would this waiter pass along her request to the owner as she had requested?

“Whether this business could be done, I should at least meet with your master,” said Shiyu as she took out a stack of banknotes.

A person’s identity could be faked but banknotes remained true.

Each banknote has a large denomination number stamped on it, moreover, the stack was two fingers thick. When the waiter saw the stack of banknotes, he finally understood that this person was not joking about buying this place.

Even if the owner refuses this deal, she could at least ensure that her request would be reported to the upper management.

“Then, please wait for a while, I shall speak to our manager.”

The waiter left to make his report. The manager quickly sent the news to the owner.

Close to an hour later, a message returned. The manager came to give Shiyu the answer, “No meeting, no selling.”

After getting her answer, Shiyu did not try to persuade anymore. After paying for her tea, she turned and left the teahouse.

The waiter watched leave with barely a struggle and said to the manager, “That customer is rather strange,”

The manager merely raised his eyebrows and flashed another glance at Shiyu’s disappearing back. “We are not qualified to inquire after a customer’s business. Go and clear the table. We can return and rest after this.”

“Yes, yes, yes,”


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Shiyu left the teahouse feeling a little regretful.

The location of the teahouse was just perfect. [1a] If she could get her hands on it, the next step of her plan would be executed that much more easily.

Soon, she reached the entrance of the city gate and found three of her companions sitting together eating grilled sweet potatoes. [2] They were waiting for her. Just before they split up earlier, they had agreed to meet at the gate before entering the city.

“You’re back?” [3] Ling Xiaoxiao waved at her and handed one sweet potato over. “Here, have this. It’s pretty good.”

Shiyu accepted the grilled sweet potato. She pushed aside the charred skin, revealing the orange-yellow flesh inside. Steam rose enticingly from it.

She wasn’t hungry but there was no reason to resist the delicious treat in front of her. She took a bite of the steaming potato. The flesh was not too powdery or dry. It tasted soft, smooth with just a hint of sweetness.

[4] After taking a bite of the hot potato, the slight gloom she felt after not making the deal for the shop disappeared. Seeing her friends eating cheerfully around her [2], she felt much better.

They ate as they entered the city and explore the inside on foot. Finally, they stopped at an inn to rest for the night.

While they were walking, Liu Eleven asked Shiyu what she did while she was away from the group. Shiyu did not conceal her movements and told him.

“Sister Shi, are you planning to open a shop?” Liu Eleven could not quite understand her motive.

As far as he knows, could live for a long time in this world but in the end, they are still Cultivators, ah. Isn’t it a bit unseemly for Cultivators to engage in business?

“Of course! So everyone, make sure you get a good night’s sleep, tomorrow you shall all start working. Also, since you’ll be working with me, think about what kind of compensation you want, alright?”

She will not let them work in vain.

When they heard that they’ll be compensated, everyone blinked. Gan Ping fared a little better since he had run a shop back at the College. Though he had been there for a long time, it was only after Shiyu’s interference that he was finally able to make money and CP.

Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao were quite excited by the prospect of earning their way. This is all very new and exciting, ah.

[4] “Compensation, ah. Can they be things like beast cores and precious medicinal herbs?”

“Precious medicinal herbs,” said Shiyu. She did not even have enough high-level beast cores for herself.

At this, the eyes of the youths lit up. Liu Eleven tentatively asked, “What’s the upper limit? 800 years alright?”

At the Ninth Realm, 800-year-old precious medicines are very rare, naturally thousand-year-old medicines even rarer.

Liu Eleven was only trying his luck, he never thought that Shiyu would nod and said, “Sure,”

The rest were shocked, “Truly?”

“Of course, now that I’m a Divine Transformation Cultivator, I don’t need these herbs anymore. So, I can give them to you. You all rest early now. Tomorrow, everyone will be busy.”

After being reminded of Shiyu’s current Cultivation realm, all their doubts were dispelled. As for Gan Ping, he never doubted Shiyu’s claims. He had already personally received all kinds of benefits from associating with Shiyu…

Once they reached the inn, Shiyu went to her room to rest first. On the other hand, Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao were too excited to sleep.

This was the first time they travelled outside without escorts or family members and were curious about everything. Thinking about the adventures before them, they could hardly sleep.

Since they could not sleep, the two adjourned to the roof to chat.

However, they soon found out that the roof of their inn was not very high. Through an unspoken agreement, they both headed for the bell tower, the tallest building in the city, and sat on top of the roof and looked down at the entire city.

“Ten days ago I would not have thought I’d be lurking on the roof of a completely different place,” said Liu Eleven as he swung his feet from the eaves.

Ling Xiaoxiao also sat with her legs dangling off the roof’s edge. After settling down, she took out some food from her storage place and shared some with Liu Eleven.

The two spent the evening sitting, chatting and enjoying the sights.

Inevitably, the talk settled upon Shiyu.

“To be honest, when I first saw her, she was only at Condensation Stage, not even Core Transformation Stage. That was barely two years ago and look, she had already surpassed all of us. For me, the person I admired most used to be my eldest brother. Back then, I thought how great it would be to achieve Core Condensation stage at age 20 just like him.

However, she surpassed my brother and even broke through into Divine Transformation Stage a few days before he did. It was then, that I finally understood the meaning of the word ‘impermanence’.”

Compared to the slightly melancholic Liu Eleven, Ling Xiaoxiao was more carefree.

“There’s something wrong with your brain if you insist on comparing yourself with those monsters. They aren’t ordinary people, if you keep comparing yourself to them, the one who ends up on the losing side would be you! They are beasts! I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly appeared before us next time as Nascent Formation masters.”

Want to compare yourself to them? What? Are you a masochist?

Liu Eleven swung his legs as he thought over her words. What Ling Xiaoxiao said seems to make sense.

“Having said that, I’m still curious. Why would Sister Shi suddenly decide to operate a shop? Aren’t we Cultivators? Shouldn’t our first concern be raising our Cultivation? Isn’t Sister Shi wasting her time like this?”

Ling Xiaoxiao shook her head. “Extraordinary people don’t take the ordinary route. Since she decided to do it, there must be some reason behind it.”

“That’s true,” Liu Eleven suddenly sat up. “Hey, why don’t we help Sister Shi? Since we can’t sleep anyway, why don’t we try and get the teahouse for Sister Shi? I brought quite a lot of silver with me too, I should have enough to buy a teahouse at least.”

The more he thought about it, the more pleased he was about his plan.

However, Ling Xiaoxiao soon threw cold water all over him, “I suggest you don’t bother. Do you really think Xiao Shi couldn’t afford to buy a teahouse? If the other side is not moved by either money or persuasion, don’t forget that Xiao Shi is a Divine Transformation master. If she’s truly determined, do you think she could not get her hands on the property? No, she must have some other plans. Let’s not get mixed up in this and spoil something with good intentions.”


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[1] Deleted Stuff:

[a] …with merchants from north and south passing by

How many times have I seen this now?

[2] Where is Uncle Wang?

[3] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purpose: In the original text, it was unknown who spoke or who offered the potatoes. It can’t be a chorus, therefore decided to let Ling Xiaoxiao do it since she keeps food in her space ring as per the later part of the chapter.

[4] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purpose: She’s a Cultivator, if the potato warmed anything, it would be her mood, not her ‘surrounding chill’, especially not when she’s already a Divine Transformation Cultivator. In fact, let’s attribute all tag-less good questions to Ling Xiaoxiao and all the dumb questions to Liu 11. Uncle Gan can be strong, silent type while Uncle Wang can be the invisible type.


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