Little Cooking Saint – 0300 – This Chapter Does Not Exist – Error

Little Cooking Saint – 0300 – This Chapter Does Not Exist – Error

Chapter 300 – Chapter Does Not Exist

Translated by Gumihou

By far the easiest chapter to translate ever.


Edited by Gumihou

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If you want evidence, please check out the official site at:


For those who are too lazy to check, here’s a relevant printscreen of the site.


Note how the chapter jumps from 299 to 301.

Chapter 300 doesn’t exist in aggregated sites either. That is, sites that showed Chapters 33-45 twice over and resulted in the Great Chapter Adjustment also don’t have Chapter 300.

Just for your information, Chapter 298 is where the Logistically Problematic Hug and the Mystery of the Reappearing ML happened. It’s also how the now popular <<Where’s Uncle Wang!>> game got started.

Author is probably having a bad week.


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  1. Eh...

    [AUTHOR has used RABBIT SKIN!]

  2. Hamster

    In the previous chapter, Shiyu offered to buy a well-established and busy tea house in a high-traffic and strategic roadside area. Because this is an ancient well-traveled area for hundreds of years, all the properties should be firmly owned and high-priced. Off the cuff purchase of a property here feels a bit arrogant to me. Just like that, *snaps fingers* Shiyu walks in and picks up a property?
    In many WN and LN stories, various authors have their MC reach a turning point in the plot where that MC suddenly has what I call “infinite wealth” or “infinite knowledge” or “infinite power”. Shiyu hasn’t been constantly busy in the prior chapters making money with various enterprises, so she shouldn’t have enough money to buy out this kind of business which probably has been in some merchant family for generations. But if Shiyu has enough money, then I will assume it is this point where the author has simply given up justifying Shiyu’s money problems and simply lets her always have enough money (aka “infinite money”) for that particular plot situation.

    1. Gumihou

      Even if Shiyu doesn’t have enough liquid cash, she has the golden finger of a space where hundreds of various precious herbs over a few hundred years old are laying around waiting for her to grab and toss into people’s faces.

      A single precious herb to cure a certain little girl cost about a million silver taels after all.

      In short, she has assets that are ‘more precious than gold or silver’.

      I still don’t like her ‘girl in green’ attitude though.

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